When he, Luna, and Zack go on patrol, they encounter Geo where Bud transforms and escapes into the cyber network of a truck that Luna and Zack are riding in, driving it recklessly through the city, attempting to run Geo over. In the anime, Cepheus does not appear until Gemini Spark is defeated. In the game, he is one of three optional bosses in Mega Man Star Force. At first, Omega has no feelings towards the Earth or its people, including Geo, with his only concern being the safety of the Andromeda Key; however, he slowly begins to change and care for others. Overall, he’s the comic relief of the villains in battle he’s depicted as almost completely harmless , much in the same vein as BubbleMan in the series’ predecessor, MegaMan NT Warrior. Shogakukan manages computer-generated imagery. The two personalities usually dispute over control of the body.

His name comes from the fact that he seems almost like an empty shell, with no host. He eventually disappears through a portal to Mu, and is discovered there by Geo and Sonia much later in stasis. His final wish was to allow Vega to speak with Altair one last time. Hollow would be her loyal follower, and Vega viewed him as such, until he sacrificed himself for her, making Vega realize that she had loved Hollow as well, not as Altair, but as his own person. As such, many FM-ians pursue Omega-Xis with the intent of retrieving the key in their goal to destroy the Earth. Vogue helps Luna keep track of important events and her daily schedule.

Vogue’s appearance is that of a bunny in a hat. During the E3 video-game convention, IGN revealed in their hands-on impressions of the Star Force video game that the English anime would premiere on Toonami Jetstream on July 23, In battle, he attacks by using the four elements and by summoning viruses. He is the first FM-ian to be ultimately deleted by Gemini Spark in order to refill the real Andromeda Key with minus energy.

Some examples include but are not limited to the character of Misora Hibiki, who is referred to as Sonia Strumm in the English games but as Sonia Sky in the English anime. However, this strategy would prove fruitless as the dub was discontinued before reaching that point. teibe


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Luna, after witnessing Mega Man change back to Geo goes into self-denial of seeing it though Zack and Bud were present at the time. In ttribe anime, she is shown to be a great lover of TV, and to Geo’s distaste, likes to order a lot of stuff via television. The characters of Vega and Altair are based on the central figures of the Japanese Tanabata star festival.

Nevertheless, he served Vega faithfully, often acting as a bodyguard, which led to his death when he tried to shield her from Le Mu’s power. The manga differs vastly from the video-game and anime iterations of the franchise, although the premise is set up similarly.

Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links. Copper is pretty stubborn and refuses to trust EM-creatures.

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In a last-ditch effort tockman subdue Andromeda, the Satellite Admins used a kamikaze technique to stop Andromeda. However, Omega-Xis holds the key to accessing the weapon Andromeda, capable of destroying planets. In the game, he desires to collect the OOPArts in order to find out how Mu was destroyed, and so works with Vega to do so, crossing paths with Geo and Omega-Xis multiple times, thinking they are after Mu and his power. Oddly, their names are 2 words rather than one Leo, Dragon, and Pegasustitles usually reserved for wave changed humans.

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Rescued by Gemini after being run over by a truck and left to die in the ensuing blaze, Pat decided to form an alliance with Gemini. Under Gemini’s suggestion, he obliterated the AM Planet with Andromeda’s assistance, and also ordered the assault on the space station from where Kelvin was trying to contact his home world.

Upon being defeated, Rogue says that he and Geo will never see eye to eye, but admits that Geo is strong enough to protect his bonds. Considering Gemini Spark has existed as Gemini Spark since his youth, it is unlikely that Pat and Gemini exist independently in the manga. Later, he absorbs the self-destruct energy emitted by Joker to save Geo and the others, but is deleted in the process.


In the manga, Gemini Spark only has one embodiment that alternates between the darker, more aggressive Black B and the calmer, more mellow White W. The Two Queens Zoids: Zack seems to also have a problem with his height and tries rockmxn ways to get taller.

In the anime, Cooper make an incorrect assumption that Mega Man was a criminal and often tried and failed miserably to arrest him. Pedia is the Wizard companion to Zack Temple. Because of this change, the impact of Kelvin’s disappearance is greatly diminished.

He is quite a ryuksei witted student who depends on Luna to get him out of trouble or explaining things to him. Despite Eos’s generally cheerful and goofy demeanor, he used to be a member of Dealers before leaving and joining the Satella Police. An example how strong Mega Man got from using the Star Force when he first used it, and easily defeated all the FM-ians in one fight.

Ryuusei no Rockman Tribe Episode 16

Luna then regains consciousness, and hugs Mega Man as thanks. The animation for the introduction sequence is also left completely unchanged.

During the post-game content involving Sirius, Rogue shows up outside of the Black Hole Server with the intention of defeating Sirius and ryuysei a stolen piece of Murian metal, but does not intend to do so until after the black hole swallows up Planet FM. The series is no longer being shown on Toonami Jetstream as the service is currently defunct. She also is an actress and appears on a TV drama.

Sonia also throws herself in front of one of Roclman Ophiuca’s attacks to protect Geo, and as a result is poisoned.