I checked the target, aimed, and fired again. In any event, if the rifle did have a muzzle brake, it would undoubtedly shoot even better than it did, and kick less, which was hardly at all. Twist is , and it handles grain to grain bullets just fine, although I found the rifle had distinct preferences about what it liked and didn’t like. The grip is made by Hogue and is exceptionally comfortable. The Predator2 ships with a 20 round magazine, though low capacity options are available for shooters in restricted states. What’s on here, works, so leave it alone. The collapsible stock knocks 2 inches off of that.

This is a varmint gun. RR makes the same gun, with the. But after hog hunting this gun for a day, shooting it at the range with a group of friends, and driving tacks with it, this bad boy is a predator killing machine, a gun that is so reliable, dependable, accurate and intuitive to shoot that a missed shot is obviously user error. Skip to main content. What’s on here, works, so leave it alone. It is an AR, so there are way too many ways to set it up. Boasting a inch fluted, stainless steel barrel offers a 1-ininch twist. Eichler, who regularly hunts big game with a comparatively primitive recurve bow, has brought his aesthetic and specifications to one of the staples of the Rock River line.

The barrel has a Wylde chamber, so it can use either civilian. Or maybe it is legal.

There are certainly merits to larger rounds. That way I could put a sling mount and vertical grip on the rail at once. It’s obvious where the money went. Then I fired it. Then I look at the gas block and forend. Needless to say, such results can be heady. The top of the tube is one long continuous strip of rail, and there are smaller rail sections near the muzzle end eichelr attaching sling mounts and lights, or even a very far forward vertical grip.


It is precisely this confidence that makes a rifle like this empowering. From the company seies Desert Eagle fame comes this full line of over-built, serious single action revolvers.

Rock River Arms’ New Fred Eichler Series Predator .223 Rifle

The rifle is equipped with a chromed RRA National Match two-stage trigger with a Parkarized non-reflective surface on the trigger shoe. My Account See Cart. This would have been an ideal rifle to have on hand there. The RRA Chrome two-stage trigger is solid, and breaks clean at 3. Or maybe those are coyote prints. With the A2 fixed stock, the rifle comes in at 36 inches. There is very little rise. Sure, it was an AR, but it was an odd combination.

I wanted to know though am I able to ;redator a longer rail on the bottom of the hangaurd?

From yards, we had no difficulty producing the. Hunting Predator Hunting Guns. It is vastly superior to the typical stock AR trigger, and you can see how well it works when you shoot for accuracy. All that sounds great but my Remington in. But I like this little rifle tremendously; it’s worth the wait. When I shoot most predtor ARs, I find myself wanting to make changes. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus youTube instagram snapchat rss.

If you want a scout scope forward on the rail, it will easily fit. Account Dealers Customer Support. When I think if that necessary confidence I was writing about earlier, this certainly plays into it. We sighted the rifle in at 50 yards.

Rock River Arms announces Predator2 rifle in Rockote Ghost Camo

Yet the Eichler boasts. I got nothing else to say. Yes they are old school but they get the job done. Kicking off its new consumer driven lineup, Revision Outdoor brings three sunglasses to civilians wanting a cooler vibe in the A forged A4 upper flattop allows attachments for scopes, night vision and red dot sights. There were no operational issues with the LAR Boasting a inch fluted, stainless steel barrel offers a 1-ininch twist.


There are a great many specs here, srries let’s get to them. At 50 yards, the gun shot one clean hole.

Fred of course does also hunt with modern sporting rifles, and specifically this one built to his specifications. It punched in through the same hole as the first round. But if you think the gun is cool, pull the trigger. And ppredator is decorated with puppy dog paw prints. Skip to main content. Starting at the muzzle, the Predator has a tuned and ported muzzle brake Why does the rifle in the photo not have one?

Fred Eichler Series Predator2 Rifle Available in Rock River Arms Camo

We topped it with a gem from Leupold. The gun shoots straight and it has yet to falter. It is an AR, so there are way too many ways to set it up. It is short, but drilled in such a way that it channels the gas up, and out. If you prefer bolt guns, more power to you. Well, is it possible for an AR that shoots under.

Magnum Research BFR in. And a stupid looking one at that. If I were hunting from a helicopter, say, where precision accuracy might be sacrificed by movement, Rivrr might want a round that could dump more energy in a feral hog.

Having attained sharpshooter status in the US Army helps but I do not need 30 rounds for hunting.