Nico and Levi are stuck inside an ambulance outside of the hospital and after a fight they have sex. Without his umbrella, Hyung Chul is getting soaked. He rushes to the company security office and asks to see CCTV footage from the car park. Of course Young Mi ignores them and sits at the bar. He grabs her arm and drags her off to the park! Back at the office, Hyung Chul is having problems getting people on board with his new ideas for the company. Betty returns to the hospital after being missing for three days, prompting a grateful Amelia to want to apply to be her official foster mom. She really is something.

I really love All about Eve. But the police turn up instead and he has to run off! She has just shouted at him for telling people they are dating and now she wants his help. But things are going very badly indeed for Young Mi. The next day she overhears Joo Hee scolding Sun Mi and jumps to the conclusion that they are talking about the deleted files. Taryn Helm Sophia Ali as Dr.

After getting Maggie’s approval, Meredith finally allows Andrew to take her out on an official date. In some ways In Soo is just as bad as Woo Jin.

All About Eve episode 8

Meredith realizes she is in another love triangle with her two suitors, Andrew and Link. Sun Mi also wonders if she won the interview test because of Hyung Chul.


Desperately, she tries to butter up Joo Hee to get back in her good books. Cho Eipsode is shocked. Teddy, after her successful surgery with Owen, tells him about the pregnancy.

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But Woo Jin tells her not to do everything his mum says. Maggie and Bailey comfort Jackson and Webber during their time of vee. Retrieved November 16, She really is getting careless.

Then he comes out of the crowd towards her. Retrieved from ” https: Inside, Young Mi goes over to sit with Sun Mi for another showdown. Sun Mi is trying to get Woo Jin to go straight home instead of going out drinking. Hyung Chul wants to take a more sophisticated approach. Retrieved October 3, But she ignores him.

In Soo gets out of prison. Meanwhile Young Mi sits at home crying over a picture of Woo Jin. After he collapses, Andrew is forced to take over the surgery while Levi must save Owen.

And they are too embarrassed to go on TV. She rips up the graduation photo of herself with Sun Mi.


Retrieved October 5, Levi comes out as gay just as his relationship with Nico deepens. Hyung Chul tells Sun Mi to stay where winopsis is — he will deal with this.

Retrieved October 20, Woo Jin wants her to give up worrying about the photos. This is not a good idea.

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August 23, August 7, dramasrok All About Eve. She focuses her attention on Hyung Chul and when he goes to get the schedule sheets for the show out of his brief case, she asks him what the secret combination of his lock is!

His eyes show that he knows what she is episoce he still loves her. Poor Joo Hee is envious. How cheeky she is.

Teddy and Koracick operate on a woman who has an odd relationship with her best friend and her husband, prompting Teddy to confirm with Koracick that he is the one she wants to be with, not Owen. This sends Young Mi crazy with jealousy.