RK says that he has purchased Madhu by paying Rs. They didn’t show anything guys! She notices the thread and remembers what Kabir said about it. No one understands where he has gone all of a sudden. And Rishy you listen i won’t go to hospital until you won’t marry Shweta!!! Mallu opposes and says that Nidhi will not like it and why he is risking his marital bliss? Madhu goes out carrying RKs kit!

Raavi tells, we are waiting for the bus, if it doesn’t come we will go to metro station. Precap- shekhars r putting turban on shiv’s head. Kuku tells Kohli that they dunno what this word means and asking is the job of beggars! While walking Raavi feels giddy. Now he too will settle down or else always wandering here n there lonely. Mallu tells Ashu that she has always put Ashu in trouble! He says that because the money came in the wrong way and if they get rid of that money, then their peace and happiness will return to the house. Raashi speaks to Ginny and Ginny suggests Raavi something, on which Raavi agrees.

Purvi is feeling bad that Arjun is yet again buying her an expensive saree but Arjun feels happy that Purvi tells him everythign that worries her and does not keeps it to herself. Sahil says I didn’t want to marry this way either, I’ve abandoned my brother’s marriage for this; if we don’t get married today, we don’t have another appointment until the next month. Sahil arrives at the wedding while Anoop-Mansi take pheras.

He too asks why is she happy too. Nata comes and says if it wasnt about your mum i qritten sent you to jail for threatening me and to get lost.

Saas Bina Sasural 5th April PART-2 – video dailymotion

She looks in the mirror and notices her mangal sutra missing. Everyone is dancing, Indira is smiling but Rishy is upset. She also rebukes him by saying that its the duty of the wife to straighten things pertaining to her forgetful husband. Sibhu takes him away saying that that wardboy would also get punishment. Nani says, now that makkhi will tell them everything, Mukta and I are gone now!! Shweta come and Indira stand by her and says: Phuspha agrees n everyone happy.


Indira looks angrily at Simmi Diwan, Munna told wgitten Shweta is the one with who Rishy is going to marry, Rishy is surprised, Inder asks him for the truth, Rishy nodded a yes, Munna is about to beat Rishy again but Inder stops him again.

She sasjral him away to leave and he says touch my feet: He puts her in his car. Ricky what are you doing?!!! She cant wait for 15 days to get over. Ija tells Ranveer to inform Puru that Kabir is dressed as Joker and he needs to kill him.

He looks agitated, disturbed! She says that the baby is fine! Views Read Edit View history. She tells him to take out this dress. She tells him to go and talk binz his brother.

Saas Bina Sasural – 5th June Part 2 – video dailymotion

Jogi goes to Rathore. How come he was so selfish?

Rishy is walking toward binz room and on the other side Shweta says that she has to tell everyone. Vineet says no, not necessary n he will attend the party. Everyone call him but he goes away.

Rajni goes to see Aryan and when Yash goes alongthe doctor stops him and says its better that Aryan meets the person who he misses the most Reva is busy and instructing D Jiji says she need not do anything but Reva refuses and asks D to bring Arthi plate and kalash.

Thereafter, Kuku and son are in RKs mansion and tell Madhu to put dupatta on her head and take his blessings as he is her father in law! BB sees her in tears! The clerk at the office asks if Di and the other guy random person are their witnesses and if they’re relatives. RK inquired as to who is the supplier? Kartik tells her abt condition of her father, keeping himself alone and also tells her that his father wants their baby for partner.


Saas Bina Sasural – 5th June 2012 Part 2

That’s exactly what i want!! ConfusedConfusedConfused Its all coz of loveria my dear, kya kare bechara, can’t say nor can hideTongueTongueTongue Dadi says, Vineet is such dear buna he is very much into charity but he is ignoring other imp.

He tells them about how Pashu and he had a disagreement about the car. Pappu’s mother to Mandira: Everyone agrees but then Massa asks that she wants to take care of Aashi ahgust her studies, but again nani says that it not possible n asks for forgiveness. Shweta let’s see the colour of your henna.

Ashu says he wont give any more clarification. Now you are no more a child, you are too big that you are getting married against our wishes. Ved doesn’t know how to talk to Tej about it. Balika Vadhu 27th August Written Update. Krish goes into deep thought You want me to do my treatment na? Now he too will settle down or else always wandering here n there lonely. CB asks her where she is lost and if she is alright?

Saas Bina Sasural 5th April 2012 PART-2

The light is about to fall on RKs head and Madhu runs to RK and pushes him out of the way and falls eplsode top of him and gets her hand xasural He kisses Shivani’s name on the certificate, when someone calls out his name. Part 3 Nidhi says that its not help but something else! Nitin picks her up and takes her to the bus stand and tries to wake Raavi. Don’t stop me otherwise it will bring bad luck.