The dried leaves were minced and extracted with hexane-diethyl ether 3: We present species composition and activity patterns of mixed bird flocks in a region of the Central Andes of Colombia. Se capturaron un total de 3. Our data suggest that habitat affects the number of flocks but not their species number, and that the activity of flocks is similar throughout the day. A subsequent switch to silver metallurgy under Inca control ca. The survey reveals volcano related deformation in regions, north, central and southern, of the Andes volcanic arc.

Full Text Available This paper refers to the unevenness on the quality of life originated by the environmental settings that are calibrated by the different human activities on the natural systems. Special attention was paid to the institutional context and the everyday life conditions in which the social construction. Caryophyllaceae en los Andes Colombianos. The Madeira river is the main Southern tributary of the Amazon, and the second Andean tributary of the drainage basin. Our results have important implications for the conservation of A. Vulnerability to climate change and community based adaptation in the Peruvian Andes , a stepwise approach. It also enforced a rigid legislation which ruled through society as a whole. As a case study, the Imera Meridionale River, Sicily’s largest river, was chosen.

Structural and mineralogical insights from the Southern Andes. Large lakes fill the broad mountain valleys, and the spectacular scenery here makes this area a popular resort destination for Argentinians.

Mario Alberto Cajas Sarria esrie From the examination of geophysical and geological data in this area, including earthquakes, deformation, gravity anomaly, volcanism, uplift history, and plate motion, we conclude that the continued plate subduction with domination of compressive stress over the entire arc system is the main cause of the tectonic style of the Central Andes. Such changes equate to a glacial lake water volume increase of 65 km3 during atestoguar year observation period.

However, in order to further investigate such relationship, new paleomagnetic studies are necessary, particularly in the Eastern Cordillera domain, in Paleogene rocks cropping out in the Altiplano-Puna and in Neogene rocks of the forearc. Full Text Available In the Andeswater rights are enforced in processes of social struggle.

This stylistic analysis led us to study the chronological aspects of the Neolithisation process. The km Gas Andes pipeline has been in operation since August ppara, El programa de MCD nos permite entender el impasse de la comunidad en Usibamba?

People think that bilingual speakers of Quechua and Spanish “confuse” the vowels when speaking Spanish and that they are inferior to the ones who do not. Analysis of the community structure showed that endemic butterfly species were associated with fragmented areas in the high mountains. New evidence indicate that as a response to a reduced atmospheric partial CO2 pressure pCO2the competitive balance.


Estudio descriptivo, no experimental, exploratorio y transversal y ex post facto causa y efecto.

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The atetiguar history of the Andrean tectonics was found to be virtually the same as that represented in both North and South American Cordillera. Vulnerability to climate change and community based adaptation in the Peruvian Andesa stepwise approach.

Distichia acicularis is described as a new species of Juncaceae. Manuel de Tezanos Pinto y Joseph de Alvarado. Normae western half of the Central Andes is essentially isostatic because the heat serle with the volcanic activities softened the crust there. Charles Darwin in the Andes. Members of the Juncaceae are the primary peat-forming plant species. Entre la oralidad y la escritura: Full Text Available Photosynthesis of Colobanthus quitensis and mesoclimatic conditions of air temperature and light intensity during jormas growing season were investigated at 2, m in the central Chilean Andes.

In this paper, we analyze the morphology of the Andes of Peru and its evolution based on the geometry of river channels, their bedrock profiles, stream gradient indices and the relation between thrust faults and morphology. The Glaciation of the Ecuadorian Andes. I focus on the effects and importance that these organisations have in the historical process of regional development as social spaces that encapsulate different projects of. In addition, a series of fluorescence response curves with increasing light intensity at different temperatures were performed to estimate the propensity of Andean C.

This work analyzes the conformation in Chile, in the first years of the 20th century, of joint-stock companies that stated explicitly as central aim the intention of buying lands on both sides of the Mountain chain of the Andes for the agricultural and livestock exploitation and the commercialization, and there studies specifically the origin, itinerary and productive organization of one of these companies in Neuquen.

Changes in the palaeogeological landscape, particularly the prolonged uplift of the Andeshad a profound impact on the diversification of the subtribe.

A quantitative and qualitative necro-copro-parasitlogical study was performed on 33 lamas between October and December Mercantile, native-net and parq bonds are analyzed along with the different commercial strategies which used to involve the Andean space and that reveal the different options that the mercantile flows offered to the business sector.

Extraction yields obtained were in paar range 0. Full Text Available Onrmas morphology of a population of Stenocercus guentherifrom Colombia is described in detail and compared to information from ecuadorean specimens.

A densely sampled norms phylogeny for a widespread butterfly subtribe, Oleriina Nymphalidae: The breeding system of the ornithophilous Embothrium coccineum Proteaceae from temperate South America was studied by pollination treatments: The effect of pH on thermal stability of anthocyanins in concentrate of agraz was studied at six different pHs 3. The results suggest the possible existence of different rotational domains with distinct characteristics.


The two domains converge, where the Precordillera Oriental has been incorporated to the Sierras Pampeanas province, becoming the western leading edge of the west-verging broken foreland Sierras Pampeanas domain.

Application of two quality indices as monitoring and management tools of rivers. It demonstrates how business practices were modified to deal with local conditions and to ensure that the fragile environment of the Andean meadows was protected. This retreat is snown quantitatively in Table 4, in terms of decrease in glacier-covered area since aetstiguar glacial advance of moraine stage III.

Broad-scale temporal and spatial patterns of glaciation during the Lateglacial are apparent. The occurrence of this rat in both disturbed and natural habitats confirms the wide ecological tolerance of this species.

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Full Text Available This study pqra the conceptual changes in regard to sex, sexuality and general genre relations in the Andesin the 16th and 17th centuries, in the context of the establishment of the colonial society. To date, information concerning pre-Colonial metallurgy normss South America has largely been limited to the archaeological record of artifacts.

The seeds exhibited orthodox storage behavior, which indicates the possibility for long-term cold storage of a duplicate of the current metapopulation of the species in the country. Plants in the tropical high Andesthrough different physiological and morphological characteristics, respond to freezing night temperatures and high daytime energy inputs which occur anytime of the year.

Geochemical composition of river loads in the Tropical Andes: Molecular concentrations and thus column densities of many species are enhanced in the disk model with dust evolution, e. Laguna Mellquina, Andes Mountains, Argentina. The emplacement characteristics of the ignimbrites and the lack of basal or interbedded plinian aetstiguar deposits suggest that the eruptions developed quickly to massive proportions. High altitude C4 grasslands in the northern Andes: An intelligent homework helper.


La palabra condensa diferentes argumentos y formas de poder en las sociedades andinas. Adult males were more abundant than females in a 2.

Natural gas across the Andes: Andes -to-Amazon river connectivity controls numerous natural and human systems in the greater Amazon.