The reverse proposals I’m kinda on the fence about. The way crops work in this game where you take care of nine at a time is nice, and a step up from Rune Factory 4, my only previous encounter with something like this. Please make it eight or ten characters. And Kamil was practically telling me the reason my eyesight sucks is because I play video games too much. Forgot your username or password? If that could be adjusted, it would allow for much more freedom with names. I would like to see rival heart events fairly easily.

I’m not sure if this is because of the new localization quality or just the game itself, but I found myself liking pretty much everyone. It gets in the way of trying to tend to other animals The cows, sheep, goats and alpacas making sounds when you’re nowhere near them. It makes the game more exciting. I do not like events like that happened in Winter. BlueLeafeon , Apr 24, I’d like to see them back as a standard animal you get from the start like in older games.

Very handy in certain circumstances. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but it sotry break up the tedium of having the same schedule every day. Traveling Salesmen Rainer, Deiter, and Suzanne. I had one point where my vendor didn’t show up for about 3 weeks due to rain. Please allow us to skip all cutscenes if already viewed on another save. I like having everything in one map–having to load another area to get to another part of my farm is not fun for me.

The fog in winter.

The way the horse gallops. But yes, that’s everything off the top of my head. Does he have to do the reverse commitment ring as well? Please keep the difficulty options, and make a third difficulty option that’s easier than Seedling for very young players. Not nearly enough events, and festivals zeasons unable to watch if I don’t participate?

It needs to stop following me. Specifically, I am SO happy to see a reappearance of Witchkins named Witchie in this Especially since it’s seemed like she’s aged! Perhaps instead of giving them X amount of their favorite item, it can also be if you’re going steady for X amount of months, they’ll just propose that way too.


I was the one to give him the ring. BlueLeafeonApr 24, Especially when creating a 2nd file, it gets really tedious having to waste an hour or more going through all of the text again, even with the speed up text feature. I’m not doing it. I don’t know anything about horse anatomy, but Proppsal do know that is NOT how a real horse runs at full speed.

Please continue making such emotionally evocative events in future games. Difficulty modes are always a good idea, so keep doing them. The ocean would be nice. Sakuramei reveres, Apr 24, The last two vendor requirements. Really useful to have around. The Starlight Gaia festival and Fireworks festival feel really lame this time around.

Story Of Seasons – Developer Feedback Thread

One thing about the entire series is that I normally like the Fall music. Man, even when he isn’t eating he’s just standing around the room. More topics from this board AnAverageNightOwlApr 19, It’d be nice if they could just count as one thing again like past games.

Have a police officer that you can romance. It made very sad however that no one talks about her afterward. I really love looking at stars in real life, but the Starlight Gaia doesn’t have much to look at.

The host farmer benefits much more than others in multiplayer, creating a problem where everyone wants to host and no one joins. I know how these games work, so at misteo shorten them to cover only the new features. I actually do not like the dating system. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

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Having lots of foragable items around took a lot of stress out of building and customizing the farm. The art style is quite nice Having a pre-built town. You don’t have to start over if you decide you don’t like them. My intent was to keep my main plot area clean to decorate the area like a true home, with a kiddy play area, a nice garden area for grown ups etc.


The reverse proposal is unrealistic for some characters like fritz, reager, and the ones you get in year 2. At the same time, I also desperately needed a pitchfork for my poor cow.

Increased customization – I love all the new customization options for players–both for their character and with the increased interior house decorating plus the exterior options. I’m also sort of missing the old heart icons over the flowers; it may just be me missing the old games I grew up with, but the hearts always felt more natural to me seasond the flowers of seasonz games and the flowers don’t really seem to mean as much.

Although it might be a bit risky, I would really, really like to see a character or two from each gender that can also be romanced by the playable character of the same gender.

Animal Parade in my opinion has some of the most fun and interactive mines in the series, and I would love to see something similar return.

While they shortened the time that characters eat in SoS compared to ANB, there should really be no reason that we cannot at least gift villagers while they are eating. With the past couple of games it felt very enclosed and kind of uncomfortable in a way.

This makes keeping livestock take twice as long as it should. Being able to assign items from your inventory to the quick menu is a very welcome feature.