The opening scenes of the film contain the key of the biography of French musician and poet Serge Gainsbourg as imagined by Sfar. Avoiding the traps of linear storytelling as it has to respect chronological events, it goes back and forth through time using the protagonist at different periods of his life to put in perspective what goes on in his mind. I wasn’t that keen on the precocious young boy stage of his life either – a bit too “that’s the French way boys grow up” all very pre-Simone de Beauvoir. Conner Rainwater Super Reviewer. The staging of an alter ego representing his genie, pushing and pulling him to become the man we know is right on the spot to express his inner conflict to choose between painting and music. The film is well made and overall a few blips above interesting. Greg S Super Reviewer. Even better if the deceased is as bizarre and sensual as the French social rebel Serge Gainsbourg.

The metaphors are so abundant, it takes two or three viewings to catch them all. It grows in geometrical progression until we meet very intimately Brigitte Bardot, the sex symbol of the time. You may have noticed some of the recent changes we have made. Watch this film and you may come away thinking the man was nothing but a self-effacing, odd- looking, quasi-talented musician who was prone to unexpected blubbering and who was liked, bizarrely, for those qualities which he himself was insecure about. He was not even part of the outlaw movement anymore. It starts from the forties when France was bearing the heavy weight of German occupation — this is where Russian Jewish boy called Lucien Ginsburg grows up.

After the war, he played piano like his father and later gained success with his original songs. I’m sure there will be people that eat this up and just love this biopic, but I really found it to be pointless and terribly executed.

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TheGord 1 August In the end one is left with the question whether such a life is enviable gainsbiurg worthy of emulation or example to avoid. This is a film that makes no bones about the ultimate squandering of Serge Gainsbourg’s talents in a drink – induced decline but at the same time shows the creative and cultural force that his very surname still brings to mind for most French people.

And of course, you get Jane Birkin and At Home With Amy Sedaris. It also seemed to drag herooic a ridiculously long time for being just a 2hr movie. An icon of twentieth century, not only for France, but to whole Europe, perhaps even to the whole Occidental world. His aerge flirting charms the ladies despite his young age.


Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. It’s hard to really put a stamp on this, but if you can’t get a hold of the lkfe after a few movies, it’s better to listen to the urge to shut it off. The performances across the board are superb, the story, for all it’s wildly tangential aesthetics engages and often grips.

In Nazi-occupied Gainzbourg, he is the first to get the yellow esrge of David before the office even opens. Captivating biopic directed by French director, novelist, comics artist Joann Sfar. From subitles childhood in Nazi occupied Paris to his encounters with Boris Vian or Les Freres Jacques, from his rise to suhtitles with Bardot or Jane Birkin, the story marks all the important moments in the life of this unforgettable composer that has left many generations dazzled by his craftsmanship.

The actresses play convincingly the women of his life, who were glamorous and sexy. More, the presence of the phantasms and loud spoken dialogs with his inner him — La Gueule, points at the will to make this movie a bit different from a simple telling of a biography assuming, that a large number already knows it.

Music is a minor art, the man used to say as he recorded albums upon albums sergf are still to this day amongst the most compelling creations in french song writing. Serge knew the secret to unlocking cash. We see Lucien Ginzburg, a Jewish kid in occupied Paris during WWII daring not only to laugh in fronde at the nose of the collaborationist police by being the first in line to receive his yellow Star of David as a sign of nobility rather than an anathema, but moreover, to transform in his mind and his sketch drawings the fat rapacious Jew on the Vichy posters in the thin, stylish, long nose and big years Gueule – the alter-ego who will guide his steps and feed his revenging self-confidence for the rest of his life.

Yet they will nonethelesson the strength of this bio-piccarry away an image of the principal character as an unforgettable personality.


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As a hdroic, if you are looking for a minor biographical look at this man’s life then buy a book. A talented musician and artist, Lucien who later was persuaded by friends to change his name to the more “acceptable” Serge Gainsbourg became the darling of the social scene, charming his way through a succession of affairs with beautiful women — most notably Brigitte Bardot, Juliette Greco, and Jane Birkin.

We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify beroic account. This biopic—directed by comic book artist Joann Sfar, who wrote the script with Isabel Ribis based on Sfar’s graphic novel—came across every bit as messy and undisciplined as its subject’s life.


If ‘Initial BB’ doesn’t become the new French national anthem by the end of the year I will be disappointed. Roger Mollien as France Gall’s Father.


Angelo Debarre as Gypsy Guitarist. The whole impression you form is that he had been a anti-authoritarian bobo bourgeois-Boheme before this term had been invented.

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His time is spent at the piano writing songs for his lovers and smoking thousands of cigarettes. Worth a look if this sort of storyline appeals to your sensibilities.

Dec 9, Rating: A Subtitpes Life” loses steam and grows more perfunctory as it wears on. His fame quickly skyrockets as does his appeal to famous ladies of the s: What was left to do, but to escape everything and forget about what he once deemed important by making another baby and becoming a family man after all.

Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Hetoic. The biggest one was casting Elmosnino as the lead. The movie brings out particularly well the smoky atmosphere of jazz clubs herpic gigs where the young Serge first plied his musicality in the s. Women wanted to know Serge to unlock him. While another biopic that was as crazy as that about Bob Dylan did not work for me, though it was almost?

At the end, regarding on all the milieus seen, we realize not only the length of the film, but as well the rapid cultural changes in France of twentieth century. The Jane Birkin years are far more interesting but the film slides into maudlin parody of what is becoming a boring indulgent man by the heroif hour mark. He was not even part of the outlaw movement anymore. Diane and I had much the same opinion of this film: Sfar is helped no end by an astonishing performance from Eric Elmosnino, who also performs many of the songs on the soundtrack.

Inexplicably, the second hour lurches into rock biopic heoic – drugs, bad wigs, and the cheesy recreation of the hit composition. Emphasis is also given to his Jewishness and his courage to manifest it before collaborationist authorities as a young boy.

It’s not like I know the guy so good that I could tell you his biography. It’s as surprising gainbsourg unconventional as the man himself — but that doesn’t mean it serves him well.