Retrieved 4 December Lord Cucuface takes the girls and Pepito on a yacht trip, and excludes the girls when he teaches Pepito sailing techniques, but it’s Madeline’s skill that saves the day. In this season it is revealed that Mario suffers from obsession with Aracely, even after her death and he die together with Marcelo during their final confrontation. For her part, Indira observes the video that El Indio sent her is about son and after talking with his wife, Daniel agrees to communicate with Indira. Romero appears with Vicenta because he wants to tell him that he will be his lawyer. When meeting with Jaibo’s partner, Salvador suggests asking him about all the places he can use to cross the border; without being discovered. Mario tells El Indio that he should not worry about the money he gave him because as new partners they are going to make millions of dollars in a few days. Domingo asks Marcelo to stop torturing him because he can not take it anymore; but Marcelo tells him that he must first tell him what Mario did to his daughter because she does not recognize him.

After the attack in which he was involved, Salvador gathers his family to tell them about this situation as they must now look for who is behind all this. Evangelical missiological society dissertation series pepito 4 stars based on reviews. When meeting with El Indio, Romero asks him what happened with the four million dollars that I give send. Retrieved 6 January Since the Netflix SA launch there has been lots of media comparing Netflix with ShowMax and others , however none of them really go into any detail, and the actual data they have seems pretty inaccurate. After finding Romero lying on the floor, Tuti tells Azuceno that he will take care of him because he will not let him consume more drugs. In the middle of a discussion, Andrea claims Salvador for killing his brother a long time ago. Marcelo asks La Tuti to give him information about the person with whom he is doing business or else he can not do anything for her.

Josefina prepares her husband so that the people of Matamoros trust him. Six months before, between the border of Mexico and the United States, Vicenta and Daniel return to this place to deliver the coordinates of pepit place where Chucho’s body is buried and Daniel takes this moment to tell Pepigo that he will find El Indio Amaro and, he will pay for all the damage he has done.

After talking with Daniel; Indira agrees to release him. El Gallo tells his women that the operation they carried out was a success and with the destruction of the vhicagofire he is sure that he will win the municipal presidency of Matamoros. La Tuti tells the man with whom she is negotiating to have mercy on them; since they only brought with them the merchandise that Romero sent him.

Retrieved 12 October However, Gregory and Aida, secretly have an affair together. After knowing the intentions of the head of the Petates; Vicenta tells him that with his people he is not going to get involved; but in the middle of this clandestine meeting; Two policemen arrive at this site to know what is happening there and Vicenta and Salvador are witnesses that this group has on its side the police.


The exploits of the French schoolgirl, her classmates and best friend, Pepito. Domingo asks Marcelo to stop torturing him because he can not take it anymore; but Marcelo tells him that he must first tell him what Mario did to his daughter because she does not recognize him.

Romero goes to the house of El Indio to personally deliver some details in order to erase the problems they have had and continue working without any chicagoflre. Retrieved 21 Chicagofiee Martijn Kuiper as Gregory Jones, is the owner of the farm in Falfurrias, Texaswhere Rosario’s sister lives and works.

Mario chicayofire his employees cuicagofire accompany him to a private party he will do.

Daniel asks Indira to calm down because El Indio should not suspect the plan they chicafofire going to carry out. The authorities arrive at the Tuti’s house and ask him to come out with his hands up. Rodrigo Guirao as Mario Casas, is a pharmacist and scientific engineer, who tries to destroy the life of Marcelo, father of Elizabeth and boyfriend of Andrea.

Vicenta, El Gallo and Salvador are in charge of ending the life of El Indio and ending all the damage that caused them. After observing the men who cornered her husband, Josefina asks if they were sent by El Indio Amaro; but El Gallo tells them that these men are people who do not want him to be the new municipal president of Matamoros since they are from the opposition political party.

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Retrieved 14 January A Star Is Born 4. After this fact, Salvador tells Gallo that he would be responsible for solving this problem with the help of Jaibo, since no one can know about the debt they have. Indira speaks with El Indio to return her son. Because Salvador did not comply with the part of his deal, Jaibo tells him that he will not give more opportunities and now he must show that he is loyal or his life will be in danger. Upon finding Carmen wounded, Tecolote looks for ways to get her out of the tunnel as soon as possible and El Gallo makes it clear to Triple R that he respects his two women and therefore does not hide them from the rest of the people.

This page was last edited on 15 Februaryat El Gallo asks one of his men to take charge of redoubling his security because the man who is helping him in the campaign told him that he can not take his family to his events; because everyone would be in danger. El Indio tells Indira the new route he has to open so that the merchandise can pass and Tuti tells Roscas that he is afraid of traveling with the drug inside his body. On the other hand, Azuceno asks Roscas to be careful with what his patroness can say, since everyone should think that she is the queen of the business and Romero asks La Tuti if he could obtain information from El Gallo.

Daniel gathers his mother and his wife to show them that they officially restored his position in the Department of Homeland Security ; but his mother asks him not to accept this offer since his father is died defending justice. When he is cornered by El Gallo and his ex-wife, the president takes drastic measures; since he is not willing to let the nation know about his illicit businesses and the alliances he has made.


Daniel is surprised to see that Indira managed to find him. Retrieved 11 December The President informs the Mexicans that Salvador has been transferred to the jail of maximum security since his commitment is to put an end to the drug trafficking that is ravaging the entire nation.

For his part Romero becomes obsessed with Vicenta, to the point of send it her to kidnap. When meeting with Jaibo’s partner, Salvador suggests asking him about all the places he can use to cross the border; without being discovered.

Service X could have 10 thousand hours of soap-operas which I will never watch. El Indio communicates with Indira to see if he has people ready for him since the waiting time is ending; or else your child will pay the consequences.

Azuceno asks Romero because he is carrying out his revenge against Daniel because he thinks he is not fulfilling his revenge against Los Acero.

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A Star Is Born 7. Domingo meets Marcelo to tell him that the son Andrea is waiting for is not Mario’s.

After the confrontation that they had with the Police, Salvador and Marcelo do not run with luck and are retained by the police; Vicenta and Daniel after reading the letter that the mother left to the children they rescued.

Indira asks El Indio to think things through and take advantage of the situation to escape from Chicagodire hands. After his meeting with the President, Mr. La La Land 6. Add to Watchlist Added. Before starting with the plan to rescue Salvador, Daniel asks Vicenta not to be separated from him. Based on the children’s books by Ludwig Bemelmans, the series aired on the Family Channel in prior to this short-lived revival.

Retrieved 17 November But even though Netflix is now in SA, the content is really limited. La Tuti tells Azuceno to release Roscas since she is not interested in living at Romero’s ranch; but El Indio Amaro takes pepio of this situation to tell the Tuti not to defend that man since he was the person who wanted to kill his son when he was a newborn.

I excluded Afrikaans items from ShowMax. Daniel arrives at the warehouse where Vicenta is after suspecting that something could have happened to him.

Retrieved 25 February Aida learns that she must leave the ranch after Laura learned of her relationship with her husband.

On July 7, the inclusion of Diego Cadavid to the main cast was confirmed.