Even the items greyed out do not show editing the time stamp. It goes by a couple different names, one English and one French: First step then is to get the start point satisfactory and then change sync to see if those work together. Contents 1 Karaoke effects? Can I analyze this with frame rate rather than time stamps? Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Give me an example of a line for you’re trying to do. The Check mark box fixes the text- not the time.

At Aegis they mention such things but never seemed to do much with it. I appreciate the help. I will see if I can put an attachment to the. The main title with which I need to align the English subtitle after the credits flash on who did the sub occurs at minute 1: Please explain these things separately starting with continuous play of video inside Aegis. Once the software is running you can open it to synchronize your subtitles to your video. I’m not making a complaint, just trying to understand it. The Line Duration can be set and, if not tampered with, will advance the end time.

Is there a subtigles to work in the audio panel only since the video panel does not update changes. It’s much easier using Aegisub. Track Subtiltes is French, Track 2 is poorly done Spanish– the audio is very muddy and you can here the translator click on microphone.

I will review GSpot data as well. The scene is very brief with only 5 lines of dialog. Contents 1 Karaoke effects? I just need the technique. The column will turn pink to red when the CPS exceeds 15, so it is advisable to follow these recommendations, which are intended to make it easier to read the subtitles. I have done this before using Subtitle Workshop, but the method I used was not very accurate.

I’ve been at this project for some time trying to figure it out using Eagisub and I’m seeking advice for using this program.


Shift Times – Aegisub Manual

Can I analyze this with frame rate rather than time stamps? Yes the subtitle has the typo corrected now. They are too riddled with ads and false clicks to bother with to any depth.

To review for this procedure: That’s it, you’re ready to synchronize segisub pros thanks to Aegisub! I have tried the two subtitle places mentioned. First of all you need to install Aegisub on your computer, you can download it via this link: I think you are right: If there is a way to search on an IMDb number which I hadn’t though of til now please advise. A small suntitles of Frequently Asked Questions about Aegisub – mostly stuff that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Expect my progress tomorrow. We are getting overlapping posts here as well.

FAQ – Aegisub Manual

Most of the Aegis user guide says that showing the video isn’t even necessary. The rest of the subs are in sync? Aegisib what may help: We remind you that our teams offer you additional services for synchronization and subtitling of your video. It is also necessary not to exceed 2 lines of subtitles. Maybe something is wrong with your subs or your aegisub version?

But I subgitles done all the screwing around at subtitle sites I can stand. By bizzybody in forum Subtitle. Just uncheck all the checkboxes clean script info, VFR transform etc.

In the audio panel I got stuck playing the same frame over and over. You can be sure that, if it sounds right when you click the “play line” button for the audio, and the subtitle looks like it’s at the right frames, it is timed correctly to the audio and it is timed correctly to the video. You perhaps can understand how slow this is.

How do Aubtitles use the player in Aegis? If there are errors or elements that you want subtitlse change this is quite possible on Aegisub. I don’t think I can duplicate it.


It is possible to change the numbers in the srt file but only through aefisub text editor so far as I have been able to do it. I have done the subtitle search at opensubtitles and podnapsi. Video, Audio, subtitle file, and line of text box on which I see a typo!

Just a country ride and going to an inn. Contact Us VideoHelp Top. Moreover, it is not necessary to separate a noun from its adjective in two lines, nor a noun and a verb, on the contrary, it is necessary to proceed to a natural separation in order not to lose the meaning of the sentence.

I have been able to view the srt file in Aegis and tried a couple of techniques in the area of timing. How to record anything on your screen using th The style is referred to at IMDb as Eurotrash in the review. The main title with which I need to align the English subtitle after the credits flash on who did the sub occurs at minute 1: If so, that’s is good fortune!

Video has gradually become the key content on the Internet.

Shift Times

I’ll look at the videos. Retrieved from ” http: No the film is not in common release nor of a popular nature save for the fact that I’ve taken an interest in fixing it.

I think this subtitle post can help. Thanks for reply and I’m glad the thread is still going. Originally Posted by poisondeathray. The detail of Aegisub is quite amazing and appears to be “commercial grade” which for a first time user seems complex.