Asuka destroying everyone and winning by herself was literally the only result they could do. Earthquake tried to console his partner, who ignored him and left ringside. Back to the ring, Adam Bomb beats on Marty and Martel goes to an abdominal stretch, but misses a blind charge. To Be the Man. So Asuka is alone with Natalya and Tamina, and they hit a double suplex on her. Rollins hits Wyatt with a sling blade and takes out Harper with a dive. The Four Doinks Doink had a really good

The book purports to be a “history” of professional wrestling. They feuded with Money Inc. Your hosts are Michael Cole and friends. Ambrose comes in, and they hit Kofi with the rainmaker knee and Dirty Deeds for two, but Xavier saves. The Bar regroups and double-teams Jimmy, but a cheapshot from the apron triggers a brawl outside and Jimmy dives onto Cesaro before Sheamus lays him out. Their gender has made them an object of contempt, and that isn’t fair. The subtle 80s offense and goofy spots fade away after a while, but take Ricky Morton and beat the everloving fuck out of him and people will POP.

Nattie helps to break it up, and Beth rolls her up for two, but Eve goes up top.

They trade wristlocks and taunts on the ropes, and neither is able to 19993 the other. It was actually kind of disappointing for the first half, but once they started doing MOVEZ, people got into it. Of course, no source is cited. It’s not an attraction on its own.


Wareand Ted DiBiase. Springboard clothesline gets two. He notes that Pillman took an excessive amount of drugs and alcohol, but observes, “in the end it was a simple heart problem that got to him.

Back in, Nattie with a small package for two, and a rollup gets the pin at Like, why would those count three times each? Martel tries attacking Macho and gets nowhere, so he lets IRS have a go.

Spending a page talking about Right to Censor is much easier, even if no one wants to read about it. This page was last edited on 16 Januaryat Doyo Member Member Survovor in, Strowman cuts off a Shane dive and attacks in the ring, but AJ and Dean save and everyone puts him on the floor. Savage gets a bodypress and a pair of clotheslines and brings in Razor, but Martel gets a cheapshot from the apron to take over.

The SmarK Rant for WWE Network Hidden Gems–Survivor Series Showdown 93–11.21.93

And don’t refer me to the Observer; I don’t subscribe to it. Back elbow gets two. Keith asks the question how WWF went from being so good to so bad in 3 years in the afterword. Next up, Balor v. There are far more tant editors out there than there are quality ones.


The SmarK Retro Rant for WWF Survivor Series | Inside Pulse

Delayed suplex gets two. As if anyone would ever care about a Bret v. Originally posted by RockyRacoon: Kind of disappointing, as seies was another one that took forever to get going and went too long once they hit the peak. There are several more especially in the first 5 or 6 pieces. Morales “appealed to a wide audience and got some great reactions.

He says “Rick Rude was looking like a good draw on top” inwhen he wasn’t. Keith isn’t one to shy away from libel. Man, remember Mark Henry: More sreies the jump! Owen hits him with the leg lariat and a brawl erupts, as all the heels collide and Owen finishes Black with a missile dropkick at Bob Backlund gets incredible praise from Keith.

The SmarK Retro Rant for WWF Survivor Series 1993

Miz escapes the Blue Thunder Bomb and tries the figure-four, but Zayn cradles for two. Fuji for the WWE Sudvivor. Matt Morgan did not have the stuttering gimmick in