As long as the man duels remain this good, they can remain that way too. Hmm, I might have to watch the beginning of ep 1 again too. Though not so noble here It’s easier to get one person accept you than whole bunch of them and in a way it’s easier to put all the blame on Jang-Il. MsB May 8, at Jang-il follows her into the hallway, and for a moment they both turn their backs to each other without exchanging a word. It’s as if the child Ji-won is a completely different person from this meek Ji-won.

Soo-mi tries to go alone, but her father insists and they both end up at the hospital. They might have not been the richest, but they would have each other in that little town of theirs. So What I understand. Love how the plot is moving along and relishing the progress of revenge. And let’s not forget Jang Il’s face when his gun point on Sun Woo’s face, he looks turmoil and tormented! Will wait and see, that’s where all the fun comes from. Sun-woo eventually pushes him away and grasps a nearby wall to stabilize himself. Muscle degeneration does not exist in kdramaland.

Love can wait, Sun-woo! We find adult Jang-il Lee Jun-hyuk! And another my gripe about this episode, if you are in a coma for 2 years, there is no way you can move your body, worse you can walk freely With a chaperone in the room, Jang-il and Sun-woo are forced to act the part of newly introduced strangers. They give each other a European-style greeting and gab like old friends, with Sun-woo well aware of who her stepfather is.

He gives sinosis the police petition and explains everything. Maybe she could have even loved him, heck even Ji Won could have loved him, but he made it impossible for anything sincere to enter his life. I guess we epizode accept being in a coma for speeding up the aging process. I hope they give her very little screen-time in the future,but that’s probably not gonna happen since she is the lead girl uugh. Sinopsus, Thailand Phuket [1].


Sinopsis ‘The Equator Man’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

This is 02 fav drama of We-Th. The following plot could be and should be, I honestly think, be centered on the new explicit romance between Dr Lee and his beloved Dr Ji Hye, because it could allow another perception of the main character, a new stage in his human life, in which so much have already been and would still recognized themselves.

Yong-bae makes it no secret that he wants Jang-il and Soo-mi together, and leaves his own birthday dinner early in order to afford them time alone. Yong Bae, the bragging rights of a not-so-perfect son! I wouldn’t be surprised if she’ll meet her demise through some strange ‘accident’ – except equattor will come to her rescue this time as well there shouldn’t.

Sinopsis Drama Korea The Equator Man Episode 1-20

I truly could careless about that but I do feel that he owns her honesty or leave her to live her life. His name is David Kim now. But it also makes it more interesting that he was so blind to the truth concerning his son and his fquator.

I think the drama should have focused on them, with Ji Hye being the main character more sinoopsis Gang Hun, but oh well. Thank you sooooo much!

Hope epi will will deliver. That episode actually scared me. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It’s definitely the other way around. It would be one thing if she were traumatized because of the attempted murder.

This is a very twisted plot with extraordinarily twisted and f-d up characters. But it fit with his personality, I guess. I feel sorry for Sun Woo. As for SW’s noble idiocy, it is frustrating, but understandable at the same time, too. Will wait and see, that’s where all the fun comes from.

So maybe not dad is dad after all. I just find her very interesting character because of her complex relationship to Jang-Il I want to say TO because she really hasn’t got relationship of anykind WITH him and because of her insecurities.

Say someone is really getting on your nerves you could say “I’m a heartbeat away from going Jang-il on you”. Was it the umbrella? I thought I am the only one who think that way Agree, her character has been too one-dimensional but I am glad the writers did not foster a useless relationship between her and Jang Il; that would have turned me off.


He hurries to her office, finding only a note for them to meet at a park. I wonder if the writers will have them take different paths, given a similar set of circumstances, or if their relationship will be the man against self conflict played out between the two.

If you open your eyes and keep a clear head, then you will find that the crime that Jang il committed is much more than an attempted murder. Is that like UF? That’s makes him pathetic MsB April 29, at Yong-bae comes at just that time and watches him through a mann in the door.

She has a legitimate mn for not being able to go, but maybe eqhator time. He calls her out on it too, saying that her rhetoric sounds over-rehearsed. The air between them remains tense with so much left unsaid. Yeah, from our point of view Soo-Mi really doesn’t have much of a reason for revenge.

Notify me of new comments via email. Whatever number he sees is disconcerting, and he throws it back into his bag. Toya April 3, at 5: Arhazivory April 28, at 9: He is sinopsix soft heart at this point, after what he has go through I think that Jang Il and Soomi may have come to some sort of an agreement in that scene when he kneels down in front of her.

It’s A shame what the lives of these two boys could’ve been.