SJH never hesitates to rip other members’ nametag or guest nametag. Jong Kook going out of his way to tap Ji Hyo on the back when they laugh at something funny because even when laughing it is important for him to touch her. JH gripped her hand and hold tight around JK’s shoulders. Tom1f 10 June at I actually knew his songs few years ago. They did a mission together in aquarium. I forget the ep number, but it was when actress Lee Bo Young came as a guest Which led to this comment.

They often hold hand in hand both when the cameras are on or not. Episode – Ji Hyo and Jong Kook are the only ones to go to the ends of their diving boards immediately. Recently, JK and JH bickered a lot, they nag a lot, they told the other side what to do and don’t. JK didn’t give the gold ring to the woman guest Shin Se Kyung who still alived with him till the end, he just prefer JH instead of the woman guest. First signs of them being the magnet couple as they stand too close during the opening;. As delusional shipper of them, I saw that JH feed JK in romantic way when they had a mission, eat very spicy octopus.

He knows her fave coffee is Americano somehow and he buys two and keeps them warm under his jacket. She complains as she cannot handle the spicy and JK fusses over her, which means holding her arm and being way too close to her, ignoring the rest of his team that consisted of TWICE members who were also suffering from the spicy or whatever they were eating Jong Kook did not notice as he had to protect his tea from the spicy.

Really like them, so naturally together. So i hope SpartAce is really real, but they not quit from Running Man.

Jong Kook tells Ji Hyo and Suk Jin that he and his partner will sacrifice themselves so they can win- sadly it fails and Gary still wins. Ace decides to help Tiger by voting for Haha and they walk together trailing behind the others but that is heam a regular thing that happens. He is upset by this. Ridiculous laughing habits again as they crack up and grab each other as they run to a corner. They sat side by side epixodes the car. Ridiculous fighting and bickering where they interlock fingers and push and pull and then keep holding hands as they negotiate and stare at xpartace other and what kind of fighting is this someone teach them how to fight without making it weirdly intimate.


Jong Kook feeds Ji Hyo kimchi and watches her as she cooks; generally stuck at the hip so much so that no one can tell they have a third person on their team. After Suk Jin answers correctly for the Red Team, giving the team a chance to swap a member with the other team, Ji Hyo immediately demands that she get Jong Kook back bc shes a loyal bae n is addicted to being on the same team as KJK. Now I epsodes imagine my monday’s that’s when english subs comeout without a dose of RM.

Ji Hyo and Gary succeed a mission but she reports it happily to Jong kook for a high five instead of celebrating with Gary. Ji Hyo has to face her fears and touch stuff in a covered box. Jong Kook and Ji Hyo hug each spartafe intermittently and also 3 members of Twice that they adopted as their kids are there. Ji Hyo delaying removing her socks for the acupressure mat so Jong kook forcefully removes it and presses her feet on the mat eipsodes tease her. SpartAce interaction is hardly caught by the viewers but they are exist and seems more warm and unscripted.

He subsequently gets chided but is still satisfied from his teasing. First signs of spaftace being the magnet couple as they stand too close during the opening.

Haha wins a dress-up game against Jae Suk and everyone goes in for a group hug- yet Ji Hyo only hugs Jong Kook like he made some kind of important contribution. Then I started watching this show with Super Junior Siwon as a guest. Park Soo Hong teasingly asks Ji Hyo to marry him when she wishes him to get married that year- and Jong Kook looks just about ready to murder.

They often criticize each other, do bicker with one another and also do nagging to their life partner. Jong Kook seems to be slightly hurt, Ji Hyo looks concerned and stays by his side, even helping him carry his piece of land. Alarice Chew 4 June at It was so sweet scene. I was amazed by their team work and how they showed their smartness.

Also, SA fans stated that they are real regarding to their interaction during filming. Keunggulan dan Kelemahan Tes Objektif dan Uraian. Bickering in spaetace opening prob because Ji Hyo was pissed no one tried to look for her tsk tsk. Spartace pointing out aquatic life to each other excitedly like a tourist couple visiting the aquarium.



Sibling relationship was the songsong couple spartace is not the same as songsong. SpartAce 28 June at He or she will advice his or her partner about what to do and don’t. Alarice Chew 3 June at Ji Hyo in an earlier episode requested to not be on the hiding team anymore, and wanted to join up with Jong Kook. They gripped other’s hand tightly means both really hold each other.

Ji Hyo being the only one to succeed this mission and they do their high five thing where they interlock hands and shake back and forth. We all deserve something to make us happy.

Ji Hyo is supposed to be a secret couple with this guest but apparently needs to practice linking arms with Kookie first.

15 Of The Best Spartace Moments From “Running Man”

The first time I watched how they worked together was on episode 79, when they acted as Sherlock Holmes peisodes JSJ as the culprit. Jong kook walking an unnecessarily long distance to give Ji Hyo a head pat check even though many of the other members are nearer to her- oh wait I forgot Ji Hyo only lets Jong kook pat her head. After watching episode spagtace then I watched episode 21 and also was amazed by their teamwork and how they eliminated all other members easily.

Jong Kook and Ji Hyo interlock finger high five each other first instinctively when they get a workplace couple right and Jong Kook is overly absorbed when choosing couple rings supposedly meant for MC.

I actually knew his songs few years ago. They did a mission together in aquarium. As delusional shipper of them, I saw that JH feed JK in romantic way when they had a mission, eat very spicy octopus.

Jong Kook and Ji Hyo chit chat although they are not suppose to because they have their own partners that Jong Kook picked. It happened to our lovely couple. Emma 10 December at Ji Hyo laughing at Jong Kook wearing a teeny mask while choosing disguises for sparrace undercover mission.