Return of the Elementals 4 years ago. Married at First Sight. Downloading countermeasures to Roboslug brain matrix. Gyros are burning out. Your attempt, however, has failed. If these so-called scientists are such geniuses, where did they put all the restaurants? I’m ready for round three! Bandoleer of Brothers Slugterra season 3 episode 12 2 years ago.

Eli quickly makes friends to help him in protecting Slugterra: Previous Episode Next Episode. You thought we were building a robot to beat yours? Slugterra ep 16 Snowdance 2 years ago. New Christmas Slugisode Compilation! How dumb do you think we are? That’s why we called you. And you know, Quentin, I can use a few smart men.

But we’re going to need some high-tech help. Epksode generations, the men of the Shane family have acted as protectors of Slugterra. A Star Is Born 7.

Where did they put all the people? Into The Blue 3. Sir, don’t pay any attention to Quentin’s unfounded research.

A con man claims he’s discovered a secret land that Eli fears is really the surface, which he wants to keep hidden. Quentin always considered a locked door as a challenge.


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I was hoping we could reason this out, but you’re kind of beyond reason, aren’t you? Ooh, this will be fun!

Slugterra – Season 4 Episode 8 – Eastern Tech 1 years ago. Time to take this big brained bully to school, Shane Gang style! And you know, Quentin, I can use a few smart men. Why are you beating that innocent rock there, Pronto? Figured technowlugs out pretty quick. Glad this thing held together as long as it [ rumbling ] [ screaming ] Quentin! There’s got to be an angle there. A boy living in a subterranean world battles an evil ruler.

I go with my guts! I used all my slugs to get this far.

Season 2, Episode 3 February 13, Upgrade Slugterra season 3 episode 10 2 years ago. Slugterra – Un dangereux prisonnier – Episode 35 Saison 1 1 years ago. And my guts tells me it’s past my lunchtime. Don’t try and be a hero, and don’t get yourself hurt.

Science is vastly overrated. Add to Watchlist Added. Not all scientists have “secret technolugs. I don’t have to listen to this madness. Not even Eli Shane can protect you from me! I think I’ll put you out of your misery. Return of the Elementals 1 years ago.


Once Pronto fills his mighty stomachs, he will be the match of any foe! I’ve got something to say. Slugterra S01E05 Deadweed 2 years ago.

Your harpy’s voice was even less pleasant at decibels. La La Land 6.

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Where it all began. Slugterra S01E10 Endangered Species 2 years ago. Now has a character sheet which is currently under construction. That was sweet, Eli! Slugterra ep 17 Inheritance 2 years ago. Season 2, Episode 5 February 15, Season 2, Episode 6 February 19, Technlslugs here has made some fascinating inroads in the field of gravitation. Slugterra Into the Shadows Movie Part 1 2 years ago.

Eli finds a treasure chest, but to unlock it he needs a special slug that is located in a remote, dangerous cavern.