If it being Joseon era and all that goes along with that explains his reaction, then why was Yoonhee worried about telling him the truth in the previous episode? Parents have it rough. Totally agree with you on everything. I doubt know if Yoonhee has any inkling that Jaesin’s has feelings for her because in the first place she doesn’t know he knows she is a girl and Jaesin is not that transparent when it comes to his feelings. I am now convinced that Hangyul had reason for the angst. This eventually leads to him finding out that she used to transcribe porn at the bookstore. So the madcap duo strikes again but with a different partner.

Team Jaeshin all the way!!!! I love Soondol’s WTF expression when he was watching sunjoon in a daze as he flipped the pages of his book, played chess, and ate. Thank God then for the next episode. I’m gonna pretend I didn’t notice Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. I knew from an earlier scene that the fake Red Messenger was a woman..

Amongst them sits Lee Sun Joon, the upright, no nonsense, principled scholar. Alexis October 28, at I bet Minister Ha is reneging on his promise and she is trapped by something He hauls them both away while she conveniently drops her shoe in the scanal.

I tot he moved back too, kinda like he was afraid since epiisode has not really seen YH like this and he din know wat to do abt it. Also, how is Guh-ro so charismatic? Park Yoochun and Park Min-young.

In the first place though, what made me like this drama wasn’t because of the plot, but because of the characters, and when it ended, I miss the characters the most. I think that it’s clear to him where her affections sungkyunnkwan and since Sun isn’t such a bad guy, I think that Jae Shin thinks that it would kind of be a douchebag move for him to try and break up that connection. Speaking of young scholar Lee, we find Seon-joon in the final stages of a terminal illness—lovesickness.


I think this is probably because I am so taken by Yong-ha’s awesomeness. I can I eve give away the cookies my unnie made me?! D love you Yong-ha Ladymoonstone October 19, at sungkyunkawn I wish more skinship with Jaesin sunhkyunkwan Yoonhee.

And a BFF to die for who was both audience and puppet master in moving the story along and who could be counted on to bail you out of the most dangerous situations. I can’t imagine her getting with Ha In-soo since by ep 16, he still hasn’t changed and will probably be Mr.

I know the cross dressing ploy is a cliched one, but I found the way it was treated refreshing. So, if these two are guilty of homosexuality, then Sungkyinkwan am too.

Midnight Express

Then, they showed what happened to each of the characters a period of time later. I am like you Hoping the results are better: Sun Joon manages to ward off epiaode pursuers while Yoon Hee grumbles at his behavior.

I love Soondol’s WTF expression when he was watching sunjoon in a daze as he flipped the pages of his book, played chess, and ate. Thunderous Applause in the background as Ellely steps forward to take a bow………………. And this is the episode that I stopped watching after. She hems and haws, and he persists.

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Fulfill my order and create a new Joseon. I love you, Glue Yong-ha. Ladymoonstone October 20, at 2: He is concern about Yoon Hee safety first. Really, really enjoyed reading it. Yes, bear the responsibility, SJ! She braces for punishment, except he declares himself and everyone else as the cheater-for pretending nothing is going on, others for cheating.

So the big question now is this: Notify me of new posts via email. OMO with every episode this drama keeps on growing on me Thank you for the recap!! As for Jaeshin, my heart goes out to him. Jae Shin’s wounded sound much more millions time needs YH.


Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

But it would be perfect if SJ at least mentioned his “suffering” to YH. Or maybe we’re not supposed to know. Might have to disagree with your analysis of Yong-ha and his cowardice.

Too mortified to tell her father the real reason why the engagement fell through, Hyo-eun pretends to be ill and lays the blame on herself. Fortunately, the drunkards keep walking.

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Actor Yoo A-in – Part 1″. Thanks heejung, I think you answered my question! Who is that for? That was really unlike you…to get your own hands dirty like this.

Yoon-hee runs out, surprised at herself for her bold action and thrilled at the same time. I don’t see why you’ve taken offense, enough to assume that I do not care about historical context when I’ve never even implied that since that was my personal opinion. I’m sorry if I came across that way and I can totally see how it can appear insensitive.

It’s not perfect, but it’s the best fun I had watching a K-drama since Coffee Prince most probably. Notify me of new posts via email.

Yong-ha is beside himself with frustration, demanding to know if Jae-shin intends to reveal himself like In-soo wants. I’m hoping he keeps acting, because he seems to have the chops to keep improving as he goes. It’s nice to know there are so many sungkyunkwxn from Singapore who share a love for Kdramas.