Tarika aur Shreya ki behn Neeha ko us sy pyar ho jata hai kya usse kisi sy pyar hoga? Lets see how this hollow fills up with the passage of time when both of them are confused with the circumstances The walls of CID bureau hold many secrets! Do not FEAR anything in this world 3. Find out with lots of mystery and thorra thorra romance; , as i always add Shreya goes mad and strangles Jaywanti. But please at least try.

I Love You by Let’s Imagine reviews She hears it millions of times a day now where once she was craving to heart it from him. I don ‘ t know if you even like me or not. I hope you like it. Abhirika on her b’day. Rated M for contents in the end. The mission proves successful but it comes with some side effects.

And so starts a series of misunderstanding s. T – Hindi – Romance – Chapters: She took a sip from her mug and looked at the stars in the sky.

It is the same summary as written by her C.

episdoe Will they learn to love again? It’s abhirika fic C. Will they survive this ultimate test or one will have to embrace death C. TO know peep into the story i’m writing this story on the request of chaya saira and dareya forever ritu hope you both love it.

Veer gets engaged to Anushka in serial ‘Shastri Sisters’ | On Location

Saloni decides that she must somehow stop them from going! An AbhiRika two-shot C. Will this mission change their lifes happen there? Funday fight by km-fan reviews Sometimes great fights between wife and husband may lead to cute romances but with the intervention of kids it’ll be even more romantic. DUTY is your life 2. Pyar tune kya kiya by KD Inseparable reviews set after- Abhijeet ki deewani Find out with lots of mystery and thorra thorra romance;as i always add This is my first fic with a unique n new idea Strangers on the beach by subhsresaha reviews I am longing to be with you.


I am imagining this story after Jungle ka Darinda episode. Meri Khamoshi by dareya. A light and humorous os. Anyways this my remake of one of the episodes and this is how I would have wanted it to play out but of course it’s never gonna happen so I wrote it instead. You’ll figure out what actually happened in the second chapter, so please read it before judging me.

Definitely not M, that’s a first. Love Hurts by Lovelyn. But please at least try.

Saat Phere (Hindi) – 7 May, | Watch Full Episode Online | ZEE5 in Hindi | (Drama, Romance)

In Your Arms, In Your Eyes by Originals reviews I love the way your arms make me feel like nothing can be a more secure place than your embrace, no matter wherever in the world I go. Set between kaash special episode C.

D5 chapter edited O: Perfect strangers or Perfect couple by rockstar I will be with You…. Though she didn’t want to be with himhis love changed her mind. I think this story qualifies as a FW story but i highly doubt they would ever use it. Rated M episoode contents in the end.


Episode #1.481

This story is based on duo and their friendship by Cutie pari reviews Tu meri duniya: Tarika] Daya, Purvi – Complete. Peep into the story to read I am with You….

When love brims in heart, heart breaks. In your arms by Linka tough reviews From me this story is a small effort to show abhirika romance Please read the story to know! Tarika is off for a family vacation and Abhijeet is going mad missing her. Tarika aur Shreya ki behn Neeha ko us sy pyar ho jata hai kya usse kisi sy pyar hoga? How and what is Phete doing?

So Far Yet Sooo Close by Vampire Breath reviews A story when abhirika are not together but there hearts are together forever and after all they manage to break the wall between them. Lekin phir kyun huye woh juda?

Jungle mein tum aur mein by Saira reviews Kya ho ga agar do anjaan log kho jayein jungle mein.