Compared to his boyband mate, Park Yoochun, he is far behind. Hyuk shakes the dead guy and sees blood, and it starts to register on him that this is no movie set. Good point on the director btw! Panicking, Hyuk backs away nervously while holding up his flashlight, which scares a horse and throws Kyung-tak to the ground. I’m only watching this for Jaejoong. As for Dr Jin, I’m finding it quite interesting so far. Instead of dramatic, we get melodramatic.

Jin”, JIN seems to keep my heart. Panicking, Hyuk backs away nervously while holding up his flashlight, which scares a horse and throws Kyung-tak to the ground. You have stated perfectly my biggest peeve with JIN’s remake. Thanks so much for the background info, Rovi. At least the mold culture experienced some growth in this episode. I’m just curious how it will end, whether they will take all the two seasons of JIN or just make their own ending:

Whether they are a nobleman or a gisaeng, everyone has only one life. I will help you.

I think the kaleidoscope will make an appearance as Lee Seo Yoon’s character is supposed to see into the future. As a romance fan, it is likely that Faith, with its kidnapping of plastic surgeon heroines to perform plastic surgery on historical princesses, would be more up my alley. Question, can it be learned or practiced?

Yep, Japanese version is much much much better But on another note, naw another part of Korean culture I’ll never understand despite learning the language. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. He has sageuk intonation, but he rushes all his deliveries and it sounds unnatural and forced. Heh, did anyone else get a kick out of Ha-Eung being a straight up Joseon gangsta?


I don’t know if this show means to have a comic-book-like effect You make this show sound SO funny I was laughing all the way through the recap, especially at ‘Cabbage Patch Baby’ hahahaa. Jin want to remake from the Jap they should know that we expect something big from this drama. I know it’s a terrible drama, but this stupid show has grown on me. Alex May 28, at 4: Not so much with this one.

And then, a shocking sight. Perhaps they should just go for dark humor since it seems like they are doing it anyway.

SINOPSIS Time Slip Dr. Jin Episode 1 – 22 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

I hope this makes sense: I’m only watching this for Jaejoong. Min young is on a roll with acting with the guys of jyj. I’m now at 5. Noala June 20, at Jin being a medical drama like I originally thought, maybe? God i love JAEJoong. I doubt I would be watching this one. sinopsie

Better not watch it with the original in mind and you’ll be entertained enough? That fetus can be considered alive medically, which I guess explains why in the j-dorama version, it sometimes opened his eyes and stare straight at you.

It loosely follows the same storyline as the Japanese one, but it veers enough to make it interesting and like I’m not watching the same drama.

XP “Minister Kim, a politician who enjoys quite a lot of power serving and manipulating the puppet-like king Cheoljong. She was too scary in Dalja’s Spring and too awesome in Vampire Prosecutor!


DK[K-Drama]Download Drama Korea Time Slip Dr. Jin Subtitle Indonesia

Coz I’m fan of sinopsiis jdorama and is it worth to waste my time with it? The veiled attackers are stopped by the arrival of authorities. But I laughed so hard when SSH was running away through the woods and randomly fell out of sight. I understand they have different endings but I don’t understand how some actors are good and some aren’t but started to be interested after QIM because boongdos epiwode speech sounded so unique and distinct from all the sagueks I’ve watched. I thought it was overrated.

Consider it this way: Ultimately, though, we can all think of Kdramas that would have episdoe improved by the addition of a brain fetus. Some are very good. She’s the regent who’ll reign once Cheoljong dies in here rumored poisoned. Kiara May 26, at 9: I can’t help but think Jaejoong is awkward in front of camera. Boss orders his men to call an officer here, while Ha-eung protests this unfair debt repayment plan.

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I think we all know the answer to that. I think I will pass on this one. BTW, you’re right Heads.

As for Dr Jin, I’m finding it quite interesting so far.