In fact, to call Muslims as Mushriks on issues of difference is the real Bid’ah that is plaguing the Ummah of Islam. Sirat e Mustaqim Episode He said that he kissed his son out of love. He appointed ‘Abd al-Muin as the head official of the district and ordered that all shrines and graves should be demolished, because, in view of the Wahhabis, the people of Mecca and Medina were not worshiping Allahu ta’ala, but shrines. I really want to know what magic there is in Sirat-e-Mustaqeem that has gotten to me so much! Muhammad of Najd promised me that he would implement all the six articles of the scheme and added, “For the time being I can execute them only partly.

I was a teacher in a high school. Our Prophet ‘sall-allaahu alaihi wa sallam’ stated, “After me Muslims shall part into seventy-three groups. For these two cities were lovely. The Wahhabis say that Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab disseminated his thoughts in order to attain sincerity in his belief in”Sharif Ghalib fled from fear! His name was Muhammad bin Abd-ul-wahhaab Najdee. He never drank after the prohibition was declared.

S] that the previous messengers had all conveyed the message from Allah Subha nahu Ta’ala.

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Ssaying the Azaan, from the grave. The Wahhabis called them one by one and beat them and said, “Tell us where you hid your possessions! Retrieved 25 September Thus the above Hadith refers to the high graves of the kuffars only. Login Register Login with Facebook. Molvi Ismail Dehlavi writes: Sikander says that no-one has done justice with him to which Badi Aapa rises and says that he is ungrateful for things they did.

Such a person can be called a Mujtahid. Imam Tabari writes under this verse: By using this site, you agree to the Terms nobember Use and Privacy Policy.

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AdvertisingAdvertising karachi. Yet I was happy because I was sure that this ignorant and morally depraved man was going to establish a new sect, which in turn would demolish Islam from within, and that I was the composer of the heretical tenets of this new sect.


The leaves of those valuable books thrown around were so numerous that there was no space to step in the streets of Ta’if. These are clear and authentic examples of the Prophet,[S.

Momina Duraid born 30 June is a Pakistani director and producer. This is only speaking about ordinary Muslims and not Awliya Allah.

It will be understood that you are obstinate in refusing my religion if you answer incongruously, and I will kill musfaqeem said Sa’ud. Imam Muslim writes that: Kindly read the article with little bit of patience and resultantly, I am sure, it may benefit you a lot.

He was born on July 6, in Lahore, Pakistan, [3] and gratuated as an electrical engineer from UET novenbereven though he did not work as one as ee landed a role in a film. Only three copies of the Qur’an al-karim and one copy of novemver Sahih of al-Bukhari were saved from plunder in the big town of Ta’if. His stature was very high in Ilm-Ul-Hadees. You have shed much blood! Thus, if the Sahabah believed that the Awliya can have Nur light and blessings at their Qubur, it does not matter what any 21st century ignorant ‘scholar’ says.

As I left him he was thinking of going to Istanbul. Do not form a matrimonial relationship with him! The above mentioned hadith also proves the validity and desirability of visiting graves on a regular basis, which is the common practice of the Muslims. The streets turned into floods of blood.

Yet I never left him alone and always encouraged him. As I was leaving for my mission, the secretary for Ministry of Colonies said to me, “Never be negligent about Muhammad of Najd!

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The series centers around common issues depicting violence against women, pitfall of the justice system, eepisode political disaffection. Indeed, this is the way to beat the enemy.


The Sunnees trust this book very much. Also in Tareekh Ibn Kaseer vol. This is the life of the kuffar dead. From that day on I never left him alone. As a child he first appeared in PTV Drama Shama inwhere he played only one scene as young Javed Sheikh, who is his real brother.

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It was stated as follows in hadeeth-i- shereefs: If he had stayed in Ta’if, Muslims would not have suffered that doom. We made a one-week marriage contract for Muhammad of Najd, who gave the woman some gold in the name of “Mehr.

In addition, he refused to publish an interpolated copy of the Qur’aan. Your face was as bright as haloes. These are evidences from the Sahabah.

Sikander decides to shift Canada because of the compulsion by his family. Muhammad of Najd was thoroughly in Safiyya’s hands now.

Even the Siat of the Prophet [S. We prepared our plans in cooperation with these officers. The episode begins with Zaynee telling her mother she isn’t really interested in marriage and then we promptly skip to the scene from the episode before where Raheel confronts Sila about the picture in her book and Zaynee also joins them and finds out. Please choose report reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video page as well.

I sensed that Muhammad of Najd desired a woman at that moment; he was single.