Eunwol the 6th legendary hero. This will make updating much quicker! Knuckle Mastery Passive Increases Knuckle mastery. I drew this last month buuuuuut I keep f. Soul Splitter is used to gain additional bonus EXP when the boss dies and also allows you to hit the enemy twice creates a clone of the enemy that shares the same HP as the original. Level 65 – press on the light bulb that above your head – go to Henesys – talk to that located in the almost right portal of henesys – you have been teleported to the temple of time – go to the right portal – talk to – go according to the arrows until you get to the middle portal – kill the purple monsters – press on the book that above your head – go to the right portal – kill – talk to – Done!

Spirit Bond 4 seems to be missing from the 4th job skill build guide. Fatal Attack Survival Chance: Can be used 4 times in a row. Level 55 – press on the light bulb in the left side of the screen, you will be teleported to Ellinia – go to the middlest portal in the map – talk to – talk to – you have been teleported to a luminous’s cutscene – kill the monkeys the black thing above my head is a light bulb, i painted it because this is not related to the quest, it’s because i just leveled to 60 – will appear – you have been teleported to Ellinia – press on the book above your head and finish the quest – Done! Maple Warrior Supportive Temporarily increases the stats of all party members. It was announced was website. This way you can proc some skills a lot more which are a lot stronger.

Currently, very little is known about it, other than the fact that he was erased from history. As detailed as I can: What’s the explanation for that?


Fox Spirit Mastery Passive Grants a chance to summon fox spirits with each of your attacks. Log In Sign Up. El Nido – Xaniara. If you know why could you please help me. I kinda dont understand you xD. His name has been forgotten in the sands of time, but with the help of Moonbeam, maplestpry has been reborn as Shade.

Blade Imp — Forward Slash is best with Back Step where you can pull enemies to a corner and hack and slash them. The summoned Spirit Guardian uses the below skills on its own: I essentially spent all of my third job at Area C-2 training like this: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Harmonious Defense Passive Required Skill: These books can be purchased from an NPC located in Leafre. Another point I was tempted to put was based on the idea that the developers could be sexist, which would prompt them to want to make the character male to promote a sense of strength.

It’s not said outright, but it has to be Moonbeam that the emphasised ‘she’ is referring to. They are 4 aspects that boost their damage significantly: The Black Mage laughingly taunts him, asking: Suddenly, he gains the powers of the spirits. Most players would opt for Spirit Claw for boss raiding as it outputs higher damage with smaller cluster of enemies.

Shade Storyline

You may max Blade Imp — Forward Slash and Blade Imp — Downward Slash first to eliminate the cooldown delay so you can train easily and conveniently in maps that is flat or has platforms above you. I funded my shade but Xenon seems so fun. I think you have something wrong here. If the skill has not met its preliminary requirements e.

The memory of an uneaten liver nibbles away at your subconscious, appearing sometimes when you hit enemies. There’s no way it’s not Moonbeam. Luminous finally then gets mad and kicks Shade out of the house, explaining he maplestlry know him.


In the 4th job advancement, Shade goes to Grand Athenaeum, there the librarian tells him he has records on every person ever existed, and everything everywhere, always. Is the flash player screwed up or something? I have updated all the skill details: Unless you are planning to train all the way to Level with mobbing instead of bossing, then you can add Hyper Skills into Fire Bomb.

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[SPOILER] About shade’s ending in black mage storyline : Maplestory

Read subreddit rules Follow the reddiquette Search before you post Report users who don’t respect rules Contact moderators if you can’t see your posts or your comments Do not: Proceed to max Critical Insight to deal high damage against high HP monsters such as elite monsters, elite bosses, and normal boss monsters.

Spirit Bond maplestkry seems to be missing from the 4th job skill build guide. Take control of Shade and rewrite history! What is it meso with shining star path how can we get it? MP Costresets cooldowns, Duration: Or are they just max level 10? Hi, ayumi, some of the pages said Eunwol also has a name called Yunnel, is that true? Thanks, was very usefull. Swing your fist strongly, hitting enemies in front of you.