Dong Hae leaves for Hinan of China. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. Episode 38 Episode Episode 13 Episode Anna also has the mental capacity of a 9-year-old, the result of a near drowning during a severe storm. Episode 35 Episode

Although Dong Hae understands Kim Jun’s intentions, he doesn’t want to share the same last name. Dong Hae is embarrassed by people’s attitude. It breaks Pil Jae’s heart to see Anna’s house. Lee Joo Yeon Supporting Cast. Episode 10 Episode Episode 9 Episode 9. Log in with Email. Episode 67 Episode

Episode 5 Episode 5. Saeyeong goes into labor on Saewa’s big day.

Kim Jun tries to tell Dong Hae that he is his father but he doesn’t know how to bring it up. Episode 58 Episode Episode 91 Episode Meanwhile, Sae Wa realizes she is pregnant. Anna also has the mental capacity of a 9-year-old, the result of a near drowning during a severe storm. But Do Jin refuses to accept that. Episode 48 Episode Episode 78 Episode It turns our she went to meet Kim Jun but he never showed up.

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Anna goes missing during the Lunar New Year. Kim starts to piece together what’s going on with her husband. Episode 67 Episode Bongi proves Dong Hae didn’t do any wrong doings. Meanwhile, Kim Jun tries to do best to find her.


Lee’s new Kimchi factory officially opens. Do Ji Won Main Cast. Kim finds out he knows and tells him to take Anna and go to the U.

Episode 74 Episode Dojin continues to get clues as to who Saewa’s old boyfriend is and Yujin continues her pursuit of Dong Hae. Bong Yi’s mom and Anna start work at the Kim residence.

Do Jin realizes the found key in the car is for a safe in the bank and he tries to open it up. Dong Hae starts englissh put together who James might be. After saving Hyesuk from her would be attacker she offers Dong Hae a chance. But, Kim Jun knows that is not true. As soon as Bong Yi sees him she is surprised because he is childhood friend.

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Bong Yi is jealous of the attention Yujin is giving Dong Hae and Piljae wonders if he should confess his feelings for Anna. He asks the employees not to speak at all about the project. After being late for his first day Dong Hae is still able to pass the test to join the kitchen staff. Sun Nu visits Tae Hun’s house. Episode 82 Episode Lee Jang Woo Supporting Cast. Sae Wa is in terrible pain. Dong Hae wins the right to represent the hotel in the cooking competition.


Episode 43 Episode Episode 16 Episode Dong Hae stormed down to the TV station to get Anna but is convince to be on the show after all. Episode 49 Episode Episode 52 Episode Because of sense of guilt, Hye Suk tells Do Jin she wants to get back on track everything. Dong Hae want Dojin, the hotels assistant GM, to discipline the chef responsible for almost killing Anna.

Episode 76 Episode Episode 15 Episode He gives the diamond and wants her to leave Dong Hae.