Parker on May 28, Press and release the red LED button. Error 4 can sometimes indicate an internal board failure so it is possible that the unit is faulty but often resetting the limits can correct the issue. Hi Deryck, It would be useful to check the error code 4 you mention. Your email address will not be published. Each dip switch is numbered 1, 2 etc and are either on or off and you need to make sure that the sequence is the same as the working hand transmitter.

Also have you tried resetting the operator after the photocells are installed as follows… 1. Hi Geoff, The old Hormann big hand transmitters with a single green button used dip switches to set their code. Accept Reject Cookie Policy. Supermatic A with the gray remote buttons. After this I got a U on the display Any ideas on how to resolve greatly appreciated Thanks. Hello guys I am hoping you can help me please I have inherited a property as both my parents have now died. The door will fully open and come to a stop.

Hello Mick, Fault Error 5 indicates there is an error with the garage door and not the motor.

Alternatively, it could be an issue with the heat effecting circuits in the control unit. Once clearing the obstruction or preventing the door from catching you must then reset the operator to relearn its position again. Inside bediennugsanleitung wiring area there is 2 places for telephone like jacks. It could be a mechanical issue with the door itself if heat and expansion are causing the door to operate with a little more resistance.

Hello I have a supramatic 2 system, which has a fault condition when I try to open electrically.

Hormann SupraMatic E Garage Door Opener Series 3 with M-Rails (medium)

Hello Terri, the receiver on the garage door is failing and needs to be replaced you can purchase bedienungsanlditung directly from our garage door spares web site here. If it is an issue with the electronics, then the control unit would need to be changed.


Is there a sensor or something that could be going bad that we can replace? Phil Hall on September 8, 2: Wait for the red LED button to flash before releasing the button.

My display has been on 4. Daniel ABi on May 10, 3: We have no keys to manually open or lock the door, we do however have 2 remote controls large green button of which one is 33. Mick Inglis on May 12, 5: Tried pairing a new remote to a Supra E2. Which causes the bedienungsanleituung to stop start, up and down. Only during very warm weather, it throws out an error message 4.

Hormann SupraMatic E Garage Door Opener Series 3 with K-Rails (short)

Also have you tried resetting the operator after the photocells are installed as follows…. Deryck Pyne on April 27, beduenungsanleitung Phil Hall on September 9, 6: If it is and the hand transmitter is not operating the door it is likely that it has failed.

Phil Hall on September 7, Winter time is trouble free. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Hormann SupraMatic E BiSecur Series 3 garage door opener with K Rails

There were 2 different software versions for these, one was a 7 menu option and the later ones were a 9 menu system but the reset procedure should be the same. Hi Andrew, This is not a problem I have come accross before. Hello Phil, What colour are the buttons on your Hormann hand held remote control?

Hi guys hope you can help. Hello David, the garage door should finish the procedure in the open position, so it sounds like the procedure eerie successfully. With the dot flashing. There should be a series of dip switches inside the hand transmitter and they should match the working hand transmitter.


The door will fully close, then will automatically move back to the fully open position. Can you help me?

Resetting the Hormann Supramatic Series 2 Operator – ABi Garage Doors

Is the door now working correctly? We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The garage is fitted with a Hormann supramatic s power unit. Hi Geoff, The old Hormann big hand transmitters with a single green button used dip switches to set their code. If there is too much resistance it can cause issues with the learning cycles. Some adjustments to the hinges or spring tension could possibly resolve this. Turn off the main power supply to the bedienungsan,eitung at the plug socket.

Any help or advice would be gratefully received. Do you bedieungsanleitung a Supramatic E2?

Occasionally it is possible to get the down arrow to work enough to reset the door but if it has failed completely you would need ssupramatic replace the head unit. I followed your steps — yet the door closed and then moved back to the fully open position. I eventually see the single bedienungaanleitung display afterward, but only when I hit PRG. Fault condition code 5 appears on the display, following which the door will close again fine.

The Operator is now fully reset.