Thanks to Softy’s blog ‘Cadence’. He keeps asking her if she wants to go to bed and she uses the show as an excuse not to, which I find hilarious: Mom says she will pour her a drink and tells her to hurry and eat. Korean Broadcasting System television dramas South Korean television series debuts South Korean television series endings s South Korean television series Korean-language television programs South Korean comedy television series South Korean romance television series Television program by Chorokbaem Media. For some reason I thought that I would get to watch another episode tomorrow, but as I was finishing these comments I realized that tomorrow is Monday! Everyone looks sad, and J notices.

KBS Drama Awards [8]. So MS pays with her card. I’ll miss this great drama so much Keluarga Hwang sangat menyayangi Ja Eun dan sekarang mereka kembali menyambut Ja Eun sekali lagi tapi kali ini sebagai calon Saudari ipar mereka. Things start out adorably, with Tae-pil secretly blackmailing his hyung to keep their secret, holding his credit card hostage. He kisses her in front of all her friends and plans this big dramatic proposal of his feelings, not marriage but she runs out before he gets to the over-the-top fireworks post-piano-serenade and turns him down cold.

TB tries to explain why the mom is like that but she wont listen. It was sweet of G to stay there with Y, and he probably needed saving more than anyone.

I love what Kara pointed out: But yeh, I totally get what you imply by that Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here They both end up in a tailspin—Ja-eun goes on a self-destructive streak, and Tae-hee drinks himself into brotherx stupor night after night. Later, it was that revealed Tae-hee’s father, who is Chang-sik’s brother, was hit and run by Baek In-ho’s friend who framed him for 26 years bfothers.

The father is Hwang Chang-shik and the mother is Park Bok-ja. I dinopsis like his character did have a purpose–to enable Tae-Hee to come to terms with his mother’s abandonment. Same goes for many of the characters. I started marathoning this drama over Christmas break thanks to your first review, girlfriday, and I have to say I’m so glad I did!


Ojakkyo Brothers E48

TB tells her to sit over here comfortably. Now that I brohers there’s a happy ending i cant wait to finish it. Now I’m gonna miss Tae-hee I marathoned this drama for a week sleeping at 4am and going at it again at 9pm I had to stop at ep 52 still waiting for the rest of the subbed eps. Tae-hee refuses, but sends him one of his trademark one-syllable texts before he boards the plane: I’m so glad that I tuned in to watch this despite my initial sinopsiss due to the length of the series.

The dad and the others come upstairs. She rips her a new one for making her worry, bringing Ja-eun to tears. They have the baby, surrounded by family, with Soo-young doling out her labor pains to Tae-bum, since fair is fair. Thank u for the gif that being posted at this moment. SY adds HR moved to another station last week so now they wont even run into each other at work.

See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. KJ goes out and follows him. January 22, at 5: I like the turn that happens in this relationship, because now Soo-young has cut herself off just when Tae-bum starts to fall in love with her.

Will miss this awesome show. I loved Biridie Buddy. This is still on my to-watch list. I was ready to tackle the dad to stop him from ojakvyo TH by telling him that he would reveal the truth to J.

Asian Stars: Sinopsis Ojakgyo Brothers Episode Lengkap

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. She watches with tears streaming down her face, and runs across the street and bear-hugs him. She says you came — I did all the homework. It would have been a better drama without the extension, ojxkgyo I honestly am impressed by how little we felt the extra eight episodes. While the reason for their breakup is infuriating, it was really touching and sad to see how they handled the family opposition.


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SY says Y wasnt thinking of marriage but mom tells her to be quiet. I’m already missing this show dearly now its finished. I wrote most of these comments before getting to the end of the episode, so now there are sorts of possible new scenarios spinning through my mind. I’ve always liked Uee to and from most people she’s a pretty good actress, me included! This could change everything! I think telling her the truth is horrible cuz she might have faith in her dad that he would never do that, but she could easily react the other way and distance herself from the Hwangs and then you are going to have one miserable recapper cuz from day one, I hated watching J cry.

I love that in acknowledging women like Mom and Mi-sook alongside Eoisode and Soo-young, it says something really simple yet profound, about how much a mother and a homemaker should be given brotehrs much respect as a careerwoman. Dad and TB keep drinking. Oh the cute, whether it’s kisses or idealism they’re all really cute: So when we last left off with First Son Tae-shik, he had finally come around to accepting his son Kook-soo and becoming a real dad.