Sensitivity seems to be a rare word now-a-days. Since the serial is a big hit till date, the maker of the serial takes pride of being associated with the concept that broke all TRPs in the small screen industry. That was the magic of this popular show. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The story revolves around the Preeti Amin, who leaves her family and went on a search of supernatural forces. Discover a fun side to the sister duo An episode of Mogali Rekulu is on and the viewers are glued to their television sets. Neeraja Murthy April 16,

The script is from, Aasam Srinivas and title score is by Kalyani Mallik. The title score is by, Dr. Ippatiki vari kalayika prekshakulanu alaristhune undhi. Her serials were pretty formulaic. The show telecasted on ETV Telugu, in Any talk about Telugu television industry is incomplete without a mention of Ruthuragalu and its maker, even now! Submit Please enter a valid email address.

Telugu, actress Sri Divyawas a person who faced the camera at the age of three with this serial. The show aired on ETV Telugu, from If the characters are cst and larger-than-life characters, the dialogues often come ruthuuragalu a sugar-coated pill. The title track of the show got an overwhelming love from the audience, for its melody.

Director Manjula Naidu and her sister writer Bindu Naidu are the real stars of the small screen.

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The show producer is, Ramoji Rao. The Surya is a very honest and hardworking boy, who handles all the situations in his family, and he is also the backbone of the family.

Top Choreographers Of Tollywood. Till then, happy reading. The producers of the drama are, Sudhakar Pallamala and Shashank Pallamala. Notify me of new posts by email. What happens after that, and how the story goes ahead is shown in the show. The main leads are, Vandana Menon and Pallavi.


Printable version Feb seria, 8: The show producer is, Sudhakar Pallamala.

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The story revolves around Sivaji Raja who owns a hotel named Amrutha, which he wants to expand in the form Amrutha Vilas, Amrutha Dhaba, which the later episodes depict. Submit Please enter a valid email address. He refuses the marriage proposal from Iswarya, knowing the consequences. Ruyhuragalu TRP of the show per episode was always on the top. There is an attempt on R. Found a good friend in Roopa.

Share on Pinterest Share. The serial went on air for more than two years without any break. After returning, he gets the shock of his life, when a child comes to his home and calls him as his father. The show mainly focuses on paranormal activities such as spirit, ghosts, zombies, spirit guides, and much more. The main leads of the show are, Prabhakar Podakandla and Sri Divya. My ambitions have really sky-rocketed.

The initial storyline is by Yaddanapudi but we have made changes accordingly. The producer of the show is, Manjula Naidu and Bindu Naidu. The graphical content of the show also got a lot of praise from critics and audience. But when our photographer calls the shots, the duo do everything to stay away from the spotlight. Please Email the Editor. The story revolves around the Goddess of Snake Nageshwari, in a virtual village Sarpavaram. Apart from apprehension the show also got record seven Nandi Awards, in various fields.

Share on Digg Share. Learnt to be sensitive and respond to the needs of the society. If Manjula cannot stop raving about Bindu’s dialogues and screenplay, the younger sister is in awe of Manjula’s direction.


Just like the excellent and incredible movies, Telugu has also, touches our inner happiness and desire by letting us enjoy through their captivating and indulging content.

Pelli ayina kani ame chaduvu continue chesaru. Every week a TRP check keeps the sisters on tenterhooks. Kani chinna pillalu merem chestaru antu chala comments vachayi.

The show got so popular for its Story and plots, owing to the remake of the show in Malayalam and Kannada, as well. Kani ekada disappoint avvakunda prayatnalu chestune unnaru. Total episodes of the show aired on the TV. The show got a lot of appreciation from the audience, for its plot. The episode promises the thrill of a roller-coaster ride. Naidu’s life and viewers expect the cop in the serial to die.

The characters vt seeped in morality and talk about principles. This eventually paved the way for Naidu sisters to come up with many more innovative serials for the small screen.

It gave a good break to the composer. Modati pillavadu putte samayaniki degree final year lo unnaru.

All in the family

April 16, TRP rating ala perigipoyayi. Ganguli Appaji is the owner of all the properties in the show that is on lease to Sivaji Raja.

Pani meeda Bombay vellina Sudhakar garu sudden ga Manjula gariki call chesaru. The supernatural theme ruthufagalu the viewers while watching the show. The writer of the drama is, Dr.