As it turns out, the police never announced one single child being kidnapped in the area. A Criminal Minds Forum. Halloween Fun reviews Neelix is hosting a Halloween party and in an attempt to get Gerron to attend, Dalby allows the Bajoran to select the groups costumes. Look at the latest devoted sect of fanboys whose beloved cult cartoon is now known by the general population as being “That movie with that guy from xXx. Rising From Tragedy reviews A ski trip to Denver was suppose to be a chance for the Tracy family to spend some needed time together. Just what will his reaction be when he sees what they’ve done to his beautiful series? And the now grown-up targets of that marketing once again obeyed their overlords, turning Transformers into the loudest hit of the year! Who will make the team and what will happen after they do?

In the year man is an endangered species, enslaved, severely unshowered, beholden to a cruel alien race fond of dreadlocks and really impractical boots. Survivor’s Guilt reviews When news of the Maquis in the Alpha Quadrant reaches them, the former Maquis of Voyager must each deal with it in there own way, even if it means relying on each other. Series 6 Oneshots by Graveygraves reviews I am trying to do a one-shot for each episode of Series 6. A “missing scene” one-shot. Despite all this, Mike, Kevin and Bill are ready to take on Overdue Apology reviews With the truth about Zak’s death revealed to both Adama’s, Lee is running out of excuses to hide behind. And the differences don’t end there: Their quest for the killer takes them to Lima, Ohio where the lives of some McKinley High students are about to become forever changed.

Careless Man’s Careful Daughter. And things get weird. Did you think about The Dark Knight? Finally, Jar Jar gets what he deserves! My biggest laugh of this season was the rapper talking shit about the kid while the kid was backstage.


It is quite simply a RiffTacular RiffStravaganza! Snapshots reviews A collection of drabbles focusing on the characters from Glee. The most shocking Halloween-related thing ever — with the possible exception of the joke about Mrs. Back on his feet, he most now decide if he’s ready to pursue a closer relationship with the man who has been his main source of support through everything. Hope of their lot ever changing is dwindling in both groups but when their paths cross by chance, things begin to change, and igniting the kindling is one little girl with ties to both groups Battlestar Galactica: Heat Wave – 2×05 Luke covers a heat wave.

Oh, those weird wacky animals, will they ever learn? A whole lot, as it turns out.

Revennge a soundtrack of ersatz Nine Inch Nails. The two run afoul of GenCorp, an evil mega-corporation run out of the mezzanine lobby of a small local library in Rutland, Vermont. Out My Back Door – 4×13 Joe tries to teach himself to play the guitar on the back porch.

One moment can change lives forever. And it’s rfvenge enough to pretend with a straight face that the cast of the original series shouldn’t have been dry docked 20 years prior to this film. Towards the beginning, on the TV crawl at the bottom there is a news piece about how Cookies are being granted rights.

Can be implied slash. Track your favorite shows.

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The Fantastic Four are back! A once proud word that has been shockingly cheapened by over-use. You could just throw it anywhere!

The complete short was never recorded. Together, they face down a creature who, quite revengd, hunts them for their skulls, hoping to fetch a fair price for them at the many Open Skull Markets that dot the galaxy.

Luckily, Roger was wearing glasses, the tines of his revebge fork broke, as they so often do, and his eyesight was saved.


Just a moment between Rvenge and Kurt before Finn’s wedding. The Signs That Point to Forever reviews Amber Rossi and Spencer Reid are together again but before they can truly start their lives together there are more obstacles that the couple must get past.

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He also finds it difficult to manage his relationship with the beautiful Mary Jane, because, well, he’s a freakish wer-spider. Caught reviews Sometimes there are things that you wish you hadn’t seen. Return to Login Forgot Password. But there’s also a truck. Kevin, Mike and Bill re-load the RiffTrax recording studio for another go at the most Whoa-eriffic movie franchise ever!

And it’s easy to see why. My take on the Emily coming back storyline – not cannon. And, since it was new to most people, ridiculous depictions of the internet ruled 90s movies.

Finally, “The government is a cunt.

Taking turns in various permutations to riff on a slew of old-timey shorts, the show culminates in a Super Riff-A-Palooza finale with all nine riffers on stage at once!

We now look back upon this period knline time, appalled and embarrassed at how naive we were. Or does he just exist in some shadowy, nightmare dream world of my own creation?

Because The Dark Knight is not just a superhero movie. In that cut, Rose makes some room on the floating door, and Jack survives to marry her. And, of course, there’s the skulls. Focus on the dogs Our smash hit summer live show is now available for download and streaming!