Impossible not to have them get sucked in. Their singular mission is to make educational science videos. Koreans seem to believe fan-death is an actual thing too. War is the worst case scenario. One of his videos was a gameplay of Hello Neighbor. Check your privilege before you lecture others on how to parent. Plus, there’s a ton of mindless stuff like opening toys or kinder eggs. Also I am exaggerating..

One thing that’s different is that in many places in Japan there’s a 2- or 3-foot high metal barrier between the sidewalk and the road. When you’re done with the salad, they put a donut in front of you. Why do you let your kids watch Youtube? You have to remember that it was an accident and she did say that that won’t happen again so you should cut the poor women some slack. Yeah, I feel the same way about cable news. She’s very sweet and doesn’t use language in her videos, and she has a biology degree so you can learn things about plants and animals. Does anybody read books to their children?

Recently purchased by Disney-owned Maker Studios, CaptainSparklez is beloved as much for his intricate, atmospheric, and complex worlds as for his parody videos. Those players showed significant, sometimes normalized improvement stamppy the affected eye.

But in terms of access I see a lot of other comments further below talking about downloading everything locally and serving it through plex, which dtampy like a solid idea. Who knows, maybe one day her channel will make this list! IloveHN84 4 months ago Yes and see what happened?


PrestonPlayz throws around “fudge” so definitely for older kids. Stop badmouthing these YouTubers, they are actually mostly clean. My comment was about improving the quality of educational content on YouTube, not skipping vaccinations.

The Chelsea In America Show

Uh, you are hardcore shaming. Give them a chance to excel. Whatever tsampy you make will have a strong impact, and there are very often not clear rights and wrongs. Please do not forget Ant Venom or Caveman films. At a certain point it’s going to be such an uphill battle.

Minecraft Xbox – Rule The Duel [290]

My friends and I were doing it thinking we were trolling other young kids who just wanted to meet up but, as an adult, I wonder how many of those other ‘kids’ so anxious to get into private chat and set up meetings were even kids at all. I’m not sure why. I understand it is one of the easiest pacification mechanisms for epsode at the moment, but there is a cost.

I don’t remember my parents having stuff ready for every instant of my life. Privacy and Internet Safety. Informizely customer feedback surveys.

Often he does minecraft pvp player vs player.

If you look at the box that contains the episoxe and name for the Youtuber, you should see a little gray box with a checkmark. We watched a Stampy video once My son who is 10 has always watched stampy, now he is to my horror watching “who’s the daddy” vidoe’s, which start off by saying something like, “now mums gone” what can the baby get up to, the one ive just watched the baby plugged in a toaster in the bathroom and threw it in the bath which was full Minecraft videos on YouTube attract millions of views daily.


The 12 Best Kid-Friendly Minecraft Channels on YouTube

Too bad for Dan as he was kid shampy, well maybe for 10 and up. Do we expect our children to be able, say, to speak English? The jobs are better too.

Chuchu tv is low effort content. Insanity 4 months ago My nephew was at one stage really into “The minions” movie. They literally don’t yet have the brain development necessary for accurately predicting future events and predicting the consequences of their actions. If spending time alone doing X is not very different from Y, then it follows that pairs of activities are roughly equally educational, roughly equally dangerous, roughly equally healthy, and so on, or at least roughly equal in sum of the qualities parents care about.

An acceptable level of risk awareness can’t be taught epiosde kids under a certain age because their brain development is not yet at the level where they are capable of learning certain things.

War is the worst case scenario. Language on this channel can get heated. Hope kids enjoy them!