For me, my top moment out of all beloved moments is the way that they treated Joon-hee’s storyline. We get rewarded with some answers and even some new surprises, as we close the chapter on first loves and find out how everyone grew up—along with, in spite of, and because of them. I can’t believe how much I loved this show and how much it made me miss my own 90s and also hardcore fan girl days. Will definitely watch this again You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. I love TvN for producing these wonderful shows that brought us back “those days”. This show touched our hearts and made us remember our own high school. Also, did they name the Doctor?

Aw, but look at her pout! Can i get that same model???? He likes seeing her happy. He waits in the rain, and a car pulls up. I actually felt this overwhelming sadness when watching the last 4 minutes; like, what? And so he never told Yunjae. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Thanks for the recap GF.

Check it via the link or the embedded video below: Loved the sinopsiis, probably my fav of And how much do I love it that Taewoong went from loving one hardcore fangirl to the next?

This drama has right amount of crack and hearts. Thanks for the recommendation. She tells him he seems more confident, like a famous musician. I felt that JH would have been more uncomfortable if he thought YJ knew. Nana September 21, at 8: Er, and I’m really happy people who can are revolted by queerness sinopsiss it in themselves to look past it and see the masculine real normal average guy in Joon-hee. Only those who wait can dream of love.

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That elicits a defensive rant from Shi-won about sinopsjs merits of fangirldom. And they didn’t go with the stupid, “I’m going to be suicidal because I’m gay and can’t get the man I want. You’ve done a fabulous job! What the show did right within that overarching story was its whimsical and sometimes very complicated use of flashbacks, flash-forwards, flash-forward-and-back-within-a-flash-somewhere.


They were worried about whether my image was going to be alright in the future. Ha Na commits to having a baby that looks just like them.

Old friend Na Yeong understands. This drama is definitely way up in my Most Fav list. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Thanks for the recaps too, they really helped in my appreciation of the show. I do wish more American shows would separate gender and sexuality as being linked.

She started out a bit self-centered and vulnerable needing romance. Their happy ending is not in realizing their first love, but in finding someone to grow up with. Was that supposed to somehow give the viewers an idea of closure for Joon-hee? Just going to casually drop in how the official twitter of the isnopsis mentioned Jaejoong after the last episode aired: Thank you for the awesome journey, DB! Marathoned all the episodes in three days and just finished watching the finale.

And the kuttudrama was expensive. She swears up and down that they have ZERO plans to make babies anytime soon, and Yoon-jae scowls again. Watching this made me think back to my own first love and this drama was spot-on chronicling just how it felt – epsiode insane, overwhelming, heart-stopping, breath-stealing period of time when everything your crush says or does is just soooooooooo kuutdrama and amazing, and you think you can never, ever love someone as much as that person.

Their friends tease them about when they had time to make another baby Whaaa?

And then the final flashback, towhen the group gathered for a photo in the park. Ternyata ia adalah putri sungguhan! What Anon and ian said–as in it’s better than most Kutudtama.

Sinopsis “I Miss You @ Missing You” All Episodes

My only request is if they do a sequel, pretty pls include the Big Bang, Rain, Se7en etc It was fiery and pure, the time I long for. Succeeding at sinosis love is nice too. Tapi apa yang mau dibahas kali ini? I think their friendship did remain unchanged.


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Kufudrama reunion comes a close and everyone streams out of the restaurant and into the rain. I found it so nice that everything came full circle fandom-wise and it switched over to Taewoong’s future wife sniopsis a DBSK fangirl. Sinopsis I Miss You Episode They both looked happy. Woman With a Suitcase Episode 15 – yoy.

And the delusional fangirl in me still hopes that they will get back together, no matter when, I’ll wait for that day. I was near legit fangirl tears when the fangirls were singing “Hug,” fanchants and all. This feels like being thrown the absolute smallest bone. In the end it was always the family that really got me—the one that Mom and Dad cobbled together out of the rubble when each of the two core families suffered such massive loss. Kemarin aja masih ada video behind the scene yang diupload SBS Catch.

No matter what the gender. At workthings are good for Ha Na.

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I am also going to take this real slow so that I may savour the drama over a prolonged, extended period — yup that is! Fasiris Fay September 21, at 8: This is one sijopsis the very few Kdramas I’ve seen that treats a gay character with respect and doesn’t stereotype them at all.

February kutdurama, Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: They drop Tae-woong off and then the rest of the car ride gets dicey, as they start to argue.