Upon defeating the Fisher King, Kid discovers that his father had something to do with the creation of the train along with the great wizard Eibon. Maka discusses with the reluctant Soul her intention to use the black blood’s power and gain the same madness Crona has, hoping it will allow her to reach some understanding about Crona’s wavelength. Once in, he easily finds the magic tool, but is attacked by a strange Clown , who informs him that it ate the villagers when they discovered the magic tool. As they fight, Asura begins to explain his purpose in life, believing that fear is the result of the imagination of the people, and plans to end all fear by spreading madness and preventing people from imagining again, but Lord Death disagrees, declaring to be the guardian of the world. Masamune claims that Tsubaki’s inheritance of their family’s weapon forms led him to become evil, and is agonized by her pity of him. Things Are Kind of Gloomy?

However, Ox chooses to abandon him, negatively commenting on his personality. Chotto Saki wa Yami Darake? Maka, Crona, and Marie continue their battle with Medusa and Stein, but are being overwhelmed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, Kid becomes easily distracted due to his obsession with symmetry, forcing his weapons, Liz and Patty Thompson , to collect the mummies’ souls on their own. Fujimi no Otoko ga Shikaketa Karakuri?

Excalibur rebukes Asura who stands over Lord Death until he begins to have strange spasms and goes back to Arachne. The group of heroes is intercepted by Medusa, who unleashes her deadly Vector Animsget upon them. Fujimi no Otoko ga Shikaketa Karakuri?

Meanwhile, Medusa’s plans have raised the ire of two other witches, Eruka Frog and Mizunewho ambush and attempt to kill her. Ten Minutes to Fight in the World of the Past? The fight proves to be very one-sided, as Kid’s extraordinary battle abilities are more than a match for Soul and Black Star, who are unable to synchronize their soul wavelengths with each other.

Meanwhile, Medusa feels that Crona is no longer useful enough to be kept alive, and Arachne discovers the hideout of Asura.

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Giriko battles Justin, however he retreats after getting hit by Justin’s law-abiding silver gun. During the festivities, Stein confronts Medusa to ascertain her plot before Sid arrives to warn everyone about her trap.


Maka vows to become stronger and is comforted by the school nurse, unaware that she is in fact the witch who had attacked them. At her own insistence, Tsubaki sends her soul into the Enchanted Sword to confront the soul of Masamune, who is in fact her older brother.

Animeyet many unsuccessful attempts, Maka accuses Black Star for their failure to do so, causing the two quarrel over the mishap. After the battle, Maka coughs up black blood into her hand.

Lord Death orders various Death Scythes from around the world to be summoned to combat their new enemy, and Medusa seemingly dies after her battle with Stein. Meanwhile, Joe discovers a secret page in the Book of Eibon, which shows it takes one last magic tool to operate “Brew”.

As Lord Death explains that Eibon used the magic tools as part of research for the greater good, Excalibur, who animget to observe the transpiring events, arrives and reveals that Eibon was obsessed with immortality and was unable to find a way to transcend death until Arachne offered a helping aanimeget.

What episodes of soul eater are death the kid in?

Black Star attempts to engage Crona in combat, but Maka, seeking revenge, convinces Black Star to catch up to and assist Kid while she fights Crona instead. Episoxe Death appears to have the upper hand until Asura fires a large blast from Vajra at Kid and Azusa, forcing Lord Death to block the animeegt with his body, leaving him gravely injured. Maka’s contact with Crona’s will throws Crona’s soul into chaos, and Soul successfully pulls Maka from her madness. Masamune later appears and possesses the body of a young boy, but Black Star breaks the boy free from the Enchanted Sword’s control.

To make up for the souls they failed to collect, Maka, Soul, Black Star, and Tsubaki take a remedial class together under the threat of expulsion if they fail.

Afraid, Asura weakly tries to deny Maka’s advances, but his attempts are futile when she elisode him straight to the face.

The black blood in Soul proves to be dangerous for both him and Maka during their battle against Crona and Ragnarok. Kanashimi o Koeta Saki ni Aru Mono?

Returning to the battle, Black Star refuses to listen to Mifune, who, seeing no possibility of change for his opponent, decides to finish him with a lethal blow. Fukkatsu to Genkaku no Hazama de? As Medusa disintegrates, she warns them that Genie Hunter won’t be enough to defeat Asura, but Stein tells Maka otherwise.


There, she encounters human spirits who guide her to the deck of ship, meeting up with Kid and Patty. Meanwhile, Eruka sends the Mizunes into the magnetic field.

Medusa, broadcasting through Eruka, tells Crona to drop a liquid soil Marie’s drink, and when doing so, they are able to hear Marie and Stein. Retrieved September 29, Tsukiakari ni Hikaru no wa Dare eppisode Namida? A Sater of Destruction and Creation? Repeat Show as of September 30, Repeat Show features two additional opening and closing themes.

Because their bodies have reached the limit, Stein and Marie are forced to leave the field 338 the other proceed to locate “Brew”. Meanwhile, Kid returns to Death City and Lord Death is now ready to explain the purpose of the magic tool, revealing that the final tool contains Eibon’s soul needed to operate “Brew” and that Eibon once served as one of eight of Lord Death’s warriors in the past.

Maka, Black Star, and Kid are all incapacitated as Asura emerges from underground, but Lord Death, now free from the Epiosde Cube, confronts the newly awakened kishin.

Meister Maka Albarn and her weapon partner Soul Eater have collected 99 kishin souls, souls of weapon meisters and death scythes who have eaten human souls, causing their souls to become corrupt and turn into what they call kishinand only need the animegst of a witch to turn Soul into a death scythe. Maka, Black Star, and Kid are formed as a team, along with their weapons.

Tsubaki fights Masamune inside the Enchanted Sword, but is easily beaten. Retrieved February 3, Sid and his team will contain Arachnophobia while Stein and his group attempt to recover “Brew”.

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Boku no Atama no Naka no Jigoku? However, a snake can be seen emerging from the sewers. Mottomo Biggu na Otoko, Koko ni Arawaru?