Instead, I wanna salute you all for all your hard work. It says that the file is no longer available… Another thing the shiareagy forum, i tried following them at twitter but it seems as if they are not updating. So they might sub ep 27? Cooking Battle Part 3. Sub for ep 20 is out already.. How can I proof that I have voted?

I really love the episode where they invite the models to participate. If you only have 10 accounts to vote, then just vote 10x times a day then SC then send it to them.. I totally agree with you. Shinhwa dance and Cheer. Because I know and understand the nature of Shinhwa Broadcast, I watch this show since the very first ep. When idols are invited, more focus are given to them.

Sorry and thank you. Oh just found the new link. The close ups during episodes were mostly on the broafcast I only post links from the original subbers. Hey its ur page Im not here to argue or anything like that. Instead, I wanna epidode you all for all your hard work. I can understand where your rant is coming from. I seriously want to cry now that SF subs will stop releasing their videos.

Today is the last day of registration. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I clearly write like that.

So this means that you cant post it into your web…. I never like any guests on ShinBang tbh, especially idols. Shinhwa Forever has ep. They usually share torrent links few hours after the episode finished airing.


Hate is a strong word. Email required Address never made public. More airtime was given to the guest. As fans, we can only wait even if it takes a long time. I know it must be a pain in the ass to reply every single comment here, but just watch SB and chill a little.

But there are some members I like in variety shows as well. Broadfast fans even bashing shinhwa? I watch this because of Shinhwa. I think it’s gonna haunt me forever haha. I put my ID here!!! Changjos never have such offensive way of talking. I mean, they run out of air time because they focus too much on unnecessary parts so they have to cut out the others… Unfortunately, it was Andy…: It brings out the best and the worst episoe Shinhwa. There are also some scene cuts for ep Briefing time was my favorite part, too.

July 29, February 16, Wish that they back with their original form as before at 50th ep. When Shinhwa is by themselves is when they can go all out, which is what I want to see. For broadxast 35 onwards, the download links can only be found at Shinhwa Forever forum:. How can I proof that I have voted?

Why bother bring up other idols? Reblogged this on Minho’s Julliete Blog. Can you please show me the screencap of where i can get the download links?

Shinhwa Broadcast Episode 30 [English Subtitles] | CultureQuote

Episode 18 BTS footage Part 1 with subs. Thank you very much and I hope I dont come out as being ungrateful. October 7, February 16, Briadcast 25 is still in subbing process.


Broascast you have to edit your twitter name in the pic yourusername 3. By Shinhwa Forever more complete sub. The last episode before hiatus is episode For public, only dailymotion.

Shinhwa broadcast new season

I totally agree with your comments. Reblogged this on Minho’s Julliete Blog. I salute you for always posting the links from the original subbers and never taking the credits for anything. CUTS by Axerine hard sub: I just watch the member funny cut that provided here, eventhough i didnt watch the whole show but i can actually laugh to that small segment.

So they decided to make a forum and put all download links there.

In order to watch episode 31 of Shinhwa Broadcast, 40 screencaps per part is necessary, but MAMA only allows us to vote once per day. I just hoped jtbc continues airing the show even in another time slot… for example airing Best-Of eps picked from all 49 episodes or having NG-Special episodes…surely it can fill bunch of eps….

I have explained it.

Sub for ep 20 is out already. Thank you soooo much for making this list complete with the channels they did.