It is very frightening at one level to think of the message these shows are sending to the younger generation Okay – we can assign the age-old philosophical shade also – ” Who is not motivated with money”. It’s just that they have got audience to come up with shows. Well – I loved the magnetic screen presence of Rajeev. Has the world lost it’s sense of family , bonding. All Comments Your Activity. Can’t wait to see Sophie Turner as bride: Review on Sach Ka Samna.

Not participation in such reality shows! Tanna Didi Lucky you – especially when there is a growing kid at home, you need to really switch off the idiot box during this unholy hours, Sajit. Oct 04, Thank God mai Star Plus nahi dekhta. In fact I doubt the authenticity of the whole show. But the topic I discussed is a bit more than polygraph,

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That line was too funny, the geometric progression one!!!! To justify genuineness of your review kindly attach purchase proof Browse.

Already hype is being created about the pet of TV Serials? Flag this review Irrelevant Fake Junk. Were you asked to leave college because you got pregnant as a minor?

Flag this review Irrelevant Fake Junk. Unlike KBC, ojline contestant would get the assured money after crossing a stage successfully it urvashl only a few episodes before the end of the season which gave the contestants their prize money for each successful stage.

Has the world lost it’s sense of familybonding. A confident Urvashi takes the chair to face the truths of her life in front of her mother, Kaushal Dholakia and best friend, Shanela Kapoor.

Sach Ka Saamna’ With Urvashi Dholakia

Now you are in the hot seat. Did you resent the fact that your parent mislead you into believing that your half brother was your own brother? If you want to have voyeurisitic pleasure and want to engage in such acts in a polished manner – here is an option, that’s it! Notify me when there is a new review. TV star Urvashi Dholakia says her fan following has gone up. It is very frightening at one level to think onlie the message these shows are sending to the younger generation Tanna Didi Lucky you – especially when there is a growing kid at home, you need to really switch off the idiot box during this unholy watxh, Sajit.


Bigg Boss Sach Ka Saamna Questions – Urvashi Dholakia

onoine I am afraid – future generation might think, participation in such reality shows will be the acid test of proving that you are honest! Just like junk food, fast food life style this is also the initial stage of a terminal disease.

She said yes and burst out laughing along with the host. Three new Malayalam releases today Feb Have you ever felt that your friend Shanela is trying to control your life Urvashi Dholakia: Sajit I am glad that I rarely watch the Idiot box, many programmes in guise of reality show are not worth wasting my precious time.

Upload Photos Upload photo files with. Was there at any moment you feared that you are on the brink of becoming an alcoholic? Bakwas, thats all I can say, much more better things to do and see.


But a seemingly harmless question compared to the more scandalous ones that preceded it, made her go back home empty-handed. How I wish we would have our own shows – and not just copies o The Fourth Contestant in the Show “Sach ka Saamna” was Urvashi Dholakia, who is considered as one of the most beautiful and talented actress of the Indian television. Rat holds up AI’s Toronto flight for 11 hrs at Amritsar.

Dineout GIRF is live: But the participants feel the show had an emotional connect on common issues like family, workplace and society that earned them audience approval. Perfect choice A brief note on the hype I happened to see only two episodes and that too partially that was enough to make my mind to engage in any other fruitful activities. But, any such show offs will ensure adrenaline rush of participants – carefully and convincingly executed!


Urvashi had brought her friend Shanaila to the show.

The authenticity of the answers will be recorded by the polygraph machine Please don’t raise any red flag against the authenticity of polygraph test.

Well – I onlone want to re-iterate, such shows wont make or break our ”Sanskriti”. Urvashi was seen looking down mostly, breathing heavy and glancing at her mom seated with the audience.

Sach Ka Samna 3 Nigar Khan – Rajeev Khandelwal

Can’t wait to see Sophie Turner as bride: Back to basics I remember a meaningful verse from Ishavasya Upanishad. Nithin – you said it. And i dont intend to as well. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Kollywood trends in February. I dont even want anyone to tune to Star Plus during these onlin, Yeah – I got a shock, but atleast can warn many out here, Sajit By: These 21 questions are categorized into 6 stages, each stage pnline a certain amount of assured money.

The show,hosted by Rajeev Khandelwal and produced by Siddharth Basu sets 21 questions as the barrier to cross to fetch Rs 1 Crore. Featured Today In Travel. Who want to take chance?

Well – she got exposed and provided great amount of entertainment for those who want to fantasise by virtue of their libido.

On the whole, the episode with Urvashi Dholakia was an exciting one where she didn’t mince words or lie often. Especially when discussed on an open platform and watched by millions of viewers.

Kodathisamaksham Balan Vakeel releases on Feb Comment on this review. I feel this review is: