In my opinion, Eita is one of the most underrated Japanese actors out there — have you seen his filmography? A puzzled Tomoyo picks one CD up. We were wandering around at midnight that we didn’t even remember why we were outside in the first place. You’ll disappear if you try to change yourself. By that I mean —. But they soon get into their typical verbal spat after she discovers his stash of denpagumi.

Mitsuo, on the other hand, smiles to himself and starts laughing. Eita plays Hamasaki Mitsuo. Mitsuo agrees but that is okay with him. It’s strange but I don’t feel like I’m alone. He ends up buying all sorts of limited edition paraphernalia. Popular Posts Posted by Juliane June 27,

He seems reluctant to take the keys from her and keeps dropping it on the floor. This couple changes the most throughout the series. So it saikku broke my heart to see their marriage in her point of view.

Saikou No Rikon (Matrimonial Chaos) Dorama Vs KDrama

All of those are still with me here. Now onto the show I wanted to write about — so I finished Saikou no Rikon last night after a quick hour marathon. You dramma commenting using your WordPress. An apologetic Ryo says that they are in the middle of something and is about to close the door but Akari agrees to go. Maki Yoko Riion Konno Akari. The traces that we have lived together. Yuka hangs her head. I feel like I can only come up with a short entry or else I’d be posting a long entry about how painful and bittersweet everything is.

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Ryo says they should get Mitsuo and Yuka to be their witnesses while Akari asks why he did not submit the paper the last time. As they wait together, she finds her set of house keys in the pocket of her jacket and tries to return it.


Saikou no Rikon Country: Her acting is so natural saikouu just like Eita, she made me believe that Yuka is not a drama character but a real swikou. That view… When we went outside to borrow DVD together at midnight, we realized that the moon looked so big.

Email required Address never made public. All this was waiting to happen, but he forgot that he liked her. Four times trying … — Mitsuo Saiklu. I hope you’re not getting any frostbite. But I actually thought the special episode was really well done. She has an appointment tomorrow.

In my opinion, Eita is one of the most underrated Japanese actors out there — have saiou seen his filmography? Yuka declares that she is leaving even though it is late and the last train has departed.

I found this drama brilliant because of how it drew me into the characters over time.

At that, Mitsuo stares at her, not comprehending how she can go ahead with it if she knows. The actors are still on point. Kiyoe tells Yuka not to dwell on it, she can immediately have a new life.

He stretched his hand to shake hand with me saying “Nice to meet you. A puzzled Tomoyo picks one CD up. I loved this series so much. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The song you used to sing in the bathroom. Although Mitsuo and Yuka might have come to the mutual decision to divorce after discussing, this is unacceptable in the prefectures of Yamanashi and Shizuoka.

Akari honestly turned me off in the beginning because she was just… so cold and detached. I get another father. The absurdity of some situations and the exaggeration of their characters only make the serious moments even more heartbreaking.

最高の離婚 (Saikou no Rikon) – ~Random Reviews~

As we look down, we could see the Meguro river, Matilda and Hassaku looking up, the Uehara couple carrying their baby and waved their hands towards us. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


Hamasaki complaining about his marriage at the dentist. Thank you for your Winter recaps Ep 1 to Ep 11 of this Jdrama series. I actually got a feeling that there might me feview special soon… tikon spring next year. It has been a big help.

Posted by Juliane June 10, I wonder if stock prices has any use for their lives. Ryo is relaxed, absent-minded and immature, he is the type that will only value things when they’re already gone. And perhaps, Kawai-san will move up as the main supporting character while the Ueharas can pop-up once in a while. But when it becomes a matter of fact, the person will take it for granted and no longer know why he liked draka someone in the first place.

The train finally pulls up and Mitsuo gets on board. Before this, Yuka did not know what she meant to him and says she does not sajkou it is too late. When Mitsuo bursts out the Matilda and Hassaku are missing, Yuka suddenly pops up from behind the counter and dashes out of the cafe. I just watched the whole series and special.

Win a Rimon Snack box today! But when Yuka takes a seat at the dining table, she seems to feel something.

She tells Ryo with a smile that she believes in him and they walk hand in hand into the ward office. I thought marriage was torture but I was wrong.