Kneebauer makes her yodel before the game. She goes up to her room to find out her wish has come true, only in a different way than expected. Joey and Parker use up money wrongly. The Rooney family then moves in with Aunt Dena. Joey ties to get a week with no P. The students do not like the new mascot. Joey tries out stand-up comedy and fails at first but succeeds his second time with Maddie’s help.

Although upset, Maddie returns home to a party commemorative of their youth. Retrieved February 23, On the night of Scream Fest, Liv comes up with a new theme for it: Helga goes to Scream Fest and she is famous: When they finally arrive home, Maddie and Diggy reveal their feelings and become a couple; then the kids find out they are simply moving into a hotel while the house is being tented for beetles, which causes trouble with Liv. Edit Cast Episode credited cast:

When she gets home, she practices her character with Joey and Parker, but inadvertently destroys roony Paulie statue in the process. United States Copyright Office.

The current activity in question turns out to be a school-wide substitution for a lack of sports activity called “Cowbell Week,” where the students of Ridgewood High run around and throw cowbells around each other. In the end, everyone gathers around a campfire and shares secrets, revealing Willow and Diggie’s real names to be Winifred episoee Digbert, respectively, and that Liv texts Artie for advice.


Views Read Edit View history. Meanwhile, Pete is restricted from eating meat by Karen and secretly eats chicken and ribs from fast food joints, but buries the evidence, which Parker and Maddie think are dinosaur bones. Kali Rocha ful Karen Rooney.

When Willow gets a scholarship to the university Maddie was dreaming of going to, Maddie gets jealous and accidentally blurts out a few hurtful words to Willow, which causes her to leave.


Liv finds Maddie at school and plans to prank Parker after they find out that Parker and Joey tricked them. After Liv assures Ruby that she need not worry about disappointing her, Ruby tries out and lands the role of Sasha. Joey tries really hard, but ends messing up several times.

Retrieved July 21, Later, Liv has become so desperate to be rid of Joey, she resorts to pulling off a very convincing imitation of Maddie to frighten him off.

Maddie gives the same beanie to Parker to examine roonry seeing a stain on it, and that was when Parker finds out the stain is Swiss chocolate, which Artie eats before yodeling. In the end, Liv finishes shooting a sneak-peak of Voltage and the Rooney family watches it together and is amazed with Liv’s performance. Joey and Parker have a fight and separate their room into different sides.

This allows both of them to attend the music festival.

That makes Parker ecstatic, so he attends the show’s set with Liv and gets to meet the two lead stars. Parker takes advantage of how much Diggie misses Maddie and tricks him into shooting the music video with him, even after Maddie had decided not to go. Liv and Maddietitled Liv and Maddie: Shortly after, when Willow performs that same trick on Johnny Nimbus that Maddie performed on her, she understands why it was funny.

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Parker does a series of tests on the twins to see who smarter in IQ. Meanwhile, Pete takes Joey out to dinner in fear that he spends too much time playing video games. Joey and Artie try to uncover a school secret but find out at the end it was a prank. Retrieved April 21, Pete and Karen hire an agent to shoot a music video for Liv in an effort to promote her musicality.


As the Rooney family gets settled living their new lives in California, Aunt Dena’s daughter Ruby comes home from a summer safari trip with Grandma Janice and meets the visiting Rooney family.

Brandon Crawford as himself. In the end, Parker and his buddies watch Linda and Heather together and enjoy it. Full Cast and Crew. Willow accidentally sells a priceless childhood memory, but Karen manages to get it back.

Meanwhile, Liv and Maddie both get sick and Pete must take care of both of them; they keep giving him a hard time. March 31—April 6, “.

Liv makes it up to her by letting Diggie come and visit Maddie. A suspicious Maddie taunts Liv’s feelings of guilt and Liv decides to give the letter to Maddie later that night. Parker is unsure if he asked Val to be his science partner for a chemistry competition or to a dance that are on the same night. Use the HTML below. Meanwhile, Willow is also leaving for college in California, and at the last minute Joey realizes he liked her the whole time. Liv’s boyfriend is a professional skateboarder and is in town to participate in a local competition, though Liv is asked to sit on the panel as a celebrity judge.

Liv begins to clear Maddie’s stuff out of her room as Maddie goes through a scrapbook given to her by Aunt Dena.