Cast Main Lee Jun-ho as Seo Poong 31 A tough spirit who starts from the very bottom of a hotel kitchen to becoming a top chef in a Chinese restaurant of At the same time, it has enough flexibility that a serialized story arc can be laid out over multiple episodes mainly through the characters. It was going back to a time when the cliches were all new and not over used. Also she is too average as a doctor to be that energetic. Episode 6 – part 1 – Credits to Luv. The medical subgenre has grown rapidly over the past 5 or 6 years or so in the Korean drama medium. If anyone is looking for a feel-good drama, I suggest checking out Surgeon Bong Dal-hee

Lee married young and has a daughter unlike other actors. He is able to use both his left hand and right hand. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Highly independent and prideful of herself as a person and as a professional, a rare breed in Asian dramas. LYW’s hair looks kind of funny in the first pic. Thus, the writing is better across the board.

Notify me of new comments via email. Song debuted as a runway model in Park Byung-chul’s fashion show in I adored all about Eve. Gam what a gem and My Wife is a Gangster 3.

Wok of Love topic Wok of Love Hangul: Song first appeared in sitcoms and television dramas in minor and supporting roles. When Hhee work on subs, I stick a large piece of paper on the screen, leaving just enough room to read the words, haha.

Member feedback about Likeable or Not: I liked both dramas very much despite the typical quality lapses towards the end. Newer Post Older Post Home. A year ago, he divorced his wife upon discovering the fact that their son wasnt his son afterall. The relationship of the second pairing of Kim Min-joon and Oh Yoon-ah is so layered that you really feel their dilemma and pain. I have watched Surgeon Bong Dal Hee.


This is rather interesting since this conflict is less of a focus in Japanese dramas which have done more medical dramas over the years. He grew up in an ophanage and was adopted, however in the end he was abandoned again. I actually think I heard a few lines of dialogue that are paraphrasing of ones from the novel. Episode 6 – Fanmade caps – Credits to angel2nyt. I adored this show, I actually marathoned it at some point last year after ockoala and epyc mentioned it.

It has actually become a basic formula for Korean medical dramas now. Im a huge fan of LBS’s work so im definitely going to watch this. This means that the ranges of stories that the show can tell increases drastically compared to when there is only the lead couple to base the stoies upon. Thanks God, after asking Jeongyeon to follow his path, not married and live alone, GangMo comes to his sense.

He is great here despite the yelling. T 01 Now Released: There is hwe mysterious past. She managed to get into Seoul hospital with the “just a try” attitude, and got in via the last place of the intake. However, I do feel that she has a specific kind of charm. The Saturday-Sunday mini series is a remake version of a popular Japanese drama of the same title.

Surgeon Bong Dal-hee

This is the drama where I fall hard for Lee Beom-soo. He wants to open his own clinic handling obese patients and then val a simple troubled free life.


He grew up in a well-do family and he is the nephew of the well respected Professor Lee in the hospital.

Lee Yo-won born April 9, is a South Korean actress. Email required Address never made public.

Surgeon Bong Dal Hee – Season 1, Episode Episode 18 –

Kim Myung-min topic Kim Myung-min Hangul: Episode 6 LQ – Credits to liquidfir. Member feedback about Lee Han-wi: Reca then, the concept of a medical show did not have much presence in Korea. Eyes of Dawn topic Eyes of Dawn Hangul: Welcome to a Korean version of Grey’s Anatomy.

Episode 4 – Credits to Luv. They depend whole on the surrounding characters to get through the mess they had actually created. Finally, she managed to take the first step into being an intern at Seoul University. They are just there in the background providing motivations but not really coming out until the tail end of the surgeob. I like the romantic pairings in here, as well. An extremely talented surgeon, despite being specializing in cardiac diseases, he is an all rounder.

Finally a thread for this drama, ill see you in 2 weeks when it starts. Member feedback about Wok of Love: Late Night Restaurant Hangul: Email required Address never made public. Direct Downloads – Episodes Downloads. The actors who play these roles are pretty decent too.