BBCode I am a sucker for romance!!!! And I can’t be the only one who flashed back to “I failed. She obviously knows this is going to happen and may have been training for it. Besides that, great episode with great moments in it. Though I already knew this was going to happen, it still really fucking hit me hard. While I am not a mayushii fanboy, I start to feel Okarin’s pain.

Some sort of tangent, I did that Secret Santa thing for anime, and my gift was stickers from both series , so that’s pretty funny to me. Kagari must have been spoiled so much in the future. Jul 7, Messages: All fanart posts must flaired and posted appropriately. So trucks aren’t satisfied with just isekaing people these days, they have to brainwash people too! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I can’t into Naruto.

And if you think that only old software will be affected, I have bad news for you: Read the rules for examples. The part time warrior as well. Spoilers can sometimes prove difficult to interpret. BBCode Dutch anime blogger with a love for Ikuhara’s antics and proper storytelling. He starts saying creepy things just to see the reactions of his friends, as he is bored with the repeating days.

Loved that scene with Okabe freaking out. Zero Cool Expand Collapse. Keep in mind they have restrictions in place to avoid spam. In Steins;Gate, this really happened, causing the world lines to split into a different attractor field altogether.

In the year 2. Does animmewaffles know good websites to watch anime? It was kinda predictable she was going to die a third time.


Steins;Gate Episode 13 Discussion

Oct 10, Messages: Also I think that he would have to wait too long after Mayushi died for the time window where they can send D-Mail’s, something might happen to him. He probably 31 punched her in the face Gate going from good to bad in no time flat.

That was totally lovely and sweet. I thought Nae would have also died too, like multiple people dying as he attempts to change the past. But when I heart the Mozart music the first time, and it was subtitled, I knew that was gonna be the thing.

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The [OC Fanart] flair serves for fanart made by you. It was obvious that Okabe’s angry expression would only turn into a regretful one as Mayuri animedaffles scarred and this where I find Okabe’s general paranoid attitude take the best out of him for the worst. If everything is lining up she went through Mk Ultra. Like x 1 List. For Okarin in other World Line it won’t change either.

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Mayuri episoee aware that time travel exists and some implications about the futures of her friends. By the time we will have self driving cars that might do god knows what because they didn’t get it’s bugfix in december of – because lets face it, no one will tackle this issue before it’s time.

Its interesting that she realizes that Okabe time leaped but I too think it would be best if he told them about what happened. What do you think who this old crazy doctor is? Not sure how I’m liking Kagari’s “new” personality so far, but we at least got a cute pout in the meantime.


Kitty Loaf Expand Collapse. Using a signed bit value introduces a new wraparound date that is over twenty times greater than the estimated age of the universe: There is a listening device there so if it does get broken SERN agents may come in. Oct 17, Messages: That unfortunately leads Mayuri helpless and thus she gets killed in the spoiler it was not that brutal but make no mistake on my part towards the bitch Moeka! If he uses a D-Mail she still end up dying in this worldline and it will be out of his hands.

Good thing that a passerby stdins him out to let Okabe a opening to escape. How the hell does someone walk up this fallen tree like that?

One is from the radio in the last episode and the other is from the commercial forgot which one it was. Pretty much from the looks of the overview all the bad guys are KO except Moeka. I shall d-mind fuck this series next episode.

As a general rule, personally, I skip the OPs because aniimewaffles potential spoilers.