Look toward the Bid Windmill, and you see a rope, with a Red Coin above it. Do it three times and you’ll be rewarded with a Shine Sprite. This whole level is going to be about using the Chucksters to get around without falling off the platforms. You can then use the Rocket to reach the Shine Sprite. Get across them and all that stands between you and the Shine Sprite is more rotating platforms. Enter the cave for your first Secret Stage. You have to time a jump onto the first block while it still isn’t there. All of the Red Coins are hidden in a coral reef out in the water.

And it will make you angry, if you’re the type that gets angry at games. Many Dune Buds are placed around the beach, and spraying them will make the area below them pop out in a sand sculpture-like shape. Here, you’ll have to see how well you can wall-jump. Circle around one tooth at a time and clean it until it sparkles. Now you must go up to the very top of the hill, where you race Il to, and push the watermelon to the gazebo. Hit the red switch on the other side of the rotating blocks to start the level. It isn’t really that hard if you have a good handle on the controls.

It is fairly easy. Walk to the very end and sunshinr and hover around it as far as you can and grab the fence. Can Mario clean the island, capture the villian, and clear his good name? Once you collect all the 8 Red Coins, a Shine Sprite will appear over a cloud, to where you think you cant get to it.

Super Mario Sunshine – Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 15 – Pianta Village (Episodes 5-8)

Get onto the first gate that you punch to ride and get towards the top. Now, just get through the grafitti, over to the high ledge. After it opens, run into the next room and spray the pink Boos to make steps. The Shine Sprite will come up out of the grinder and will rest on the roof of the gazebo. The mushroom is connected to others by ropes, so jump or bounce piannta the ropes from mushroom to mushroom.


Gelato Beach – Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia

It isn’t really that hard if you have a good handle on the controls. Get onto the area above and smash the crates so you can get into the tunnel. So don’t be dissappointed. One last thing – do not trade the hover part for the sunshnie part until you get the first seven coins, or you will be sorry.

This is a Red Coin hunt reminds you of an Easter Egg hunt. When the bird turns, walk against it and stand on the side of the block. Once you hit Petey, he will awaken. The Shine Sprite appears on one of the islands across from the Lighthouse.

We will only use this address to email the confirmation for this question. This site is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft, Sony, Sega, Nintendo or any video game publishers. If you win, the Shine will appear in the entrance. So what you need to do is stand at an angle to the blue wall. For this subshine, you need Yoshi. A triple jump would also work here with good timing. Fall again, run to the right and wall kick up and to the right.

The shine sprite will appear on the bottom floor. But watch out, he has learned a few new jumps. Jump across the other blocks to the orange platform. From the start, you are facing a field of red- and blue-colored platforms.


Just run along the side of the hill and side somersault onto the rope and in the direction opposite the lake. As soon as you get a missile, aim and fire so you can be ready for the next one. Jump across the blue and red platforms.

Hover across them until you get to the cliff. Destroy all five to get the final Shine Sprite. Defeat enough of them and a Shine Sprite will appear in the center of the area. Go back and jump up to the top-side of the ramp and get the coin at the end.

Do this three times to defeat King Boo and get a Shine Sprite. The first four blocks move left to right and the fifth moves up and down. It’s time for another Mario adventure to get started! Red Dead Online getting new featu.

Super Mario Sunshine Walkthrough – Guide for Super Mario Sunshine

Do it again and climb up to find a bunch of Nokis on the stage. Now head over toward the windmills, if you can call them a windmills, that is just what they look like to me, not the big epizode windmill, but the smaller ones on this side of the wall.

Defeat them all to get a Shine Spirit.