The constant swearing in Hindi may be comedy and entertainment for some people but others might find it cringe worthy. To begin with, if you are expecting this movie to be as good as Shootout at Lokhandwala,then you are absolutely wrong I wrote dialogues for Kaante in for Sanjay Gupta. He is in love with Vidya Joshi Kangana Ranaut and takes her to his mother to discuss about their marriage. John Abraham shines in this movie, portraying varied shades of the same character. However, those people who got brutally murdered deserve it. It was good there wasn’t too much melodrama but the innocent and naive Manohar isn’t shown for enough time. A protest was also staged on Sunday in front of a multiplex that was screening the film.

The songs aren’t memorable, except that they are played repeated on television. He’s in form after a long, long time. Retrieved 4 May While serving his sentence, he teams up with a fellow convict Sheikh Munir Tusshar Kapoor and the duo stage an escape after having done time of around nine years. Every gang has an enemy gang. TejasNair 4 May Why Shootout at Wadala is a new low in Hindi cinema While Indian cinema celebrates its th year with a cinematic offering in the best traditions of Indian movies with Bombay Talkies, the same weekend saw the release of another film — the Sanjay Gupta-directed Shootout at Wadala — which amply demonstrates the depths which our cinema can also sink to.

Inspector Baagan is given the order to find and murder Manya Surve in an encounter and that dialo the climax of the story. The second half is watchable but not the best they could have pictured. As far as acting is concerned, John Abraham didn’t perform up-to his potential, looked weak as a gangster, Anil Kapoor was decent and so were Manoj Bajpai and Sonu Sood.

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The movie is pretty bloody which I don’t usually prefer but it fit perfectly in this case. Dialogue baazi is back, thanks to you. Dal Lake in distress: This movie is a gang movie, we are supposed to expect that, and well that’s the reality, since this movie is based on the real life of Manya Surve, with a few people’s names changed like Dilawar Imitiaz Haskar, who was actually Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar in real life.


The film has been called a sequel to Shootout at Lokhandwala but both films have no connection. Cheezy dialogues filled with abuses Poor acting by the main protagonist Babli Badmaash.

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Shakti Kapoor’s son Siddhant makes his debut as one of Manya’s gangsters. Was this review helpful? However, the daily further says that the officials of BVDS have refused to accept mofie apology.

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I got the screenplay of Shootout At Wadala with minimum dialogues and lots of situations. More than a crime sequences, the movie revolves more around John’s and Kangana’s love story and to make matters worse there are 3 item songs irrelevantly forced into the film as a crowd-attracting formality.

Be it Zubair, Suootout or Manya. The constant swearing in Hindi may be comedy and entertainment for some people but others might find it cringe worthy.

But, certainly not better than its prequel ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’. The transformation of John from a good innocent guy to a bad guy is well handled, The war of words is well handled too, The conflicts between John and Manoj and the way John starts his own gang is well handled.

List of Films Viewed In But the biggest mistake I did was that I completely stopped writing. Brutal and electrifying, it is one of those theatre-going experiences that has a plot, is packaged well and has content drama, action, dialogue, songs, performances that works big time aadala the avid moviegoer. Anil Kapoor is as usual dependable.

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There are lots of characters, who create confusion. This is exactly the reason I was intrigued to watch this film and to see what Sanjay Gupta had done with the subject material.

Dialogues were good for a Bollywood movie but not for a movie based on a true story. I missed the prequel ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’ which did great diakog after hearing the rave reviews ‘Shootout at Wadala’ has been getting I decided to give the franchise a shot. We follow his trials following shotoout unfortunate incident, from prison escape to becoming a notorious gangster and an utterly angry man, driven by vengeance and hatred.


If you keep your expectations in check and wish to be entertained, then you will be entertained. Manoj Bajpai is flawless in shoootout relatively small role. Bollywood’s noted yesteryear villain Ranjeet, who was last seen in Housefull 2, makes an appearance as Bhaskar Dada, who has a skirmish with Manya.

It’s a classic hero vs villain type of tale. This shotout definitely his best performance till date. The movie is a complete star in single screens but for multiplex it leaves up a question mark. Oberoi who played the lead gangster’Maya Dolas’ in the prequel performed exceptionally well and was syootout applauded by the audience.

In a police van, Afaaque Baagwan Anil Kapoor listens to the story narrated by a gangster, Manya Surve John Abrahamwho is gravely injured with a bullet-riddled body. Conclusion and Box Office Potential: It could’ve been more effective, but it was still not a major problem.

It goes better with the Marathi audience for the Mumbai touch. May 07, Babli Badmaash: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Shootout at Wadala. It was very difficult to remember the period, which are being shown by supers in date, month, year and place format. And no, it is still not good enough. wadalla

However, the film successfully shows gangsters and their lives in the late 70s and early 80s. The clashes between Manya and Dilawar are mind blowing, the Anil Kapoor scenes are good as well, the cops are also properly shown in the film. Retrieved 4 May Laila is also a catchy song but the song picturisation of that one isn’t that good. John Abraham was good in bits and pieces. Retrieved 18 May The item songs are the worst scenarios that brought down my review to 6.

However, barring the lead character, the rest of the names have been changed for obvious reasons!