Chris sends in his idea and meets with Nintendo executives. Suddenly, Abraham Lincoln is able to get it through to her head successfully. Rosechu shows Sonichu a drawing she made of them, but is killed when Sonichu becomes Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star and splits her head open. Even then, he said he was bored with it and was only doing it for fans of it. Night Terror i am angry. Basically, the animation was made to make a mockery out of Christian Weston Chandler and parody his comic and misadventures. He thanks everyone for their donations, and is smacked with a brick. Lookin for a girl whos into 27 Years Virgins, who still piss themselves and has a tiny lopsided penis.

Bionic begins to anally rape Magi-Chan after he calls Bionic retarded, all while Angelica got a new shaver for Rosechu. He describes how, much like it’s explained in the comic, Sonichu penises are in their stomachs, and they must tilt forward and have the genitals slip out “like a Pez Dispenser” to obtain a boner. Then comments “What a show! Jason tells them to go, and Rosechu to “play with her pickle”, as he throws a pickle to her, hitting her in the head. She tells him that she’s ready to be his boyfriend-free girlfriend and give him blowjobs. I can’t remember much since this was months ago. Rosechu angrily points this out to which he quickly licks part of it up.

Upon learning he shoved it up his ass, she asks if he recorded the incident, to which the ninja says he did not do.

He then proceeds to record a Captain’s Logreassuring his viewers that he is straight, and thf he did not do anything overtly homosexual during his tenure there. In the recap, the narrator says nothing happened, and confusedly mentions a guy in a pickle sfries before saying the story sucked.

However, the real Chris wakes up, as the scene was all a dream. They are pretty damned funny, though. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Season 2 was pretty hilarious and had some good animation.

The real Bubbles finds Silvana disguised as Blake, and gets ready to have sex with “him. A ninja suddenly appears, grabs Chris’s medallion, and shoves it up his ass, much to Chris’ chagrin.

These characters have prominent roles throughout sedies series and appear in a majority of the episodes, some more than others. He snaps at those who did not think it was silly. Especially with his attitude. As she declines his offer of joining in, a brick is suddenly thrown through the window, revealing an angry mob of citizens demanding wonichu impeachment. He then heads out to have sex with her corpse. Wild comments how amazing they are as Chris wishes they had more popularity.


When Spazkid first discovered Chris inhe, like many others at the beginning, thought Chris was a troll and all his shenanigans were just an act.

Jason screams in agony off-screen as Sonichu watches in horror. Sonichu offers to play percussion, then punches Rosechu who was just standing there over the fact that she’s so pink. Many characters from both deries and his comics make appearances such as Rosechu, Jimmy HillMeganetc.

Sonichu The Animated Series Episode 7 Uncut

In an effort to spread her STDs, she shapeshifts into Bubbles and meets up with Blake as he is leaving a local convenience store having bought condoms. Mary explodes, saying the video was for her sexual pleasure, and fires crabs from her china at the ninja, who screams in agony.

Content is available under Public Domain unless otherwise noted. Chris takes surprise to this and tasks Wild Sonichu with investigating.

One audience member makes a comment on how he is sucking himself off, and Chris yells at them seriea stay straight, then starts to perform. Or he was too busy. Once she’s gone, Sonichu starts to jerk off to the images found on the site. Chris makes the random note that Sonichu has a subscription to Playboy, as Chris does, so this automatically means he’s straight- and trolls cannot say otherwise. In an interview, when asked if Chris has seen the animated series, he replied by saying that he still hasn’t seen it, though it can be assumed that when he eventually does, he will be incredibly upset about it, kinda like when he saw the Documentary of him.

The next day, all the votes are tallied, and many STDs are contracted most likely due to Walsh. He silences the pair, revealing that Chris’s ED page will never be taken down, and the meeting is over. Presumably he fhe even want to do the voice work for himself or every character. Graduon attempts to calm her down by offering to buy her McDonalds, but his comments are mistaken for fat-shaming.

Sonichu the Animated Series (Season 2) Episod 1 (UNCUT)

Sonichu brushes all of this off and asks if Rosechu wants to go out to shop and dine, to which she happily agrees. Meanwhile, Punchy and Wild Sonichu ogle over Angelica as she happily flies through the air.


I had been wondering did they just end it or stopped because Chris raged about it. These characters appear briefly in the series.

Beel mentions how Jason mentioned two rodents wanting to visit him, but demands that Sonichu suck his pickle in order for them to advance. The scene cuts to post-sex as Sonichu talks about a great safe-sex “You know, for kids!

Sonichu the Animated Series (Season 2) Episod 1 (UNCUT) – video dailymotion

She tells him that she’s ready to be his boyfriend-free girlfriend and give him seriee. This article or section is still yet to be completed due to stress. Since the series is a mashup sinichu both Chris real-life adventures and his comics, a lot of plot elements are incredibly exaggerated version of some sagas and his comics or at the least, reference to them, such as in one episode when a ninja came and stole Chris medallion and shove it up his own ass is an obvious reference to the BlueSpike saga, or Chris masturbating in a cup while watching Transformers and then drinking it, mentioning how his navy will be preserved to make Crystal which he actually believed.

Midway through the song, Jason hits him with a rock, grunting a racial epithet. Chris Chan is in his room playing Guitar Hero with no shirt on. I can’t remember much since this was months ago. Nowadays, Cory draws pornographydoes little podcasts with his animator friends and is currently working on a game. Sean Connery interrupts the affair announcing he is undefeated.

One person in particular he had constant battles with was the voice of Sonichu and Rosechu. Chris is shown laying facedown covered in urine, declaring “all in a day’s work! After five panels of “grotesque bum-sex,” Blake comments how awesome she was, but not before she reveals she is Sean Connery in disguise. He then moves onto Rosechu anatomy- they have giant airbags sohichu their chest he should know, he has a lot of sex dolls.