They stumble along, getting more discouraged every step of the way. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Edit Cast Cast overview: Herzog has made, in short, a beautiful song to utopia. Upon entering a small town, the truck breaking down, Bruno pulls over to a restaurant, where he tells his story to a German -speaking businessman. Already have an account? Bruno, just out of jail, is misunderstood by his society, and his soft, naive personality often works against him in his gritty Berlin neighborhood. Stealing the truck the garage in which he works, he heads off to an Indian-owned hotel and amusement arcade, probably near the tourist world of the Wisconsin Dells, where the truck sputters to a dead stop.

It could be argued that the characters are simply let down by the realities of life in America, which obviously fail to measure up to the delusional fantasies they concocted prior to their departure from Berlin. Bleak, offbeat and funny as hell. Strange and strangely touching. His film is bittersweet, surreal, touching and unforgettable. In many ways, Stroszek functions as a pseudo-biography of the life of its lead actor, Bruno S. In Berlin, an alcoholic man, recently released from prison, joins his elderly friend and a prostitute in a determined dream to leave Germany and seek a better life in Wisconsin.

Soundtracks Piano Sonata No. Trivia The entire crew disliked the last sequence so ktitik that director Werner Herzog had to shoot it by himself.

Written specifically for Bruno S. This heightened conception of what America is or is not is strongly suggested through intentional choices by the filmmakers, which create a portrait of the country dominated by abstraction.

World Cinema Review: Werner Herzog | Stroszek

Cornelius Siegel Henning von Gierke. Not all films are peaches and cream, and sometimes that’s intentional. Lritik home is auctioned, and he and Scheitz, who is convinced that the world is conspiring against him, set off to confront the “conspiracy.

Goofs The pot of coffee on the piano changes position. Jan 12, Rating: This is great weirdness. Finally, that famous ending.

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Across the way he enters the entertainment arcade which features a real rabbit driving a toy fire truck and two chickens, one of whom plays the piano while the other dances.


Upon their arrival in Wisconsin, the three misfits find that they’re just as trapped in Dairy Country as they’d been in Germany–if not more so. Bruno, just out of jail, is misunderstood by his society, and his soft, naive personality often works against him in his gritty Berlin neighborhood. In Wisconsin of all places. InRoger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times called it “one of the oddest films ever made” when including it as keitik of his “Great Movies”.

It could not have been different. And you gotta love a movie that ends with a dancing chicken. Stroszek is part moral tale and part absurdist comedy. After believing Klaus Kinski to be more suitable for the part, Herzog specifically wrote the leading role in Stroszek to compensate Schleinstein for his disappointment over Woyzeck.

It’s terrifically, spontaneously funny and, just as spontaneously, full of unexpected krittik. Yes No Report this.

This movie has been described as Herzog’s take on the American Dream, and there is some overt USA bashing, but it is much more complex than that, as societies are not easily characterized. This does not improve things. Footage shot in and around the Sahara Desert, accompanied only by a spoken creation myth and the songs of Leonard Cohen. Too quickly however they begin falling into their old routines, with Bruno descending back into alcoholism and Eva returning to prostitution. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The warden warns him to stay on the straight and narrow. They’ve heard of the booming American successes and they decide to take a crack at it. The other major feature of this absurd funhouse seems to be an ever-circling ski-lift that takes it riders up a painted tableau of a winter landscape before returning them back to ground zero. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Released from prison and warned to stop drinking, he immediately goes to a familiar bar where he comforts Eva Eva Mattesa prostitute down on her luck, and lets her stay with him at the apartment his landlord kept for him.


Really, the man is a poet Jan 21, Rating: For the Wisconsin these visit is not the lovely farmland strosezk with lakes and green hills, but a mythical flat rustbelt wasteland, Railroad Gilm, whose major reason for existence is the railroad tracks and cars that dominate its landscape.

Parts of the movie were shot in Nekoosa, Wisconsin and in a truck stop in Madison, Wisconsin. The pimps wanna blow my house down.

In the s, an adolescent Werner Herzog was transfixed by a film performance ,ritik the young Klaus Kinski. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Edit Did You Know? Like Biberkopf, again, Stroszek has little to offer in the way of vocational skills; the little money he makes is from playing in glockenspiel and accordion in the courtyards fjlm housing complexes, relying on the goodwill of the denizens. Despite these humorous vignettes, Stroszek remains a predominately grim affair, one that perceives exploitation as a quintessential part of existence.

Burkhardt Driest as Souteneur.

Among other things, Mr. Steoszek of the humor is terribly melancholy, and I mostly found those scenes endearing or sad rather than funny. The Daily of the University of Washington. Consisting of 16 films spread across 13 discs, this collection contained many films stroszfk I had seen before, like Fitzcarraldo and Aguirre, and even films that I pathetically attempted to review on this blog, such as Nosferatu the Vampyre.

A study of the psychology of a champion ski-jumper, whose full-time occupation is carpentry. Haymo Henry Heyder Peter van Anft. As you might predict, things end about as bleakly as possible, with disaster and uncertainty swallowing up almost everything onscreen.

Eva falls back into prostitution to supplement her wages, but it is kgitik enough to meet the payments.