Welcome to listen to the song “Sri Rama Raksha Strotram”. Pirantha naal muthal Ramanukku Lakshmanan mel ivalavu kadal, Lakshmananukku thondu manapanmai. Slogam – First slogam of Ramayanam to be added here Sanatana Dharma Sanatana Dharma – Sanatana means “anadhiyanadhu” meaning “without date of origin”. THough in a small street the temple mandapam is pretty tall, wonderfully made in Marbles. Veda’s show the way and Vedantham talk about Sriraman. When Sita came to Valmiki Ashram, all the rishi’s asked who is she? Sarayu nadhiyil athan karaiyil ippothu naam ullom.

Pirantha naal muthal Ramanukku Lakshmanan mel ivalavu kadal, Lakshmananukku thondu manapanmai. It was taught to Lav-kush in musical form only. Valmiki was already courteous. Yethanai perukku annadhanam nadakarthu. Slogam – “Yo brahmanam This is furhter explained in Ithihasa purana.

This kind of music will automatically turn into bhakthi and will lead to mukthi. If we follow the basics automatically yogam and dynam kai koodum.

Radhe Krishna: Sri Ramanin Padhayil – Part 1

Vedam on one side, vedantham on another side. More news are sevi vazhi seithigal what we heard. Then comes Sindhu – Sindhu sama vali and the Sindhu river. Shubhama mudikanum nu Pattabhishekam thoda mudikarom and hence uttara Gandam is not in the parayanam.

Kama Sugam is experienced in privacy. This is explained here. But the old sage was padhayl tired and hence Valmiki decided to help him since valmiki was very courteous Karunai. Sri Madh Bagavadham full episodes download, watch Sri. Sathrugnan requested Rama and with his permission he went to help them. We might have been doing wrong deeds and we would have been travelling in a wrong path. Lot of padhayi and soldier, probably due to Ram being – Chakravarthy Thirumagan.


Sarayu nadhiyin peyar karanam: But that does not mean it didn’t happen. During Yathirai Just say rama namam and live a different life.

Finally Hanuman came and he didn’t feel like fighting with them and he also felt that there had been a deep bhakthi and relation with them. The place where Kambar released arangetriya mandapam is in Srirangam opposite to Thayar sannadhi. Epiaode get surprised that it is around slogam. So does this mean that Ramayanam used hindustani music? Ramaanin Bhakthinala padinen” Naan periya pulavan lam illai.

In brahma’s Satya logam – “Satha Koti pravishramana ” Ramayanam irukkam.

Should one die as a ramxnin person just because he was a bad person earlier? Then pilot team went to the places and confirmed with the local people, rishi’s, archagas in the temple. Naradar came here and Valmiki asked 16 questions to Naradar Slogam starting “Kon vasmin. Sri Ramanin Padhayil – Part 2. Ramanin pirapidamam ayodhya, ithai valam padhayjl, pradakshinam varuvathu puniyam tharum. On seeing bird, vimanas we are inventing many many things. If there is a sage in a place.


Sri Ramanin Padhayil

Sankaracharyar in the slokam “Janathi. Ramananai parthavudan, avan azhage nambalai perinbha pada vaikum. Vaikuntam kitta vendum yendru thane yellarum ithanai padu padugirom. Indrum Kambarukku azhagana Mandapam.

Valmiki tells this in Uttara kandam sloka “Divase vimsat i Valmiki came back to the sage and told the reply he got from his family. We all were worried if we were able to go inside ayodhya and visit the temples. There are instances of Raja who were great singers but they concentrated in one at any point of time. Vashista Kund Vashista kundathil vashistachariar Raman, Lakshmanan muthala nalvarukku kalvi karpitha idam. Following Ram’s footsteps means living life in the path of dharma as lead by Ram.

Ivarai pathiya seithi kettale achariyamaga irukkum.