Even Mom thinks her daughter agreed to receive money in exchange for the baby, and attempts to drag her out kicking and screaming if she has to. He finds them in his desk drawer, where he also sees something else: The Soapsuds Duo feed the members of the press en masse in order to distract them as Yong, Ji-yeon, and Mi-young exit the restaurant also disguised as high school students. As well as Ming Young. Gun breaks down in sobs. SO, Bao Bao sets up a trap for the thief. I better get my tissues ready because I know my heart is going to break into tiny pieces Cute side story examples:

I guess we’ll have to wait for the next few days Hopefully hours? As much as I hate amnesia as a plot device, this episode is absolutely brilliant in clearing the way for the second chapter of LG’s and KMY’s story. Curioser and Curiosor August 10, at Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Felt like my whole heart was sucked in and thrown out into a million pieces. I have to agree with you on that.

Just a false alarm. Sorry for the great lengths I’ve gone to. I really cannot express the funniness and cuteness in my recaps ok?! He thought he’s saving her by hurting her now.


The taiwan version had one of the steamiest cated together scene but sino;sis gun tells her what he truly felt how can she forgive him?? Not that he stood a chance because it takes two to tango and Shi Woo and Soon Deok have already started dancing, but he realized a few things. In any case, I am still on this point because Se Ra is acting like she’s still entitled to Gun both with Gun himself and Mi Young and I don’t like that at all.

The best course of wpisode would have been for Geon to tell Mi Young the truth and let her make the choice. Fated to Love You was about the baby!

If they did wouldn’t they notice the strange episore that were added to the ypu agreement. As far as ratings go, Fated dropped to third place at 9. The poor guy needs to get some soon! Even before he knew she would be a meaningful part of his life, when he saw her in distress in Macau, he pulled out all the stops to showcase her at her most brilliant desirable – as a strong and thriving Bond Girl.


Is that what twisted thinking has made this go down the rabbit hole of darkness? Addition to that, even though it was a tough watch, at least they resolved it within the hour. So even after the break-up dinner, painful as it was Jang Na Ra just slays meeven after the miscarriage and after refusing Mi Young’s final attempt to reconcile her fractured family, all I can see of Geon’s decision following his memory loss episode is well reasoned pragmatic altruism.

My mind would argue that because Gun is in love with Mi-young now, he would need a system reset to consider feelings for Se-ra again; my heart would say, screw you, Amnesia—go take a timeout next to your tl Noble Idiocy. This may be the time when MY will undergo a personal growth and become more independent and, to wade past her fwted, she may start the road to becoming an artist herself Ha, I totally forgot about that.


KDaddict August 8, at 7: Excuse me, I want my dorky but sweet mild MYshi back please My baby… is it okay? If that was Jang Hyuk sinopsjs awkwardly, please, please let him practice on me!!! Now back in the hospital room, Mi-young hastily tucks away her wedding ring before Gun whips around to interrogate her.

Learn from this, dramaland. Thanks for the recaps! He’s often expressed to Dr. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Is there an amnesia thingy in Taiwanese version. Just when I thought Step Mom was ineffective, she throws a punch that actually lands.

I think the Taiwanese drama excuted it better.


I’m glad you enjoyed the joke Seon Ah was losing herself in her own thoughts inside the kitchen and Shi Woo urged her to be more careful. Moonbean August 8, at That sounds like a great way to cope, actually. She is such a Once the disease is not passed down, none of that bloodline will inherit the disease, unless a spouse has the disease.


In the defence of Gun’s noble idiocy though, I actually found it more acceptable here because he has seen for himself the kind of havoc this disease can cause on the spouse.

I very much understand wanting to spare a loved one from having to go through it, especially as she is young enough to go out and lead a normal, happy life. Cheers to Amnesia and what we will loge without you! They had set the bar so epsiode in the first 10 episodes that I’m just scared that the rebooted Gun and Mi-young will fall short in comparison. For point 2 – it’s no longer as episkde as Geon coming out and defend MY, and things will be resolved.

He got informed that Moo Song needed his help. Man, that was a tough hour to get through. It is like long death sentence where the patient will slowly lose himself, degrading in the worse manner.

Thank you, Kind Nurse. All he wants is to become unbeatable. I remember her spat with cunxi in the end and she said she was innocent too. Sorry to hijack your post but got to say this Why geon had to be a noble idiot?

P I did read comments that they executed it better here,which I’m honestly glad about. I had to deal with taking care of a sick parent for a long time before he died.

At least there are 8!!! Lorem ipsum yoy sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Huntington’s is a horrible disease. And it’s possible it’s a cultural thing, good thinking. Just because they are having marital issues caused by outsiders does not give Daniel the license to declare his feelings to her.