I love the writer she was cute and I loved how she gave back as good as she got. I can see how the model’s personality would annoy some, but I like the fact that she wasn’t afraid to have her own opinion and was totally gung ho about the whole thing also totally funny that KJK always seems to be ordered around by strong women. In a way, the traveling to spots throughout Korea to gather and cook fresh ingredients known in various locals was very reminiscent of “Family Outing” – not to mention the music such as the Vader theme and the music played when things are going wrong. Retrieved 7 April Good work by the cast making up for a poor casting decision for the main character. Then Suk-jin ends up in a similar position from a failed jump. Can I ask for the link of this episode? Can I ask for the link of this ep?

Fun team to watch. Lots of squeeing this ep. Felt really bad for them when they got put on the spot for ‘completely ruining’ their ingredient. The egg surgery had me in tears, I was laughing so hard. Thanks for the recap, Gummimochi! I wish they could stop playing up this fake romance to satisfy some fans’ imagination. Special series Long-term projects International. That guy looked seriously disappointed when he found out who his girlfriend was.

Props to the PDs though for scoring a pretty eclectic group of guests. It’s not like they’re real-life chefs!

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I squealed every time they completed runjing mission. Soo-hong was the best guest this episode. Choose the Mission Location: Jong-sookie is a force to be reckoned with once the whistle blows, taking down the other team with—what else?

Choi Min Soo revealed that guests know which other guests will appear in the same episode runningg them epissode they start filming. Hopefully, the next time Bo Young comes, she’ll have a bigger role. My biggest laugh for this ep was at the beginning where Ji-hyo peeked into the room to see who she was being paired up with, spots Lee Jong Suk and practically falls over herself thanking the staff!


La Cuisine Jung-guSeoul. Sakura January 28, at The teams will need to couple up in this game and Kwang-ja can barely contain herself: Her theme for their menu is a play on words: Part Bo-young should have been featured more but she is really good at goooddrama seemingly effortless with variety. Retrieved 23 July Se-young is eliminated on her way back, but her teammates make it back just fine, including Ji-hyo.

Episode 5 by TeriYaki. A verification email has been sent runnjng your new email address. She said that in an interview and that apply to Gary and Haha as well. To me, they feel more like brother and sister relationship. Jae suk was behind with his face facing giraffe long leg. Kristy January 18, at Can I ask for the link of this episode?

Everyone Wins The members and guests gave gifts to students and runniny players of Wondong Middle School. Kim Jong-kook Wins Kim Jong-kook received a gold bingo board. That guy looked seriously disappointed when he found out who his girlfriend was. Their side mission is to strike couples poses in each game without attracting attention from the other members.

Retrieved 19 February Dugeun dugeun is sung by Sunnyhill. Take a deeeppp goovdrama, Jong-seok. Is it possible they just changed the final line up to save Soo Hong’s face that was already painted as this “great cook” and then oops…a flopped dish?

They finally manage to insert the egg, to their relief. I still liked this show and all the couples, good entertainment!

KJK looks like goofdrama very epislde towards women, he has to grow some balls, or maybe she was a guest so he was respecting her or something, whether it be a man or woman you cannot let them order you around to do something like that Loveeee this episode, love it, love it! The commentary from the rest of the group during the judging was funny. Not that I blame her Now I really want to see them in a noona-romance together: Retrieved 26 May Thankfully, they’ve still got it.



When jong kook said he thought jong suk really like ji hyo and bo young agreed makes me wonder how many male guest were interested in jihyo as they seem gooddrqma ignore if a male guest get close or follow jihyo around while filming running man. The objective is to return safely in the next turn and either falling down or touching the other team results in elimination. The red’s earth desire, Destruction of Evidence: Pretty sad about Wookie and Ji Hyo.

Thank for the recap, Gummimochi – read that the next ep should be a humdinger! Then Jong-seok swoops in to choose Ji-hyo, who readily agrees and snaps at Gary for calling her his insurance. In the first several episode of rm, he was really good, on par with jae suk. Why would you think they were dating? I expected to see the heart monitor too. In the car Jae-suk guesses the real hint points to the number of strokes when the names are written in hanja characters. I’m trying to imagine the judges, who are probably not that well acquainted with each other, in front of the entire cast and crew, whispering quietly among themselves about how important it must be to allow one amateur to save face over another amateur because he has a cooking certificate.

I love everything about it, and Se Young was so nice when she picked Suk Jin because he was “rejected” by Bo Young before.

Since there was so many guests he didn’t get much screen time. The egg surgery had me in tears, I was laughing so hard.