Additionally, this damages the credibility of the geumdeungjisa as well. It’s been a delight to squee and giggle and go gah gah with you all. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Lee In Supporting Cast. Their first order of business: Glad we’re on the same faction!

Lee In Supporting Cast. I think Ah In had fallen asleep while he was laying down Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who worked on the recaps for this series. He adds as she turns to leaveā€¦. You guys are great. Episode 9 by Sunny.

The problem with Yoon-hee being a girl is that whether the king intended it or not, he has broken down longstanding traditions and principles as learned in the Three Isnopsis and Five Relationships of Confucianism by using a girl in his quest for the geumdeungjisa. Scaneal i am this site everyday for the update Maybe it’s because I’ve got my period, haha, but come on, that can’t just be friendship. I wish they had 2 more episodes to at least wrap things up nicely but I think the SKKS team just wanted us to use our imaginations.

Sinopsis ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ All Episodes

I really would have liked to know what their future fate was. One moment he’s super badass, standing up to In Soo and proclaiming that he is Gu Yong Ha, and the next moment he’s pouting over wearing an unfashionable black outfit and making super freakin cute ‘angel of death’ faces lol.


Which is exactly what Minister Lee tells King Jeong-jo: Yoo Gun Shik Director: I need my Sun-joon! Someone agrees draka me! My only consolation is that the quartet will have their future projects sooner or later and I got something to look forward to I’m Korean, but I was born in this century. GIFs of the Yong-ha and Jae-shin hug!

SINOPSIS Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Yes, and I understand fully if history buffs are miffed. But most importantly i would have liked a last glimpse of the quartet dynamic since it really was what the show was all about to me.

The three of them head towards the jail to visit Sun-joon, and Yong-ha sends the other two ahead of him, to give them some alone time.

The Poet Warrior Youth Ms. Oblivious to your hard times, I was reading in a warm room, and I cannot forgive myself for that. Yong-ha adds that In-soo crossed a line, bringing soldiers into Sungkyunkwan. Eleven11 November 10, at 9: He tells him to stop now, before it becomes a habit, and tells him to forget her.

Yongha is still his cheeky self, toying with women like only he can. I also loved Yoon Hee telling Sun-Joon how much she loved her first day at SKK, how she never knew how great it was to be in a classroom. Noypi November 11, at Akankah rahasia Kim Yoon-hee terbongkar? He finally stops her before he bleeds his heart out right in front of her, and tells her to go in without him. Park Min Young’s acting was overall ineffective for me; instead, I would imagine what it feels like to be the character Yoon Hee and that was very special for me.


Yoon-hee looks on at her classmates, proud and amazed at the power a group of vocal students can wield. Thank you for valuing sinoppsis and friendship.

Informantxgirl November 12, at 1: Thak you so much for recapping red pill, Cassie, Girlfriday and Javabeans I will miss smarty I would watch the episode and then read the recap! He could have called her out on being a woman at SKK but he never did. That’s the kind of man I want – one who pulls me to greater and greater heights, one whom I can pull to greater heights.

Thanks for the recaps They should have killed him. Kang Sung Pil Supporting Cast.