You must pop all four pigs in one shot, which should put you over 21, points. This is the strategy I used to get with three birds: Did it as per video but got all pigs on first shot. On some levels, I have rejoiced to increase by a few hundred points! That kept happening to me too Kathy! On chrome, I was able to get 77, with out much effort, which would put me at 5. This level has driven me mad for over two months! I got lucky with the first BB taking out the bottom snow block making the gap wider so when I launched the second BB I split him after going through the gap which took out all three pigs!

My score was 86k after this one. So on to my penance for my sins on 17…. You must pop all four pigs in one shot, which should put you over 21, points. This is the strategy I used to get with three birds: Last, shoot the third bird to the bottom pig. I have been stuck here for so long now and watched the video endless times and it is impossible I like a challenge but this is just so damn ridiculous!!! Tried the video method many hours never got more than 63K and many times took all blue birds to get all the pigs.

I just increased my score to on chrome. If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. That said, I agree that those discrepancies cause more confusion than anything else, but we also need to remember that chrome is still in its beta phase.

Shot first bird in low arc and dropped the egg in front of the first snow pike, he bounced you and cleared the snow, flag and first three glass blocks. My hope was not to just hit the snow, but to do a bit more damage. I just entered my score on here after trying this every few months since the very 1st day it came out.

Doin the happy dance! This one was flagged seazons. The hardest part about this level was divising a strategy. Thanks to you guys, I have now three starred all of ABS! Once again numerous 63k scores but no joy. He should leave rubble behind him as he reaches the center of the level. It seemed to help when I waited until the greedjngs was almost touching the bell string before tapping it.


They are also the ones I am at or below average.

Well, spent 3 quarters of the Fiesta Bowl trying this one yet again. This is a frustrating level to be sure!!

This was my last level to complete SG. And thank you for the aiming tip, I know it will help future shooters in need of guidance! Arc the next Blue bird, splitting through the middle two sections of rope supporting the bells.

Android – Angry Birds Seasons – Season’s Greedings – – 64, – Andrew Mee

I simply used Big Brother to obliterate the entire left side instead of clearing snow in the middle. Three-starred and never want to see this stage again.

Sewsons should be able to get all three pigs with this bird. Just wish Rovio would had made all platforms equal. You want big red to barely clear front flag, or barely take it out.

Angry Birds Seasons Season’s Greedings 1-3 Çözümü

All as in the video from e-star. Finally got 3 stars, read all comments, watched all videos, and in the end I just winged it.

And yes, this game is definitely gotten easier. Maybe you can tell the rest of us how you did it?!! Higher scores on this level are a result of the Santa Hat glitch. Did you get it? You should pop the leftmost pig, at least.

I greevings would like to be able to replicate the destruction of the 3rd shot 2nd white bird. There just seems to be on some levels, the blue and yellow birds do much more damage than seazons my driod.

Not the easiest thing, but I have a very focused and organized mind. Again, makes it more convenient to find recent comments. Seasonw got my score with the bird falling straight down.

Hit the perfect shot to nail the right pig.


Big Red — Same line almost same aim point. Mark these exposed pigs after bird 1 and 2. I wish that I had something brilliant to add, or even a semi-detailed description of how I reached seaskns score. On my andriod, I am having a difficult time just trying to get above average which I have not yet. What destruction do you get after 1st shot. I put myself through this every couple of months just to keep any little vestige of ego from coming to the surface.

Were they the result of the exploding pig in the Swasons hat that was eliminated early this year? Thank you, a year and a half after posting your suggestion.

OB that tab of e-stars is getting Looong!! Thank you way more than I can say e-star and Ripsy!

Finally was able to string the exact shots together to destroy enough to get Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for re-sharing this info. Ever since I make backups like crazy, just to avoid the pain of starting over again. Did it as per video but got all pigs on first shot.

The truth is that this levels drives me nuts, and I was really just throwing things kind of randomly well, not completely randiomly. Ha ha ha ha ha. If the debris will fall and clear the center and the deflated bird flies to the right, you can pick up a few extra points this way. There is the one in the OG AB with the bricks and glass bridges cannot remember specifically but you have to pop pigs and create maximum damageand the one in AB Rio with Blue birds that can basically only be 3-starred with a nutso lucky shot.

Second bird to the 3 pigs in the right,with some luck, the 3 pigs are finished by the second bird.