In Mount Bongye, Jumong — who has never experienced an eclipse — cries out to Yeomieul why the sun has disappeared. Abuse of the TV. Dae-woong dan Min-sook duduk dengan WO-nya. Ju Mong pretends that he let slip some important information in front of Young Po. Ntar, bikin juga sinopsis drama yg lain,ya. Episode 64 Episode

Episode 67 Episode Mi-ho menggunakan nada menyakitkan untuk membuat Dae-woong tidak bertanya lagi dan pergi dari sana. Hae Mo Soo is the central figure of the resistance. Dutch tilt Dutch angle Lesson in photography: Tapi mereka ingat bahwa Hye-in mengatakan bahwa cerita itu begitu sangat tidak dapat dipercaya, jadi mereka membayangkan ulang adegannya… hanya saja kali ini Dae-woong malah menarik Dong-joo keluar! History, however, is never without controversy. Mi-ho menuju ke basement untuk mengambil manik2nya dan memegangnya dekat dengan dadanya. Ye So Ya is distressed by the shady activities her son engages in for money.

Yoo Hwa gives birth to a boy. Meanwhile, bad omens continue to appear in Bu Yeo. To prevent his achievement from being wasted in vain, Dae Soh episoode negotiations to Yang Jeong, saying that Bu Yeo will send its troops conditionally, but Geum Wa decides to prepare a war with the Han Empire.

Having learned the attack route of the vanguard troops through Dae So, Yang Jeong busily prepares a countermeasure. Jumong peacefully ddrama the five tribes of Jolbon. Episode 5 Episode 5.

When the enraged Young Po accuses him of committing incest, Dae So has his brother thrown in prison. Article of the Day. Snopsis orders that Ju Mong receive twenty lashes. But at that same time, Emperor Kumwa and his entourage are also on their way there. He informs Dae Soh of the fact and enjoins him to take a stern measure.


Jumong Episode 47

Dae-woong menyusul Mi-ho kesana dan ingin tahu alasan sebenarnya kenapa Mi-ho menghindarinya, tidak percaya pada alasan yang diberikan Mi-ho. Hal bagus bila aku mengeluarkan manik2 yang berisi hidup Dae-woong, sebab ini tidak akan menghilang. Untuk memastikan Dae-woong menerima undangan pernikahan Mi-ho, Dong-joo memberikannya pada Hye-in, yang sebaliknya malah menipu Sun-nyeo dan Byung-soo dengan hal itu. Erama three princes practice their skills for the upcoming match.

They try to kill him. Lord Yuntabal goes to the Han capital to negotiate a prisoner exchange — the captured Han nobles and Hyunto officials for the enslaved Ancient Joseon refugees. Jumong, on the other hand, denies ever having reached the Sacred Mountain.

Episode 35 Episode He sends an assassin. Ju Mong says that So Seo Noh saved his life by striking a deal with the bandits and it was also So Seo Noh who helped him get out of a swamp long ago. Episode 76 Episode In the year 37 B.

Jumong Episode 48

She tells him that Hae Mo Soo is still alive. With the new armor, Jumong rallies his officers and the Jolbon chiefs to attack Hyunto. Setelahnya, Dae-woong minta jus buah dan mesin makanan memakan koin Mi-ho.

Pained at discovering that Bi Ryu was involved in the treasonous plot, So Seo No sends him and On Jo away at the helm of a merchant band headed to the south, telling them to see the wide world. In their hideout in Mount SniopsisJumong continues to train in swordsmanship, and Haemosu begins teaching him archery. With Daeso’s guard down, Jumong and his lieutenants manage to intercept and lead a large group of Gojoseon refugees into the wilds of Mount Bongye, where they establish a fortress and re-form the Damul Army, against Daeso’s wishes.


Min-sook membaca keadaan ini dan menebak kalau Dae-woong yang dicampakkan, bukan Mi-ho. They urge Jumong to immediately attack Buyeo. Ju Mong, who has been lying in wait in the forest for the enemy to arrive, shoots a flaming arrow into the sky. She has been guarding the salt mountain all these years so that sinpsis can give the mountain in gratitude to the Habaek tribe.

Accompanied by several soldiers, they set out in search of Ju Mong Episode 18 Young Po finds out that Jumong has been captured by bandits and is about to be killed. Episode 79 Episode Tapi Mi-ho tidak menunjukkan kegembiraan pada hari besar itu dan menyerahkan semua keputusan pada Dong-joo. Buyeo forms an alliance with the Han Empire, and together, they begin to impose a total blockade against Jolbon, prohibiting all tribes from trading with Jolbon.

Episode 52 Episode When finished, click Answer to see the results. Episode 72 Episode Net users calls for boycott] in Chinese.