See this graffiti on the wall here. Two eightpoint stars in two geometrical figures eight points linked together. Without star and religious membership, Two interlaced sheets which symbolize love of the couple owner of the house and in the medium the incipient flower which symbolizes their offspring. The Flower of Life has the same shape as a snowflake symbolizing water which is essential to all life. So Muslims of the past used Arabic calligraphy and shapes to create beautiful Islamic designs. One of the most influential exhibitions during this extravaganza was Seven Stories about Modern Art in Africa. It was used in the war as a weapon and also represents the last letter ‘Z’ of the Tifinagh Alphabet. Islamic Designs in Color.

In these countries, the miracle of the hand is given a great deal of importance. A flower with five petal and seven sheets on the stem , symbol of a Muslim family. In collaboration with five co-curators, Seven Stories was to tap into the historical development of contemporary art practice in Africa from several different viewpoints. The color green has a special place in Islam. The flag is composed of blue, green, and yellow horizontal bands of the same height, and a Tifinagh letter yaz or aza. It is believed that a house protected by the Hand of Fatima will not catch fire.

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It is something I know nothing about; or, at least, it is a thousand things. Fibonacci Numbers Wiki Top. Witchcraft also called witchery or spellcraft broadly means the practice of, and belief in, magical skills and abilities that are able to be exercised individually by designated social groups, or by persons with the necessary esoteric secret knowledge.

An invaluable study for all those interested in sacred art, Islamic Patterns is also a rich source of inspiration for artists and designers. Read more about the Scala of the port here! The beauty of Islamic geometric designs, and the breathtaking skill of the craftsmen who created them, are admired the world over.


Islamic Designs in Color. Allah painted on the door to the tomb of Sidi Yacoub.

Essaouira – Symbols

The Seal of Melchizedek. The Seal of Solomon I n Medieval JewishChristian and Islamic legends, the Seal of Solomon was a magical signet ring said to have been possessed by King Solomonwhich variously gave him the power to command demonsgenies or jinnior to speak with animals. It is the symbol of patience, loyalty, faith and resistance against difficulties. So Muslims of the past used Arabic calligraphy and shapes to create beautiful Islamic designs.

Own original drawings accompany magnificent photographs of mosques, madrasas, palaces and tombs from the Islamic world, ranging from North Africa to Iran and Uzbekistan, and from the 8th to the 19th centuries.

The book contains twenty different geometrical designs, ranging from simple to complex. It is said they will keep you protected while being fashionable. During circumcisiona circumcised child and his mother make a seven-day retreat in a room of the house because circumcision is considered a “second birth”.

The center of each circle is on the circumference of six surrounding circles of the same diameter. Certainly the different sections did not lack personal character — rather the common thread was missing. The meaning and history of the colour blue explored in exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. Click on the image to enlarge. The Flower of Life has the same shape as a snowflake symbolizing water which is essential to all life. The color green has been considered especially Islamic for centuries.


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The last known Barbary lion in the wild was shot in the Atlas Mountains in Each color corresponds to an aspect of Tamazghathe khatiim inhabited by Berbers in North Africa:. It can be seen on flags, mosques, and Qurans. The six petals are said to symbolize the six days of creation or the six kingdoms: It is one of the main characteristics of the Moroccan architecture.

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The date in the middle; an eye to stop the evil eye, With two identical and symmetrical sides from the same family. For centuries the nature and meaning of Islamic art has been wrongly regarded in the West as mere decoration.

Number symbols Number seven in religion and mythology. Lalla Mahla is itself famous for its beauty and scholarship. La Khamsa ou main de Fatma ou main de Myriam. Two lions function as the holders of the shield.

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Finally, sefie his return from the pilgrimage to Mecca, the pilgrim cloister seven days in his room. The flag of Morocco. Surface patterns on works of art created in the Islamic world have soupeymane prized for centuries for their beauty, refinement, harmony, intricacy, and complexity.

Exhibition Histories The Short Century. A selection of symbols, carved in sandstone on the portals of doors in the medina. See this graffiti on the wall here. You have already signed up. Six petal flower, symbol of love. In the middle the 16 petals fower