One more time the movie ends in a cliffhanger although this time there’s not a last minute info-dump. Like many science fiction movies that are made for entertainment but also has undertone spiritual or political themes that not everyone may catch onto, for me, ‘The Scorch Trials’ seemed to have some themes that are relevant in today’s society. The only resemblance to the book was the character names. I saw the first movie on a DVD and this one in the movie theater. That’s an inevitable additional layer to the heap of flaws that piled up for this outing, but it’s extremely hard to completely shrug off the film, especially with an interesting, and riproaring climax, that pretty sets the stage for the trilogy’s final phase. Upon landing in an apocalypses world of wasteland and chaotic battle of people, the clan is rushed into an enormous security facility, in which a high tech vault door shuts behind them shielding them from all the dangers of the outside world. I guess they could have been left out the script as none of them were useful. I thought the director was going to get overboard with the CGI usage but he wisely balanced the visual effects with the emotional arc to take the audience to a journey through this devastated lands in which under each nook, each skeleton building lies a new danger, a new story, a new world which I’d love to explore.

To add insult to injury, the writers turn the virus infected people into inhuman, biologically altered zombies. The first movie was all about the action, but this one is all about the action and the PLOT. I find that to be unbearable and annoying especially since it occurs several times from beginning to end. Fast paced to nowhere with lots of movement, little action, noisy and pointless. I haven’t read the books, I personally don’t care for them, but the movies are perfect enough for me, standing on their own. Where things stay true to the previous film so the sequel feels like a continuation of the story and not someone elses interpretation of what happens next. I still enjoyed it a bit but I think it got many bad parts. The first Mazerunner kept the mystery, pace, energy, and most importantly action, all at such a great length and mood of importance, that it was hard not to like.


I read the book in one day, trialw days before I saw this movie. The first movie was all about the action, but this one is all about the action and the PLOT.

There were also interesting shots in terms of composition. As for the acting, I liked it.

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Was this review helpful? All the bad people were on it and ripe trialls the killing and yet he does nothing. Cardboard actors, poor plot line wasteland zombie survival by inexperienced ‘teens’ with luck on their side. I’d say the script is not as strong as the one of the first movie and that script wasn’t particularly good to begin with.

To add insult to injury, the writers turn the virus infected people into inhuman, biologically altered zombies. I enjoyed the shots of the scorch because the cinematographer took plenty of risks. This was a wonderful book that should have been an incredible movie. So, comments like “you ruined the book”, etc.

I saw the first movie on a DVD and this one in the movie theater. Don’t have so high hopes on this movie. The Scorch Trials got some great and intense, action packed scenes, good acting and cool environments but that’s it. Isn’t there a ‘scorch’ and a ‘wall’ that prevents those refbox Divergents from crossing the void?

Does that stop WKD?

But this was an enjoyable film which is very fast paced, if perhaps a little too much of a good thing but still a great film that you need to see on the big screen. This so called sequel to the Maze Runner is completely a waste of time for anyone who is recbox any similarities to the original Maze Scoech. The acting is extremely good. Anyway, back to the movie, I loved the first Maze Runner film.

Running away in a big city lost in sand and rubble, they also fight for survival from bizarre weather occurrences caused by the solar flare epidemic explained to them in the end of ‘The Maze Runner’. It was like going into a theater expecting to see The Terminator, and seeing Braveheart instead. If you haven’t read the books, then go see it. Then there are all the new cast members who become redundant mere minutes after being introduced.


If you are tired of movies based on books that present a young cast, you won’t find something here to convert you.

Unoriginal ideas, but well, they worked OK in this movie. It became clear to me through their committed performances that they believed in the project and that they trust the director Wes Ball.

The Grievers are now replaced by hungrier and grotesquely more vicious Cranks, and the obstacles are updated, to provide more hair raising creeps. Although I might be ignored, cause every useful reviews on this are from people who think this movie is awesome, I need to say my opinion and save the money of some people who want to go see this movie hoping it’s a good one.

I guess maybe I love zombies.

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I’ve seen many books made into movies and I’m familiar with mogie huge and often disappointing changes they inevitably make, but this was off the charts. I’ve never seen anything like it. When Brenda and Thomas see that creepy growing red stuff on the walls of the sewer, anyone else, after all they have been through would have taken one look and said nope, I’m outta here, but instead they have to go fully investigate this dangerous looking creepy stuff.

But it’s not awful either.

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And once the film ends, it ends with two lines that make no sense. And yes, it definitely is an “8” in its genre. It’s like 10 genres combined in one film. However; I did at the same time find it just as enjoyable.