I mean that’s what you respect in people. Pokes fun at how Digital Chaos would be invited to premier tournaments simply because of how other teams coincidentally were unable to make it. A term used for terrible use of Ravage, either using the skill when no one is around to follow-up or not hitting any enemy hero with the ultimate. During his cast, Bulldog repeatedly whined like a baby, often shouting for ppd’s help whenever a hero harassed, damaged or was only spotted by Arteezy. Newbee later actually sold these perfume bottles during the MDL Major, and all bottles were sold out in less than an hour. Dota 2 content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Valve or its licensors.

Used generally whenever someone makes a question mark as a response. After winning those two tournaments, Puppey went on to have a place on the podium for 31 out of 32 different tournaments in from , winning tournaments such as the Alienware cup, [11] StarLadder Star Series Season 7 [12] and The Defense Season 4. The meme started to die out when Greater Bash began using Pseudo-random distribution. Used by reddit when speaking regarding suspicious chinese behavior as well as various pub players when they encounter a chinese player outside the chinese server. The meme has begun dying out when SUNSFan departed from the organization in , followed shortly by the post-International squad. This meme was used when someone posted a new post on reddit and it was not 6.

Then they put him mid day 2 and won? The “J” typo is important to the meme as that was Arteezy’s original typo. He isn’t insecure, singsihg realistic. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October Articles with imported Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.

Following his first achievement with Team Secret, Puppey went on to be top 3 on 7 major tournaments and 1 premier tournament.

Languages Deutsch Edit links. Going into The InternationalWings Gaming showed a drastic decline, finishing bottom half of the tournaments on their way to defend their titles.

Used whenever Secret loses a game, especially to Digital Chaos. When Dota 2 used Source 1, people would often dismiss bugs by saying “Source 2 will fix it.

This meme gets used songsing the community as the game was full of bugs after the release of Source 2 engine despite hopes that the new engine would fix bugs.

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What I like about sing is that I know deep down despite all the rubbish he does in streams, he is dead serious in competitive. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Retrieved from ” https: A Chinese joke regarding OG’s run during and Originated from a parody of an Onion article of with the title, “Scientists Baffled by Man’s Incredible Ability to Fuck Up Every time”, but with Envy’s mug shot being photoshopped into the article. While Lebron James lose at Finals, the Chinese team does it too, and vice-versa.


These players were highly respected for their skills and knowledge regarding the game, and held real-life influence towards the direction of the scene. The E Sedan model arrives this year, boasting a 3. After changing the roster by adding S4 and Fly, the team has made another recovery and defeated then-champions, Team Liquid, at TI8. Dating back to the Warcraft 3 Dota days, the Chinese, who went on to dominate the competitive scene, were famous for giving the “God” nickname to outstanding players.

Arteezy was just a worthless offlaner And another thing! The most intelligent E-Class family of all time welcomes a powerful new member to the dynasty. Anyway I don’t have the deep dive on Sing’s psychology for this; nothing I’ve seen out of him says to me that he is “insecure” in the traditional sense; it’s certainly possible but so much speculation is involved it’s just not super interesting. Go back after skirmish, get sniffed, rolling team fight across map, Shadow Shaman has mana boots at 1: The Shanghai Major was a notoriously badly handled event; it was dubbed the “Shanghai Shit show” or the “Major that kept on giving”, its host 2GD was FIRED mid event, there were sound issues, delays, machine gun fires, premature low graphics, as well as audible Chinese shouting mid-stream.

User PotatoLord17 made a satirical post on reddit about a suggestion that would allow Riki able to enter his teammates inventory and hide there with an Aghanim’s Scepter. Dota 2 Champions League Season 5. Refers to Universe ‘s 5-hero Echo Slam in the last game [14] of the grand final of The International The copy pasta associated is as follows note the Reddit version usually features a few sentences of lead in; for example, “You may find that amazing, but you know what’s really amazing?

A joke made whenever Purge makes a patch analysis video whenever a new patch is released.

Used to poke fun of clowny plays and terrible decisions of Demon during games. Before he could even state the reason, Demon all chatted a question mark, before leaving singgsing to make the aforementioned statement. A nickname for a tactical pause or a pause that occurs right at the beginning of a gank or a teamfight.

Live Events Next event in 1d 2h. This is a list of popular Memes amongst the Dota 2 community. Storm vs coL 1d 15h. Dota 2 content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Valve or its licensors.


Kaipi was picked up by the international organization RattleSnake and formed RattleSnake. He doesn’t have the attitude of a top-tier NA player, but we’re all assholes in this part of the world.

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A meme about the player Madara formerly from team Ad Finem whose impressive play as carry has led to a rework of the “Madara Uchiha” copy pasta. I think any player who thinks he is the best, or at least puts out that aura, is the most insecure. The meme was spammed even more when NP was signed by Cloud9.

An overly arteezh response to small issues, primarily grammatical errors, certain texts and images not being updated to new patches, aspects that are worthless e.

c9.singsing vs eg.arteezy (drama)

I didn’t see the end but there were like kills total when I last looked. During the after-party and conclusion of TI7, Sccc took multiple photos with other players and fans which were posted over reddit.

Whenever SirActionSlacks performs something, people may spam “Fuck Slacks”, be it on online threads or forums or during streams. After winning those two tournaments, Puppey went on to have a place on the podium for 31 out of 32 different tournaments in fromwinning tournaments such as the Alienware cup, [11] StarLadder Star Series Season 7 [12] and The Defense Season 4.

In a 2nd game of Team Secret vs. The meme has begun dying out when Snigsing departed from the organization infollowed shortly by the post-International squad.

Team Secret pushed Newbee’s base at 31 minutes with 5 heroes, but were repelled with 4 dead. After briefly calling his team Zero[6] SingSing left in early November Therefore people gave up, their attitude became: In an infamous story, the team held a celebratory pizza party for the qualification but also kicked Ohaiyo during said party. A combination of s4 and the 4Head Twitch emote, the term is often used sarcastically whenever s4 or his current or former teammates most notably AdmiralBulldog and Alliance’s TI3 squad make a terrible or questionable play.

This meme gets used when the game developer doesn’t deliver the highly requested, easy to implement features to the game.