GM says the red ones are the best. When this drama ends, I think I will be staring at all these gifs and just bawl my eyes out. The mom is standing in front of the sink. Post a Comment Note: Thanks Ydoodler for sharing! And how J forced the mom to go to the hospital by telling the mother to take better care of herself. Newer Post Older Post Home. KJ goes to his office and looks at the list of suspects on the evidence list.

They all say congratulations. Hahaha,, spontan Hwang Bersaudara tertawa terbahak-bahak, sementara Tae Hee dan Ja Eun hanya bisa tertunduk malu mendengar ledekan mereka. I am not in my right mind. Even though I turned you down, I was so happy I could have cried cuz you asked me to be mother and daughter —ajumma do you know the biggest reason why I came back to Ojak farm was you? She heads towards her car but drops her keys and holds her stomach. One of my favorite scenes was the one where the four brothers went drinking with J. I missed this scene or my file is not full ver? He holds out his hand.

Ojakkyo Brothers E45

I Love to see their sinopsix. Y is at work when TP comes in. KBS Drama Awards [8]. January 11, at 1: Comedy Romance Family Drama. It is a story about a family consisting of a grandmother, father, mother, and four sons who live in Ojakgyo farm. Saturdays and Sundays at The mom is standing in front of the sink.

He is about to kiss her when GM walks in.

kutudrama: Update Sinopsis Oh My Venus Episode 10

I would like that. He asks why they broke it off. January 8, at 9: GM says the red ones are the best.


Nam Y did well. Melalui keluarga Hwang, Ja Eun menemukan kehangatan keluarga yang selama ini tak pernah di dapatkannya. Even though I turned you down, I was so happy I could have cried cuz you asked me to be mother and daughter —ajumma do you know the biggest reason why I came back to Ojak farm was you? Joo WonKorean Stars: I will treat her well.

He says there was a cherry scent Y is at sinopss when TP comes in. J finally has a mother. The mom remembers everything she went thru with J.

J stays up all night, troubled because mom says managing the farm is beyond her and finally decides to sell the farm. The best scene ever is the scene with all 4 brothers. January 8, at 6: J smiles The mom is standing in front of the sink. I Love the way the brothers were happy for their brother. Jadi berhati-hatilah”, yang langsung di jawab dengan senyum ceria oleh Ja Eun “Aku tau.

Keisengan Hwang Bersaudara untuk menggoda sepasang kekasih yang sedang jatuh cinta itupun terus berlanjut saat Hwang Tae Phil, sinposis bungsu mengusulkan permainan Truth or Dare yang sialnya Ja Eun-lah yang terpilih untuk menjawab pertanyaan dari mereka. Thanks for all the hard work!! I Love to see their brotherhood.

TP bothers if she isnt going to leave for the day. As for TH and J they are just so adorable together it just brings a smile as you watch this couple. It seems like the mom has the dad pretty firmly under her thumb, so does that mean that KJ will be the one to leak the truth to J or TH? TH wouldnt do that. KJ hears that and offers to pay for each table to get some other dish than the one she asked for. I am not in my right mind.


Do you really not love me now? In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. Please cover it up.

Mom and dad meet outside at a cafe. SY and TB walk together. TB congratulates J and sincerely welcomes her.

Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea: Ojakgyo Brothers (Final)

She threatens him with a golf club ready to hit him. Mereka selalu ada untuk saudara mereka dalam keadaan suka ataupun duka. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Praying hard the writer will not leave us in??

Smile You Episode 1-45 (Final)

I dont believe in Baek In Ho did this. Saat itu Tae Bum pernah bertanya pada Tae Hee apakah Tae Hee mempunyai perasaan istimewa pada Ja Eun, walau saat itu Eppisode Hee menyangkal habis-habisan tapi justru penyangkalan itulah yang membuat Tae Bum yakin bahwa ada sesuatu di antara mereka, dia dalam hati sudah mengetahui bahwa Tae Hee diam-diam sudah jatuh cinta pada Ja Eun, hanya saja saat itu, Tae Hee bahkan tidak menyadari perasaannya sendiri.

You should have told me sooner. I hope that when TH does hear the truth, that he tells J he loves her too much to ever give her up.

Di akhir episode 44 drama Ojakgyo Brothers, Tae Hee akhirnya mengatakan kepada seluruh keluarganya bahwa dia dan Ja Eun saling mencintai dan sekarang mereka pacaran.