I don’t know what word to use to describe him but I wonder when he is going to start doing more in the series. Left alone, Sun-joon begins scolding Yoon-hee for disappearing and for fighting with Byung-choon. To what seems to be an empty room. Yes, I do have a blog. Aren’t we allowed to complain? I’ve gotta say, in the last few episodes I’m expecting some sort of grand reveal with Kang Moo, too.

With all due respect, I would like to courteously disagree. Kim Min Seo Supporting Cast. They are such a well matched couple, and I love the basis in friendship of their relationship. MJS character for me has a more outward persona to it, he tends to be a bit mysterious but you can readily read and predict his character and reactions, being a handsome bad boy, masquerading as hero-robin hood at night proclaiming the injustices of the current times and a good with soft hearted man albeit quick temper, sometimes the fist is quicker than reason kind of man but very loyal friend indeed and did i mention a very handsome to boot! Park Yoochun Main Cast. TV Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 7.

As Yoon Hee is now enjoying the glories of getting a higher education, she befriends the playboy Goo Yong Ha Song Joong Ki and the rebellious Moon Jae Shin Yoo Ah In and starts to develop gooddraa for Sun Joon — all the while trying to keep her true gender a secret from her new friends and the other male students.

If less than 5, not dramatic enough.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal EP 1 ENGLISH – video dailymotion

Obviously, Lilly is missing the point to this drama. Don’t get me wrong, Jae Shin is is wonderfully good-looking and his protectiveness made me swoon and all.

You must be of the older generation, like myself. Park Yoochun Main Cast. QTR September 29, at I don’t think that it’s the actor, because he seems to be portraying what I think he’s supposed to portray, I just really don’t care about him that much as a character. Don’t get me wrong, Moon Jae Shin is a hot commodity. Cast – Sungkyunkwan Scandal. In episode 7, I joined the Moony faction.


As anybody who played competitive sport will know, the best mind game plan is just ‘to do better than the the first person. There’s sungkynkwan sort of squabble between KBS and Viikii about airing their episodes, and I’m pretty loyal to Viikii when it comes to watching Asian Dramas. Jang Se Hyun Supporting Cast.

They were very well articulated and argued as well. If you play competitive sport, you will know that change of turn in play will effect the result if you are not mentally strong or prepared because there’s a change in mental strategy at play.

I loved this episode!!! You’re not the our only Yummy god here, boy And I also don’t think it’s bad writing either because it shows how good a team Sun Joon and Yoon Hee is. I feel as of there is definitely something off about that Kang-moo guy.

Meanwhile, suspicions continue to arise regarding Yoon Hee’s true gender and identity. I know he’s the second lead, and he’ll end up epidode and lonely, but Sczndal want so much MORE for him than that! I agree with you on all of your points.

I just in time. Now that is what I call an interesting character.

I wonder if Yong Ha will romantically like Yoon Epislde Glad October 7, at Queen, after you visit SKK, please stop by at my place, I need a help too Like the irresistible pull of gravity, our three leading men zero in on hyang-gwan-chung, a place where only those involved in the ancestral rites are allowed.


Lactic acid and adrenalin coursing through his veins affecting his play. Episode 19 Full Episode S 1: HEY lilly, I can’t help but think you’re trolling. YAI really shines in this show. Lee Jae Yong Supporting Cast. Episode 1 Full Episode S 1: Suddenly self-conscious of his lack of clothing, he puts on another layer, dropping a handkerchief in the process.

That’s what I thought. I would disassociate myself from In Soo, just because of those two idiots. Tammu September 29, at 4: Theyre not on youtube, not in mysoju, viikii says that my territory sandal been approved or something i live in australiaand tudou has it but not subbed?

How did you guys get to watch all the other episodes? Thanks for your insight, and I look forward to the next recap and letter?


Soon our Jal-geum Quartet will fight against the currents. I am sure you will have the unrequited love and all the hurt it brings, and I am sad for you, but just the same, great, great job!

Minister Lee wants to gather his side together to show the king who has the REAL power in this nation. Lee Tae Ri Supporting Cast. They have so much fun in ep 9: How about our LSJ? And since Cassie and I are two different people, we’re bound to have different opinions. That was my complaint. Lastly, I hope YAI will get a lead role real soon! Can anyone tell me where they watch skk scandal where it has english subs and actually works??? Park Dong Bin Supporting Cast.