Her constant crying is making her look a little coo-coo, as Cochran put it. Cochran to the rescue? This is kind of awesome. Purple has all the balls out and start shooting. Last episode was awesome. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Andrea is tough but has no chance. Just to know where it was.

This one goes down as an all-time great episode of the show we so love. He gets the final ring and he wins immunity! New alliance of five right now? And Malcolm takes out not one, but both of his necklaces and gives one to Eddie, so wholly undeserving, but lucky nonetheless. Seems like more even teams. What do you think is going to happen? Phillip was voted off Survivor Reynold pulled slightly ahead and won immunity.

Malcolm and Eric started neck and neck but Eric pulled ahead in the mud pit. That is, if he can find his two bottom teeth. As they should, they hunt for idols. This one goes down as an all-time great episode of the show we so love. He gets the final ring and he wins immunity! The Young and the Restless Spoilers: I wondered if Malcolm would play his idol in the end. Reynold, Andrea, Brenda, Malcolm and Eddie make it and are in the final round, they now have to retrieve five rings, this is really mentally and physically challenging.

Survivor Caramoan 2013 Recap: Episode 10 – Shocking Tribal Council

Reynold could go on a run ala Terry. After tribal council Stealth Are Us called a meeting to discuss taking out the young guys. Cochran and Phillip discussed Epsode as competition.


Dawn was crying because she retainer that contains her bottom teeth fell into the water. Sherri is taking forever on the balance beam! Malcolm still has one idol up his sleeve, all he has to do is win some immunity challenges and he could be creative.

Dalton will be back next week.

Who are you rooting for? Conservative climate change response summed up in one chyron https: I hear this one is pretty epic as well.

There is a pool and everyone is supposed to shower first, but Phillip; mud and rice, jumps into the pool — what an idiot. Reynold’s win poses few problems to the Favorites alliance, as they can still go after Malcolm and Eddie. In addition to being a demented lie, this is incredibly dangerous.

The fact that this season began by spending every single second on a sleeping giant and a possibly unstable person with anger issues, but has more than made up for it with a string of awesome-awesomer-awesomest gamer episodes these past three weeks. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Jeff says this is all up to who the three amigos are going to vote for, who the other seven are going to vote for and will the two amigos use their immunity idols.


Episode 4 — Meet Your New Roomie. The four know they are being targeted and plan on looking for the immunity idol in order to keep them in the game longer. A crazy tribal council. I woulda been stupid then. I guess I was expecting more of a meltdown or something, but I came away from the episode not wanting to mock poor Dawn, which still shocks me.

While you wait for our recap hit cxramoan comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Survivor? Just vote out Phil, much as it pains me. Now Phillip and Cochran are questioning Dawn and might vote her out!

Survivor Caramoan Episode 10 Recap | h2h Corner

They tentatively decided on Reynold. The immunity challenge took place in two heats. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. He took way too long to dig out the ball bags — so long, in fact, that I wondered episove he was throwing the challenge to get some time on the beach with Andrea and Sherri to try to recruit them.

Maybe she faking it? Who was Phillip spooning?