Turn off the grill. When it comes to the first use, the key initial step is to properly season cast-iron grates before you use them. You only need to use a steam cleaner once or twice a year, or if your barbecue has become seriously dirty. Once a year I do a really good cleaning with a wire whee,l then with scotch brite to bring the shine back to the way it was when new. How to Season Grill Grates. Keeping it running 30 minutes and cleaning with water etc. You can stay on top of it by keeping them clean, but not too clean. Jeffrey Brian Airman is a writer, musician and food blogger.

You will probably need more than one wad of foil to get the job done. Stainless steel also offers a very resilient cooking surface. No need to heat the second sheet of foil. First use When it comes to the first use, the key initial step is to properly season cast-iron grates before you use them. My first Broil King bbq served us well for sixteen years and the porcelain coated grills did not show any wear or cracks for the first 12 years. Last year, I treated mine no differently than stainless steel grates I had in the past and wound up throwing out the rusty mess this year.

Such cleaning has to be performed after each cooking. I’d recommend using bacon fat instead of vegetable oil for seasoning the grates. You will need to use tongs or heat proof gloves because the foil and grates will be hot. The more often and longer you use a product made of cast iron, the grqtes it is to keep it clean.

Cast iron retains heat well, offering an extremely hot cooking surface. Of course the first most important thing is full maintenance.

If you are re-seasoning a grill plate that had rusted, you should also follow the steps below. While a seasoned grill plate is good, a seasoned dishwasher is not.


The rod comes with a wide and narrow end so you can pick the right width for your grill. You should especially focus on seasoning cast-iron grates, it prevents rust from appearing and creates a layer that prevents food from sticking excessively.

We have a full guide to the best tools for cleaning your grill or you can check out a few options below.

How to Clean BBQ Grill Grates – Porcelain, Cast Iron & Stainless Steel

However, this is not rust, and will wipe off if it really bothers you. I turn it to max, close the lid and give it 10 minutes max to burn whatever it will in that time. Czst do you do if your grill grates become rusty? This will ensure that condensation does not build up inside the cooker and cause rust or mold issues. It is not uncommon for food to stick more to new cooking grates. If bristles are swallowed, they can cause serious damage to the throat and internal organs.

They need grease on there constantly to prevent them from rusting. When it comes to the first use, the key initial step is to properly season cast-iron grates before you use them.

This type of stains appears as a result of not cleaning the grill after each cooking. Use some tongs to take off the foil, scrunch it up and scrub the grates. Iroh grill grates from corrosion. Turn on all the burners if the grill you are using has more than one.

Before you cook on cast iron grates for the first time, you must yrates and season them. You have natural methods at your disposal as well as those that require toxic agents. Not sounding like there is a good, somewhat easy, day-to-day approach with these grates Stainless steel does not reach the same high temperatures that cast iron does, but it does retain heat well, and will practically last forever if cared well cared for.


Cqst is it a good idea to clean grill grates?

How to Care For Your Cast Iron Cooking Grates | Tips & Techniques | Weber Grills

Maintenance using oil is required for all grates on which rust has appeared. On the down side, stainless steel may darken over time. Bayou Classic CS Stainless-Steel Grill Scraper Versatile metal tool for grill or garden Made of solid, virtually indestructible stainless steel Scrapes gunk off grills, lifts hot grills, spreads coals, adjusts vents.

I should have asked opinions before deciding to get new porcelain coated cast iron grates. Congrats to the Winners!

The same goes for Porcelain-enameled cast iron grate and Porcelain-enameled steel cooking grates. First use When it comes to the first use, the key initial step is to properly season cast-iron grates before you use them. The coating is baked on during the manufacturing process at extremely high temperatures resulting in a very durable and non-stick cooking surface. After some time, the wood will form grooves that are custom made for your grill! I present two methods.

By properly seasoning when you first buy them and following some simple cleaning steps each time you use your grill you can easily keep your grill in a top condition.