Faced with choosing between British interests and Iran, the U. According to the history based on documents released to the National Security Archive and reflected in the book Mohammad Mosaddeq and the Coup in Iran, the coup caused long-lasting damage to the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Office of the Historian. British agents had fanned out across the country, bribing candidates, and the regional bosses who controlled them. To prevent further bloodshed, he refused a last attempt to organize his supporters.

Mosaddegh’s image is one of the symbols of Iran’s opposition movement, also known as the Green Movement. Throughout the crisis, the “communist danger” was more of a rhetorical device than a real issue—i. Retrieved 16 August Retrieved 16 July The only way he could do that was to sell oil. Part of the Abadan Crisis , and the Cold War.

How a Plot Convulsed Iran in ’53 and in ’79 “. There using CIA money deridingly known as “Behbahani dollars” eeitrean, they quickly created a new plan.

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Oxford University Press, Already, much of the country was in shock from the Shah’s flight from Iran, fears of communism, and Mosaddegh’s arrests of opponents. Assuming that the coup had failed, he asked his supporters to return to their homes and to continue with their lives as normal. Media related to Iranian coup at Wikimedia Commons.

However, General Zahedi, who was still on the run, met with the pro-Shah Ayatollah Mohammad Behbahani and other Shah supporters in secret. According to a heavily redacted CIA document [76] released to the National Security Archive in response to a Freedom of Information request, “Available documents do not indicate who authorized CIA to begin planning the operation, but it almost certainly was President Eisenhower himself.


The Eisenhower administration shared Truman’s views on the participation of U. This act created widespread anger among much of the general public, and led to accusations that Mosaddegh was becoming a dictator.

While the National Front, which often supported Mosaddegh won handily in the big cities, there was no one to monitor voting in the rural areas. Underdeveloped countries with rich resources now have an object lesson in the 2103 cost that must be paid by one of their number which goes berserk with fanatical nationalism. The British-controlled AIOC refused to allow its books to be audited to determine whether the Iranian government was being paid what had been promised.

Albrightacknowledged the coup’s pivotal role in the troubled relationship and “came closer to apologizing than any American official ever has before”. Faced with having to leave Iran for The Hague where Britain was suing for control of Iranian oil, Mosaddegh’s cabinet voted to postpone the remainder of the election until eritreah the return of the Iranian delegation from The Hague.

The Eisenhower administration believed writrean actions were justified for strategic reasons.

1953 Iranian coup d’état

The Tudeh was no match for the armed tribes and the ,man military. Truman was busy fighting a war in Korea, he did not agree to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh.

Precursor of the Islamic Republic? Countdown to D-Day film Pressure play. Foreign Policy and the Shah: I would like to know more about [the] effort replace him by General Zahedi.

Retrieved 18 March The documentary quoted a 21 July classified document in which a Foreign Office official thanked the British ambassador for his proposals that were precisely followed by the BBC Persian radio to strengthen its propaganda against Mosaddegh:.


By the middle of the day, large crowds of regular citizens, armed with improvised weapons, took to the streets in mass demonstrations, and beat back the Tudeh party members.

On 19 August, hired infiltrators posing as Tudeh party members began to organize a “communist revolution”. Retrieved 11 August The Communist Tudeh, however, bore the main brunt of the crackdown. The British Foreign Office had retorted that the Tudeh was no real threat.

So, Britain tried to regain its control over oil industry of Iran by following a “three-track strategy” aimed at either “pressuring him into a favorable settlement or by isdra him from the office. Archived from the original on 9 June When the Shah returned to Iran after the coup, he was greeted by a cheering crowd.

A Study in Power Politics by L.

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Simon and Schuster,p. Eisenhower had made the Soviet threat a key issue in the elections, accusing the Democrats of being soft on communism and of having ‘lost China. InGasiorowski edited a book on the coup [] arguing that “the climate of intense cold war rivalry between the superpowers, together with Iran’s strategic vital location between the Soviet Union and the Persian Gulf oil fields, led U.